Saturday, July 28, 2007

Years missing

John Dahlbäck - Years behind [Pickadoll, 2007] (buy)
John can still crank out releases like nobodies business. Here he's at it again with smooth and hyperthick progressive house vibe production morphed into tech-house, or something. Very easy to get into, although I'm not a fan of the, quite frankly, cheesy female vocals. Club powerhouse anyways. On the flip we have a track called "Years from now".

Manasyt - Everyone missing [Terminal dusk, 2007] (buy)
After a bit of flashy tech-house, I bet you're all aching to get into freaky, dirty, sci-fi electro mood. Yeah? Manasyt producer of mindwobbling neuro-illektro comes straight at you, cheap shotting you with this LP (so aptly titled "Filthdonor"), bursting with chaotic energy. It's all about the saws and the squares, baby.

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