Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy new year from Skypher and JBH! See you in 2008.

Alex Under - Anthemo [CMYK, 2007] (d/l)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Be jammed

Jori Hulkkonen - Crowd, get ready to be jammed [Turbo, 2007] (d/l)
Favorite Finn Hulkonnen, also one part of the Discemi duo. Here with an all new EP called "Rave 2.0" as his alias The Fenno Baron. Smashing as it should be. I'm feeling this, reminds me of some Tomas Andersson productions in a way. Head on, no fuss, dance music.

Edit: Good news about 2008: Autechre is releasing a new album on the third of march called Quaristice. What strikes me is the number of tracks though, twenty songs crammed into an album when usually they go with about ten. Interesting!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry christmas times two

Santa bringing you more stuff.

Breakage - Shroud [Digital Soundboy, 2007] (d/l)
Excellent, moody yet brutal dubsteppish d&b sounds.

Claro Intelecto - Dependent [Modern love, 2007] (d/l)
Limited (300 copies!) piece of aural bliss.

T++ - Allied [N/A, 2007] (d/l)
Dubby techno vibes with an experimental touch. Heavy and super good.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

We would like to thank all our readers 2007 was a great year for Random Circuits.
Lets make 2008 even greater.
All the best in 2008.
JBH & Skypher.

It wouldn't be Christmas without presents ....

Kevin Saunderson - 'Bassline' - (Joris Voorn remix)

Sossa - 'Pinansa'

Dennis Ferrer - 'A Black Man In Space'

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - 'Sous L'arbre'

Sis - 'Orgsa'

Samuel L Session ft Elbee Bad - 'Off The Chain' - (Main mix)

Terry Lee Brown Junior - 'Bonzai Drive'

Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year See you in 2008.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Skypher's Best of 2007

Skypher's Best of 2007
(In no special order)

M u s i c
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia [Album, Kompakt]
Stephan Bodzin - Liebe ist... [Album, Herzblut]
Moonbeam - Eclipse [12, Traum]
Damero - Happy in grey [Album, BPitch]
Salvatore Freda & Massimo Stefanelli - Endless ride to Honolulu [12, Trapez]
Discemi - Data Sapiens [12, REKIDS]
Extrawelt - Doch doch remixe part 1 & 2 [12, Traum]
Matthew Dear - Asa Breed [Album, Ghostly international]
V/A - 5 years of Get Physical [Compilation, Get Physical]
Cepia - Brown [Track, Ghostly international]
Donnacha Costello - Colorseries [Album, Minimise]
The Tuss - Rushup edge [Album, Rephlex]
Christ. - Blue shift emissions [Album, Benbecula]
Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release [Album, Wichita]
Daft punk - Alive 2007 [Album, Virgin]
Dusty Kid - Tsunamy / Milk [12, Systematic]
Radiohead - In rainbows [Album]
Shit robot - Chasm [12, DFA]
Explosions in the sky - All of a sudden I miss everyone [Album, Temporary residence]
The arcade fire - Neon bible [Album, Merge]
Kool Keith - Sex Style: The Unreleased Archives [Album, Threshold]
Ryan Davis - Airport [12, Net's Work]
Carl Craig [Remixer & producer]
Audion / Matthew Dear [Remixer & producer]
Surgeon - Whose bad hands are these? part 1 & 2 [EP, Dynamic tension]
Ultracity - Swetalic [EP, Rollerboys]
Motorcitysoul - Space kätzle [12, Aus]
Marco Carola - Re_solution [12, 2M]
Robert Hood - Hoodmusic 3 [EP, Music man]
Plaid - Faster (L8 mix) [MP3/Single, Warp]
Eric Borgo vs. Oxia - Another Man [12, Tsuba]
Dusty kid - Signal '63 [EP, Kling klong]

L i v e p e r f o r m a n c e
Trentemøller [Live @ Brewhouse, GBG]
Dimitrios K [Local DJ]
Andreas Tilliander [Live @ Filmfestivalen, GBG]
Pluxus [Live @ Pustervik, GBG]

M o v i e s
Ex drummer
The king of kong
Du levande
The Simpsons Movie
Little miss sunshine
The Illusionist
Ghosts of Cité Soleil
Half Nelson
Pan's labyrint
The Departed
The Science of Sleep

M i s c .
Heroes [Tv-series]
Dexter [Tv-series]
South Park [Tv-series]
Lokal [Bar & restaurant]
P3 Dans [Radio show]
Little white earbuds [Music blog] [Art/media/architecture/etc blog]
Bldgblog [Urbanism/Environment/Architecture/etc blog] [Illustration/art/media] [Movies site] [Movie/tv/software/etc releases]
Processing [Programming environment] [Image bookmarking]

D i s h o n o r a b l e m e n t i o n s
Gothenburg's club scene (The Eye, Styrbord Babord, Respekt)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cocotte disco effect

Three tunes. Two hard as can be, proper techno bits (no minimal here), while the last one caters more to the justice-audience (not that they're totally mutually exclusive) if you know what I mean. Merry christmas to all our readers.

Robert Hood - Side effect [Music man, 2007] (d/l)
Fucking vicious.

Ortin cam - Panic at the disco [Drumcode, 2007] (d/l)

Teenage bad girl - Cocotte [Citizen, 2007] (d/l)
French duo cranking out hits much in the tired Ed banger style.

Harmonautic String

I'm really enjoying this track theres alot going on but it all fits in to place so well.
It floats majestically like a kite caught up in the wind.
Full of techy layers & wonderful melodies, so many i cant keep up.
It peaks at the 4 min mark with a vortex like swirling motion, not for long though it gives way for the ghostly strings and the ping ponging keys, then it comes back in again.

Blossom on the flip is more new wave trance its good but the stand out track is definitely Harmonautic String.

Check it out!

BTW that is Uffie in the pic ...oh my days! ;-)

Tumble Blur

Tumble Blur sits somewhere between deep and tech house.
Its full of deep tech sounds which have balanced out beautifully with deep & techy chords its dark, sexy and groovy.
The Gospelic like calls are bound to have ears twitching as if there calling you to the dance floor.
Its a real solid groove that's bound to have the floor where it wants them.
Expect this to cross over to deeper floors aswell as more minimal orientated ones.
Adult only are celebrating there 30th release with this ep and what a way to do it.
All three tracks deserve your attention.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Break change

Bike for three - All there is to know about love [N/A, ?] (d/l)
Collaboration between Buck 65 and Greetings from Tuskan. Watch out for the upcoming More heart than brains album. The production on this tune is just stunning, couple that with Buck's rugged voice and fine lyrics and we have ourself a winner. Much recommended.

Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn [Warp, 2001]
Almost seven years ago this dropped. Felt like only yesterday. Top track.

Hit up Oh My Gosh for the latest Chris Liebing track - Bangpop. Heavy hitter!


Steve Lawler 'Violet' - (October's Caravan mix) - [Promo]

October's mix is the standout on this EP, all though saying that the other three including the original are also very good.
His mix is in between techno and Dub or as he likes to call it "Organic techno"
We cant disagree either there is something very home grown about this piece.
Nothing artificial here,
He gets straight down to business, It opens up with a beautiful deep and dubby melody from the keys of the piano /Organ.
Twisting and turning throughout expect the unexpected its a good ride to be on and it never loses focus.

Its really good!
It should be out soon along with a remix from Bushwacka! & Livio and Roby black.

All in all theres something for everyone.

The best of the rest

We cant simply keep up with all the releases here at RC it would be impossible.
Some times we might write a draft out and then totally forget about it.

Until now that is, with 2007 nearly at an end we have some music that we didn't have time to post.
Its both old and new if you class 6 months as old and less than a month as new.
Call it a catch up, its mainy of the Dubstep variety / experimental / techno.
Some dark beats for these cold & dark nights.

Another reason is i need more room in my folder but I'm a hoarder and i cant bring myself to delete music so i would rather see it go to a good home than be sent to the big recycle bin in the sky...

Don't sleep on these tracks.


Distance - 'Fallen' - (Vexd remix)

Pole - 'Achterbahn' - (Shackleton remix)

Vaccine - 'Wishful Thinking'

Appleblim - 'Vansan'

Sceada Mantikor

Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Mantikor [Traum, 2008] (d/l)
Cologne based duo Baggy Bukaddor and Tim Fishbeck has had quite a productive year with three twelves on My Best Friend and here's their fourth, now on Traum. This twelver with the two tracks Sceada and Mantikor will not be released officially until the 7th of january 2008. No doubt a good kickstart for the next year. Sceada is a real beauty, consisting of thought out and varied melodies, with catchy basslines and proper percussion, this one will surely be enjoyed by many. The b-side is Mantikor. A Manticore has the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of teeth and either a dragon's or scorpion's tail. Scary. Well this track lets the listener onboard a ship for 10 minutes of trippy riding through the minds of Bukaddor and Fishbeck with the mythic creature as the only other passenger. Like a high pressure tempest, it's lethally dangerous. A tough call choosing a song here, but I'm going with Mantikor for its slightly more straight forward ways. Buy when it is available!

Star Wars singers - R2d2 we wish you a merry christmas
As a bonus, here's a brilliant and quite humorous christmas song. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ice cream

I saw the final cut of Blade Runner yesterday. Damn I love that film. "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy."

Muscles - Ice cream [Modular, 2007] (d/l)
I like ice cream, and I know a lot of people who do so. If a song is named after the delicious dessert then it better be good, right? Well this one is. Catchy indie pop, rnb, electronica blenders the Muscles' album is called "Guns babes lemonade". A braindead title fitting for their funloving, party starting and lollipop cheeky music. Throw this on for smiles and giggles. Ice cream is going to save the day.

Added good friends and sweden's finest R&B bloggers, Wifebeaterlove, to our link list. Much love!

My Deep Space

2007 has undoubtedly been the year of the deep house revival.
With everyone opting for piano's and deep dubby cuts.
Two of 2007 biggest new house names go at it in this deep and dubbed out space mix

Its a bit like Len Faki's sound as if he had been smoking weed its alot more chilled but still very powerful.

Weisemann's remix is sparse dark and dubby but at the same time he allows space for some light to shine through.
It opens up so well deep clicks and a deep duubed out lunar piano is the main focus with murmurs of vocals coming through every so often.
Its a really nice piece and is limited to a 500 only vinyl press so be quick on this one.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At Home Im a Tourist

One of the last great records of 2007, this went down a storm at the after party on friday night.

Bruno Pronsato delivers such a wonderful piece in this limited 1 sided piece of plastic.

At Home I'm a Tourist is a delve into electronic music at its very best it takes in techno and classical and welds them together, its a fantastic journey of just under 10 mins taking in plucked strings violent hand claps, deep percussion reverberating synth lines and a deep work out from the brass family.
It just keeps getting better and better this is without doubt one of the tracks of the year.

What a way to sign off on 2007 i don't think there is going to be any more stand out records this year.
So stand up and raise a glass to a brilliant year of electronic music.

2007 we salute you may 2008 be even better.

Closed eyes

Chordian - Closed eyes (Paul Kalkbrenner remix) [SONICULTURE, 2007] (d/l)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kinder puppets

Que pasa maria has been in the boxes of many dj's over the past few month and on a first listen you can see why its a old skool meets tech house with some cool tribal vocal work.

Its made for the dancefloor Radio Slave, Marcel Dettmann & the other usual suspects have charted it of late.

Puppets is a quirky deep tech track that loves to give its taken from jona's new ep, it comes with a Dan Curtin remix and a ok A side.

Worth having a look for.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sascha Funke -'Mango' - [Promo/ BPitch Control]

Were not even into 2008 and already a album has come to light that will be on peoples best of list at the end of 2008.

Mango is Sascha Funke's new long player which is on promo now but will be dropping in February on the ever excellent BPitch Control .
Its 9 tracks of outstanding forward thinking deep house music.

Mango which we have here is just the tip of the iceberg
Awesome release
Be on the lookout for this

Drums of spring

Another label that has been outstanding this year is Diynamic Music
What a great way to Finnish 2007 with a four track ep by some of 2007's freshest new talent.

H.O.S.H who goes all out on a deep tribal excursion complete with an African chant with 'Drums Of Spring'.
Gruber* & Nürnberg - 'Floating cloud in summer' is expertly crafted fresh and forward thinking house music.
Stimming* '1000 Words In Autumn' goes for the sticks and stones approach and pulls it off excellently
Last but not least is Solomun with 'Second Kiss In Winter' which calms things down with a beautifully crafted light but deep finish to 2007.
I could of quite easily posted all four tracks they all stand out and are fabulous.
Go check the EP - TIP!!!
Diynamic Music are going to be even bigger in 08 a label to watch very closely.

I just realised were not allowed to post from this label.

Fish in water

Masaya - Little Brothers E.P. -(Like a fish in water original) - [Meerestief Limited]

Masaya has quickly made a name for herself with her big summer ep El Choquero EP .
Which was released on one of the labels of the year Perspectiv. And can boast quality remixes from Agnès & Sam K.
Then there was her remix of Lucy - 'Glass Computer' Which i thought was arguably the best apart from the original itself.

Her latest is a solid 3 track ep on Meerestief Limited which includes a nice remix from Nhar

Like A Fish In Water is what it must be like to be submerged 1000's of feet below sea level it rolls along deep but calmly its very aquatic.
Don't underestimate the power of this track it could be used as a tool as well.
You get that feeling that you could be in a submarine with no pressure floating past huge corals.

Nhar goes even deeper but adds a vocal and a few strange popping noises.

The other track is MS.Darcy which is totally the opposite to both track and remix still aquatic, alot more calmer its more floating down the river than lost in the Pacific.

All in all a great EP.


Labyrinth starts as it means to continue with a dark springing motion underneath a thick shuffly background.
Building up into your worst acid nightmare.
Deep drops of Acid leak from this track making holes in your head.
John Tejada shows us once again why he is respected by so many.
B side 'The Tyranny Of Choice' is just as good with more acid, this time old skool meets a cool melody.
Top release!


We like Moonbeam here at RC
This latest one from our favourite Russian's is a trip on to another planet
The melody takes hold of you and swings you round and round.
Background noises sound like something from another planet.
Its a really nice release and it has another two remixes on the ep a 'sunset mix' and the original. Its the 'Moon mix' which i prefer.
Quality stuff.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Alex Bau - Summer in Moncton [CLR, 2007] (d/l)

This is from the C.A.N.A.D.A E.P, released on Chris Liebing Recordings. Is that geiger counter unstable, defect or is a reactor meltdown abound? As it turns out this electrical piece of devious, hard-drum infused techno causes meltdowns of listeners' brains. As can be heard when the alarm goes off around 3:30. Be cautious and suit up, then you might survive this corrupting beast of mass destruction. Or be reckless and end up like the kid in the picture.

Bad hands

Surgeon - Bad hands (Monolake remix) [Dynamic tension, 2007] (d/l)

Two of my favorite releases this year has been both parts of the twelves "Whose Bad Hands Are These?". Rough, noisy, tough shit. Of course it helps having awesome remixers like Autechre, and here Monolake on the decks. By the way, check the tracklisting for Surgeon's mixtape This Is For You Shits - MASSIVE.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Its going to be more of a pissup tonight than a heads down ocassion.
Bodzin & Romboy are live & Dave Switch Taylor is in the other arena it should be a good night.
Come and say hello if your out.
Have a good one!
Heres one for the weekend
Sasha Mongoose it was supposed to be released on Rebelone but it never happend one min it was on the next off on getting delayed and allsorts of hassel surrounding this release. Instead it was released on emFire Sasha's own label its sort of progressive meets minimal meets melody

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Assorted tunes

Imeem playlist with some quality tunes. First five tracks are on the minimal side and has been mentioned elsewhere, crank up the volume! Finishing the playlist are two hiphop tracks to mellow down to.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

JBH'S 2007 ...

Ostgut Tonträger
Diynamic Music
BPitch Control
Tuning Spork Records

Raphaël Ripperton
Radio Slave
Ricardo Villalobos
2000 And One
Martin Buttrich
Len Faki
Petre Inspirescu
Mountain People
Onur Özer
Henrik Schwarz
Carl Craig

False - 2007
Swayzak - Some Other Country
Cobblestone Jazz - 23 Seconds
Burial - Untrue
Dominik Eulberg - Heimische Gefilde
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia
Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss
Chloé - The Waiting Room
Matthew Dear - Asa Breed
Efdemin - Efdemin
M.I.A. - Bittersüss
Onur Özer - Kaşmir
Apparat - Walls

Ewan Pearson - Fabric 35
M.A.N.D.Y. - Ibiza 07 With M.A.N.D.Y.
Ricardo Villalobos - Fabric 36
DJ Dixon* - Body Language Vol. 4

Singles /Remixes/EP
Minilogue - Elephant's Parade (Ep)
Onur Özer - Red Cabaret EP
Nôze - Remember Love
Faze Action - In The Trees (C2 Remix)
Petre Inspirescu - Tips
Ink And Needle - Number Seven
Blackstrobe* - I'm A Man - ( Audion donation remix)
Tiger Stripes / Solomun - Hooked / Jungle River Cruise -(Hooked)
Solomun & Stimming* - Feuer & Eis EP
Roland Appel - Dark Soldier
Argy - 1985 -(Sydenham* & Rune remix)
Sebbo -Beirut Boogie
Junior Boys - Remixes From The Dead Horse E.P.
Viewers, The - Blank Image
Andomat 3000 & Jan -L Delay
Jon Gaiser - Withdrawal
Âme - Balandine EP
Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Me (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Marlow & Claudia Nehls -Water -(Daniel Stefanik remix)
Minilogue - Inca EP
Lazy Fat People -Low Profile -(2000 And One remix)
DJ Koze - All The Time
Mr G* -U Askin'? - (Marcel Dettmann remix)
Audion - Noiser / Fred's Bells
Jeff Samuel - Lost
Someone Else (2) - Lowdown Brittle EP
Kabale Und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah
Dominik Eulberg - Grünschenkel Remixe -(2000 & One remix)
Innersphere (2) Aka Shinedoe - Phunk (Remixes) -(Ricardo Villalobos remix)
Henrik Schwarz - Walk Music
Eric Borgo vs. Oxia - Another Man -(Daniel Stefanik remix)
Mountain People -Mountain003
Paulo Olarte - Oscuro Claro -(Tensnake remix)
Ulysse / Touane - Sometimes / Chamber
Lars Behrenroth Ripperton*Organism / 10a
Jichael Mackson - ...Wasn't Me -(The grass is always greener)
Pigon - Promises
Swayzak - Smile And Receive
Mathias Kaden - Myal EP
Efdemin - Lohn & Brot
Matthew Dear - Deserter
Social Being -Free Your Mind
Michal Ho - Take Away
Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance
Discemi - Data Sapiens - (Radio Slave remix)
Stefan Goldmann - Lunatic Fringe
Siobhan Donaghy -Don't Give It Up (The Carl Craig Remixes)
Âme -Fiori
Tolga Fidan - Venice / Tanbulistan
Jan Driver - Kardamoon
Beck - Cellphone's Dead -(Ricardo Villalobos remix)
Beanfield - Tides (Ripperton Remix)
Break SL Trombone
Sebo K & Metro (14) -Transit E.P.
Etienne Jaumet - Repeat Again After Me -(Âme remix)
Bruno Pronsato - At Home I'm A Tourist

Jaded Gates

CunninLynguists - The gates (feat. tonedeff) [LA underground / QN5, 2006] (d/l)

Zander VT - Far from jaded [BPitch, 2007] (d/l)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New years plans???

Tickets on sale now for this marathon of electronic music don't sleep on this as it WILL SELL OUT!

Random Dubstep

I was reminded at the weekend that i havent been posting any dubstep.

The person (who will remain nameless) requested some so this is for you my friend, biggup ya chest!

Heres some random tracks that i have been liking recently, some are jump up others are more experimental and more on a techno tip.

The bug ft warrior queen - 'poison dart' - (skream remix)

Cult of the 13th hour - 'Wickedness' *

Peverelist - 'Estwhile riddim' *

Scenario Revisited

Check out this latest EP by Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock on Ostgut Tonträger which is the record label of Berlin's Berghain club.

Its really good proper late night dubby techno highlights are Scenario, Places like this & Renumber.

Theres also a really good, extended & DJ friendly version of last years big underground hit and one of my personal faves of the whole year.
Dawning Which has had a slight makeover, it has a real Radio Slave vibe about it.
Its a dark builder and the outcome is great.
Go check out this release if you like it fresh Dubby and dark.
You wont be disappointed!
Download Scenario

Monday, December 10, 2007

Black bag job

Ok. Brief weekend pause for RC. I'm afraid I'll have to suspend my blogging activities a bit further though. Madness has ensued once again for the upcoming end of this term. Exams and laborations + work will keep me more busy than I'd like.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Ive been looking forward to tonight for a while now.
One of my favourite producers Guido Schneider is playing tonight in Leeds at the Dirty Disco if his new promo release Albertino And Nora P on Cadenza is anything to go by im in for a treat all his back catalogue is super stuff aswell.
The two Berliners Format: B will be playing there blend of tech house and all things dark and minimal.
And of course i cant forget the residents.
Last but not least is a regular face behind the decks Geddes who will be plugging his new ep Trial & Error which is really good and comes complete with a H.O.S.H remix.
Heres a quality remix from Guido.
Its just so deep! this was made for those late nights on a Funktion One .
Have a good one !

Thursday, December 06, 2007

You and me

Mark Broom - You and me [Toys for boys, 2007] (d/l)
Booming mtechno produced by Broom. You and me has a slight villainous touch stemming from the quixotic layout of the track. Sierra Sam takes care of the remix duties on the flip. Also be sure to pick up Broom's New life EP on Minimise, strong stuff.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Music is improper

Lets start things of as we mean to carry on.
Friendly people is an alias of Alex Under.
Good start!
Even more good news is that he has decided to send for the cavalry on his remix of improper bringing in Damian Schwartz, Martin Buttrich.
Also Tadeo gives his take on things which you can find on a separate white label.

Buttrich shows off his other persona, by going all deep hypnotic and minimal.
He uses Alex's signature beats in a swirling motion adding layers of melodies and a growling sub bass on top of the vocals.
The track progresses really well, by building and getting more loopy and melodic.


JBH'S Dec Random Circuits

Music to buy in Dec.

Hugg and Pepp

Hugg & Pepp - Pung [Dahlbäck, 2007] (d/l)

Jesper and John Dahlbäck never cease their production flurry. Pung is from their latest cooperation "Pappa EP" on their very own imprint. It is high quality, bite sized, surefire mover goods in the form of funky tech house. Trivia: Pung is swedish for scrotum.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Mathias Kaden's remix of 'Rugby' is probably one of my favorite remixes this year.
It starts off as it means to continue hitting you with a slow tribal conga.
The drums play such an important part in this remix as they do in alot of kadens other releases
This is no run of the mill remix though it has everything it builds effortlessly,
with such style & charisma. You don't know what to expect as a smooth saxophone lick comes in only to be brought back out again, then brought back in again on top of the drums. Its almost as if there's a sacrifice about to happen and this is the calm before the storm.

Excellent release don't hesitate in buying this.

Taken down by request.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Shining

Time for some house! Its that Deep house in between Minimal sound that's been big over the summer.

This is one of the best coming out of Holland.
Its deep and dark with cool atmospherics and excellent production work.
But fear not those of you not keen on minimal this never sways to just the one side of either minimal or house it keeps tiltering but never falls of balance.
It builds with excellent percussion and deep ambient vocals which get more intense as the song continues.
Its been remixed by Rejected and there input is crucial as the remix is the one that makes the package.
The original is alot more tribal than deep house.
Personally its the Rejected mix that stands out the most for me and may i add both the original and the remix have been mastered by 2000 And One* so you know what to expect, no sloppy production or slack timing.
This is top class house music not to be passed by.

Erratic static mix

Another mix of mine. About 40 minutes of genre crashing, this one is all over the place. New tracks, old ones, chill styles, dancefloor tunes, upbeat shit, mainstream sugar flirts, wonky experimentalism - all of it fighting for your attention. The inspiration came from P3 Dans (a national radio show) which always manages to blend some of the most awkward things together perfectly. I'm quite happy with this one, so please have a go and listen.

  1. MF Doom - Spidey senses
  2. Run_return - Wake up sex
  3. Apparat - Komponent (Telefon tel aviv remix)
  4. Hyde vs Exzakt - I am the enemy
  5. Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep deprivation
  6. Marco Carola - Re_solution
  7. Kaliber - Kaliber 15 b1 (original)
  8. Hugg & Pepp - Snabel (Repepped remix)
  9. Extrawelt - Doch doch (Larsson remix)
  10. Luca Agnelli - Pianotron
  11. Analord - I'm self employed
  12. Brothomstates - Adozenaday
  13. Roo - Rymdäng
  14. Nathan fake - You are here (Four tet remix)
  15. The Egyptian lover - Egypt Egypt
  16. Kylie - I'm in the mood for love
Download from mediafire or
download from zshare.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Green sunday

Jichael Mackson - The Grass Is Always Greener (Co-Produced With Jacob Sharzi) [Musique Risquée, 2007] (d/l)
Absolutely gorgeous dub-techno from Mackson and Sharzi. It's evolving, psychadelic and stunning soundscapes with chilled beats. Everything changes as the song springs into full bloom. From the EP Wasn't me. A perfect musical slice for your sunday.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rush hour

Population one - Rush hour (convextion remix) [Rush hour, 2007] (d/l)
Crazy deep submarine dub-techno. 100% mood. Just drift away deep below.

Went to Styrbord Babord to see Moodyman yesterday. Was a bit disappointed actually. 

Friday, November 30, 2007

Traffic circle

This is without doubt my favourite release on Upon.You A label set up by Marco Resmann aka Phage and also a part time member of Pan-Pot.

Traffic circle is so stylish and cool its definitely what I'm feeling at the moment its dark but house orientated at the same time its that late night /early morning after party sound.
It starts of with a haunting cry of a woman and her baby in comes the thud of the zig zagging drums as it starts to slowly build.
The background noises stay ambient but iree.
In comes the piano building and building, more atmospherics in the background give it a haunting stripped back feeling.
The keys from the piano eventually get so violent that they explode bringing you crashing back down to the earth only to start all over again.
This is going to destroy clubs on a large system the outcome will be fantastic, drop this in your set and its going to get a good reaction.

Magic valley

Pig & Dan - Magic Valley [Sonic society, 2007] (d/l)
After their recent long player on Cocoon, Pig and Dan (= Igor Tchkotoua together with Dan Duncan) is back with a new twelve. Magic Valley is a deep, poignant mover, with its share of bizarreness (horse neigh, what the hell?). Together with the steady beat there is a hypnotic melody loop overlayed. The result is a bit creepy.

Have a good friday and weekend.

Dancing Graffiti

Heres a nice up coming release from BPitch Control courtsey of Kiki.
Dancing Graffiti is a Über Chic deep funky drum track that is very catchy.
It kicks things off big with lots of "oblong bass" bringing a continuous ear piercing ringing sound in which sounds like someone ringing a bell, He then drops lots of spaced out bleeps into the mix as the ringing gets more hypnotic and the drums continue to embed themselves in your head.
it Carry's on like this repeating itself.
Its a cool track to drop and wouldn't sound out of place on REKIDS or even Poker Flat Recordings.On the flip is a remix by Berlin duo Zander VT.


Heres a bit of a bonus and something to look forward to the new Schneider* , Galluzzi* , Schirmacher* - Albertino And Nora P on Cadenza.We have a cool 5 min set rip of 'Albertino' its a collaboration between Guido Schneider and André Galluzzi and it is quality! Sexy late night house music the ep will be out mid December on Cadenza.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zugunruhe Part 2

Ripperton - 'Zugunruhe' - (Daniel Stefanik remix) - [N/A]

The original mix of this track was released back in June on the mixed Various - Grand Cru 2007 on Connaisseur Recordings.
Which i liked alot but this remix which we have here takes things two steps further...
OK i lie its more like two steps and a massive jump.
Its had a fabulous reworking by Daniel Stefanik who you may know from his releases on Moon Harbour Recordings and other well known labels.
He takes the mix on a long (11 min) drawn out journey its very sticks and stones at the start think Cadenza .It gradually builds coming together beautifully & climaxing with a soft luscious piano riff you almost float away whilst listening to the birds on some tropical paradise far far away.
Its on promo now but i reckon it will be coming out in the not so distant future.


Mix & Match

Two quite amazing mixes for ya, right here.
First up is a set by DJ URL MONRO which was featured on the Bodymusik blog some time ago. If you still haven't heard it, I say give it a twirl. It's worth it.

URL MONRO 18/10/2007 - "London Society for Better Table Tennis" (49:50)
1. Fenin & Meteo - "Fete 1"
2. Raumlose - "Rohrpost"
3. Pan Pot - "Crank"
4. Kaos - "Cerebral Tremolo"
5. Jesse Rose & Oliver S - "Wake Up"
6. Fuiasko - "Crazy Zak"
7. Matthew Dear - "Don and Sherri"
8.. Jeff Mills - "Casa"
9. Mihalis Safras And Liberto - "Amen (Mark Broom Remix)"
10. Phil Kieran - "The Fear"
11. Panoptikum - "The African"
12. White Label Disco - "Promo"
13. Jesse Rose - "Itchy Dog"
14. Marley - "Traffic Jam"
15. DJ Blaqqstar - "Automatic Lover"
16. Collie Budz, Sizzla, Busy SIgnal, "Herbs Melody" / "Haterz Everywhere" instrumental
17. John Tejada - "Callibration"
18. Gabriel Ananda - "Trommelstunde"
19. Thomas Anderson - "Dobbel Problematik"
20. Yuksek - "Miami Les fruits (remix)"
21. Amp G - "Looking Good"
22. Supa Dups - "Kopa Riddim"
23. Henrik Schwartz - "Stop Look and Listen"
24. Laurine Frost - "Ulisses"
25. Lucio Aquilina - "Magic M"

Next we have a new unique set from Jesús Hernández (whom we've featured before), consisting of 60 tracks seamlessly blended together into a wild and tasty mix called De|con|structeur. Very impressive craft.
Download via zshare. The track list is massive, available here.


Donnacha Costello - Pistachio A [Minimise, 2007] (d/l)
Hoping on to the Costello's Colorseries bandwagon with this. But hey, a good album is a good album is worthy of massive attention. Previously Music for robots and Trainspotter has reported on this fabulous album. Buy it.
Colorseries Equipment:
Akai MPC2000, Akain MPC3000, Apple PowerBook G4 400, ARP Odyssey Mk1, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, Claviar Nord Modular, Digidesign Pro Tools Free, Digigram Pocket XV, Ensoniq DP4, Mackie 24-8, Riccisoft Soundmaker, Roland Juno 60, Roland Juno MC-4, Roland SH-101, Roland TB-303, Roland TR-707, Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909, Samson Servo 170, Tascam DA20-MKII, Yamaha NS-10m.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Map to loving dominik

Dominik Eulberg - Rattenscharf [Cocoon, 2007] (d/l)
Herr Eulberg with a fresh long player filled with mostly new tracks, finally more biology/park-ranger techno! 'Bionik' is oftentimes a bit quirky, quickly followed by the most serene and beautiful melodic sequences. Awkward drum patterns with sprinkled glitchesque sound effects in a contrived and confined space gets lifted up by the celestial, organic tones coming from the nearest plants. Rewarding to listen to. And while I've now heard the album back to back for 10+ times, I am still not certain about my verdict on this one. Tricksy, Eulberg, tricksy.

Maps - To The Sky (The Loving Hand Remix) [Mute, 2007] (d/l)
Remix treatment from the oh so loving hand. The outcome is, naturally, like tiny crazy delicious cookies for your ears. Buy the cookie, listen to the cookie and then finally become the cookie.

By the way, check out Donnacha Costello - Orange A, posted up on Music for robots. Nice one.

Weapons of mass distraction

We want to know whats your dance floor bomb maybe a secret weapon maybe your own track maybe a classic.
You get the picture its a track that you always have in your box a track that will fill a dance floor a track that will tear the roof of at a house party,maybe its a secret track we still want to know.

Your input will be used and tracks featured on the blog.

So get crate digging because we want to know,you can leave us a comment or alternatively mail us Be as descriptive or none descriptive as you like but obviously leave the track title etc.

We look forward to listening to your views and checking out the music you think is special .It also gives people a good chance to hear music they might not have heard before.One mans pleasure is another mans poison and all that.Hopefully we might uncover some gems from all spectrums of the electronic music scene.

Il get the ball rolling ....

So the track i choose is a real dance floor treat its house meets techno meets deep house meets minimal. Always gets a great reaction and is a bit of a classic Sensorama - Harz Never fails need i say more. Its that easy you get the idea.


Monday, November 26, 2007

A big sorry to everyone who mailed us

Yes, as the titles says: A very big "sorry" to everyone who has contacted us via our e-mail (! I forgot the password to that account and was unable to check it for quite some time. I've regained the password now though, so I will be going through all your precious mails and hopefully post some really nice unsigned stuff and mixes.

Apologize for any incovnenience this may have caused. We're not just arrogantly ignoring you guys. Honestly :-)

Have a nice monday all.

Minimal Monday

Tom Dazing -'She Must Come Soon' -[Heimatmelodie]

Some minimal to start the week off.

'She must come soon' is a track that's been getting a steady amount of interest over the summer by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Magda & Troy Pierce. It started off as an unsigned track but now its been released on Heimatmelodie.
Tom Dazing builds the track using bleepy riffs, cool percussion, driving sub bass and a good build.
Worth checking out.


Lucio Aquilina - Magic M -(Massi DL Version) - [Unreleased]
Next up is another track Lucio Aquilina - Magic M that's been big all summer and now has finally been released on Cocoon Recordings.Well at least the original has we have a unreleased Massi DL version. Who gives it a short sharp face lift by extending it and making the melody more floaty and light.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


A quick Sunday lunch post to relive the boredom of waiting for my dinner.
How good is this for a reworking basically Dubfire just gives the classic a new lick of paint by bringing it up to date, not alot to say on this one apart from its essential.On the flip is another excellent rework of 'Panikattack' by Guido Schneider under a (Second Attack Remix) guise.
Plastikman - Nostalgik.3 is another great reworking package go look up the other two in the series.