Sunday, June 24, 2007

Zugunruhe Tides

Ripperton - Zugunruhe -[Connaisseur Grand Cru Cdr]

Beanfield - "Tides" - (Ripperton Remix) - [Compost Records]

Raphael Ripperton is a favorite among bloggers and with these latest tracks you can see why over time he has forged his own sound to make something special, along with the likes of Martin Buttrich, Deetron, and others he makes his own unique sound which uses house, techno, electro a bit of minimal, with plenty of rhythm melody and groove. big things are happening for Ripperton if you ever get the chance to see him i wouldnt hesitate. Here we have a great track "Zugunruhe" lifted from the new Grand Cru compilation on Connaisseur recordings. A good build leading to the funky slow dubby baseline this will instantly have you on the dancefloor. Then as a bonus we have his excellent remix of Beanfield Tides, originaly on white which our friend over at had a good few months ago exclusively as he does alot of great tracks, Now it has an official release which you can find on beatport, which we have here. The haunting vocals and crisp production turns it into a instant classic.


Scott said...

Cheers for the lovely comment! Your blog is one of only a handful I have to check everyday cause of all the great tracks you post!*! Keep up thee great work!*!

Chente said...

Yup, Ripperton is one of my favorites too. I loved the mix he did for Resident Advisor and his remix of Thom Yorke's "Harrowdown Hill" is just fab. Cheers!

slippy disco rules said...

Hey, Jizm Bag-of-wank Head (that's what JBH means, right?)

So you can credit folk after all! Who knew? I thought you never had it in you to be so gracious. See, it's not that hard to do is it? Well done you!!! I applaud you for once.

What happened to Ibeefa until October? Run out of pocket money?

Shame, never mind. It all became commercial rubbish during the mid 90's, you should have been there in 91 when it actually meant something, like I was, anything after that was just pointless and just a money making exercise.

Catch me if you can, spunkbubble (that goes for sLypher also - why did you take my 'Gone Fishing' pic all those months ago? - yes I do know who did what on my site).

Sweet dreams, losers!

I am so looking forward to your reply. It will brighten my Monday. Bring it!

Anonymous said...

blog drama! woohoo

Leon said...

"boo hoo, you took my pic. waaa! I was at Ibiza when it was cool, I was there!!

please, pay some attention to me and my bitter megalomaniac ass."

anyways, good post and good music. thx.

JBH said...

Cheers for the nice comments guys.

Slippy dog shit days needs to get a grip!

slippy said...

He he...

Me loves it!

I'm hardly crying that you stole my pic, it's just a bit obsessive of you, that is all.

I won't be coming back cos it truly is shit here and I will stay true to my word unlike you.