Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moon park

Petter - Some Polyphony [Border community, 2006] (buy)
"Petter is a 20 year old DJ and producer from Stockholm in Sweden who is fast forging his own unique niche in the musical spectrum." --

This is a great track, housy stuff. A1, kay kay?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Imatran Voima - In/Out [Tellektro, 2002]
Ha ha ha ha ha. TECHNO SLUT!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Code ten


Eedl - Too Few Arguments (No Arguments At All Lacklustermx)
[Psychonavigation, 2004]
This is the IDM sound of 2004, enjoy it while you still can gimp! So much better than much of the crap being released now.. but at the same time so much worse than some of the good things being released nowadays. Hippy.

Edit: Managed to catch up on some of my old blog favourites (OMG, LAT, GSG, etc). Big up and much <3

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hmm. Just testing the Perfomancing add-on for firefox. Seems neat, but the font will probably be all wrong.
It's hot outside by the way.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Knaster & feet 4

Probably the last part in this mini series :)

Monolake - Alaska
(f-forge link) [Monolake / Imbalance, 2006] (buy)
Again a coin flip of which track to choose on this fine release "Alaska melting", this is A1, B1 is Melting (duh) and of equal proportions of minimal dubby techno. Heavy shit, listen to it.

Ebb - Life is on TV
(f-forge link) [Gaymonkey, 2006] (buy)
Guitar + electronics + vocals = commonly used formula hehe. This is cool downtempo stuff though. The track is from swedish artist Ebb's debut album "Loona".

My usual uploading places were giving me troubles so I had to resort to some other sites, hoope they're not too annoying.

Edit: Added f-forge links, the other sites are very annoying to be honest.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Knaster & feet 3

Another middle of the night serving from the trenches known as Random Circuits. Take care.

Infinite Scale - Fade
[Toytronic, 2005]
I used to be really into toytronic, it's good stuff. Here's some really sweet, calm triphopish IDM from Infinite scale. Light up a joint, lay down in a hammock and enjoy with a glass of lemonade under a star sprinkled summer night sky.

Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Elektrochemie Remix)
[Get physical, 2006] (buy)
The huge tech house track gets reworked by Schumacher and co. Go big, or go home.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Knaster & feet 2

It's early in the morning and i'm slightly drunk. Part two, here we go.

Shane Berry - Freed [Trapez, 2006] (buy)
Another trapezer, Berry the shane with some pure minimal. Flip side of "Losttime". Deep pounding for the win.

Plat - Trainers [Unschooled, 2005]
Jazzy, fragile, ambient. Like BoC but not at all. Like it. The album is called "Compulsion".

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Knaster & feet 1

Been away for two days.
Thought I'd start a series of posts containing 2 tracks, one more of the headphone/livingroom type and one more to the dancy/devil side.

Seven Ark - Glass Shattering Under Water
[Neo ouija, 2005]
Great album that I sometimes forget about. When I remember it and put it in my stereo everything seems surreal and a bit sad.

Luke Le Mans - The Docks
[Trapez, 2006] (buy)
Minimal wohoo clubby stuff from Luke Le Mans on Trapez no less. A1 and the release is called "Jerry, spring her!" - but my money is on this b side acid stomper. Check, check.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

First aid

Arpanet - Event horizon [Record makers, 2006] (buy)
New EP ("Reference Frame") from the mysterious arpanet. Electro with that doppler-drexcyan-'werk touch. This track is a 'electro ballad' (tee hee), cyberpunk sadness ahoy. Go go!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Just woke up so bare with me.

Dr. Octagon - Ants (feat. Dj dexter)
[OCD International, 2006] (buy)
Doc Ock is back! Kool keith's third album this year and dr octagon's second ever. It's called 'The return of doctor octagon' - it bears little resemblance to the original album. This is electronic, modern, fresh and way out there hiphop. Buy it, don't listen to pitchforkmedia - they are wrong about this one.

Literon - Machine 1
[Fortek, 2006] (buy)
Techno. Literon, the release is 'Machines'. This is A1 and it's fucking ace. The other side is not to take light upon either.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Big television

Absu - Feis Mor Tir Na N'Og (Across The North Sea To Visnech) [Osmose, 1995]
Some metal again, from 1995. The group hails from USA and the album is called 'The Sun Of Tiphareth'. Not quite as dark and fast as I would like it but nevermind it's still fine black metal. Yes, I'm a metal n00b :)

LocoDice - Seeing through shadows
[Minus, 2006] (buy)
A swift turn from the guitars and shit back into the world of synths, drum machines and computers. LocoDice provides a minimal hymn for us to enjoy. Muffled beats, nice melodies, and some sweet bass later on. Gets big words from both phonica and boomkat.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Blow torch horse

Watching the world cup football final. Good game so far. A bit of a late post I guess, but here we go.

Fuckpony - Cell phone hit [Get Physical, 2006] (buy)
Fuckpony released a 12" in april this year, 'Ride the pony' which is also on the newly released 'Children of love' album. The LP is cool, very groovy. Most of the tracks are high quality stuff, in fact I (once again) had troubles picking a stand out song since all of 'em are so nice in their own way (Silence, Freaky stories of earth, etcetera). Whateva, cop the record and you're home safe.

Common factor - Through (Phonique remix) [Moodmusic, 2006] (buy)
Nice piece of
cover art for this twelver. It's italo influenced, it is a floor knocker, it's very good and well made. Bass, drums, strings - yummie!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Waffle giraffe

Not that Adrey Tautou (in the pic) has anything to do with this but, I watched Manderlay two days ago. I loved Dogville so I had some pretty high expectations which Manderlay actually managed to live up to. Maybe not quite as spot on as Dogville but not far from it. Good job Mr Trier.
Yesterday I spent the day drinking coffee and walking around town. After some drink & cocktail freestyling at a friends house it was time to head out to local summer time favourite place M2 - great atmosphere and very nice music. Which means my funds are quickly collapsing near the zero mark.

Alter Ego - Transphormer (Johannes Heil Remix)
[Klang, 2006] (buy)
Metallic treatment from Mr Johannes Heil, suitable for a busy dance floor. I dig the
cover art for this 12", 'Transphormer (remixes)' which on the b side features a mix from My My.

Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles
[Poker flat, 2006] (buy)
Monotonous, steady and long mood heightening phase. Head nodding, quality tech house. Loved his FM Safari, but this is even better. There's a remix by Loco dice on the B side, which adds some warmth and soul into it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Perpetual equinox

Couple of nice tunes in this post for ya, all in the electronic dance music sphere and all very good.

Smash TV - Yellow Asteroids (original)
[Bpitch, 2006] (buy)
Electro house from Smash TV (Holger Zilske and Michael Schmidt). The flip side has softer beats and is more to the left side, but retains the core of the track and has a slightly better build up.

Gui Boratto - Sozinho
[K2, 2006] (buy)
Not very new (released in March), but non the less a smashing tune. Minimal techno crafted with a murderous touch for melody and percussion.

A friend in the pic, with some drinks.. at the Loft ftw.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Uncontrollable sense discrepencies

I finally got around to upload two very short clips I recorded during my stay in Barcelona in June. Here's one from The Loft, 'This is HARDCORE'; recorded on the 14th of June. Here's another from the 17th, it's the MFA live at Sonar by Night. Kinda crappy quality and all, but I think it gets the atmosphere message delivered.

Dominik Eulberg - Der Buchdrucker
[Traum, 2006] (buy)
This is the title track from Eulberg's latest outing on Traum, released three days ago. The song starts out pretty rough and vicious, gets some love and beautifullness into it around the 4 minute mark. The b side is all plinkity-plonk and snappy minimal beats, grinding away. Two awesome tracks, and I just picked one of them kinda randomly. A definitive keeper 12" in my book!

Sigh, I should get more Traum releases.. the quality is just astounding. Gimmie some mo' money ok thanks bye.

PS. The picture is from another Sonar clip I recorded, pretty neat dontcha think?


Alright, continuing with the black theme a bit in this post.

Gorgoroth - Under the Pagan Megalith
[Embassy, 1994]
Oh yeah! From Gorgoroth's first full length album, 'Pentagram'. Black metal Norway style - old school.

And now for something completely different..

Jake the rapper - Death
[Combination, 2006] (buy)
Probably my favourite track off of Jake's debut album which is called simply 'The rapper'. Yeah I know I've been raving about this guy ever since I got back from Sonar.. but his live show was just sooo good.

In other news; I watched Nacho Libre a couple of days ago.. pretty good but not up there with Napoleon dynamite. Bought two 12" for my last dough (DOH!). My hard disk is filled to the max, so gotta delete some music or movies I guess :-(

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Here's something you won't expect from Random circuits: Norweigan Black Metal!

Ljå - Svart [Aftermath, 2006] (buy)
Edit: Ljå - Tilgi dem aldri *
From their debut album, 'Til avsky for livet' - translates to something like 'Loathe of life'. It's dark classic ~'94 styled black metal. Very good, it has been done before but it's executed well enough to warrant a purchase for any black metal fan. I think Ljå means scythe btw. Ulver and Gorgoroth are apparent references.
* Added a track with some vocals, hehe.