Saturday, July 15, 2006

Knaster & feet 1

Been away for two days.
Thought I'd start a series of posts containing 2 tracks, one more of the headphone/livingroom type and one more to the dancy/devil side.

Seven Ark - Glass Shattering Under Water
[Neo ouija, 2005]
Great album that I sometimes forget about. When I remember it and put it in my stereo everything seems surreal and a bit sad.

Luke Le Mans - The Docks
[Trapez, 2006] (buy)
Minimal wohoo clubby stuff from Luke Le Mans on Trapez no less. A1 and the release is called "Jerry, spring her!" - but my money is on this b side acid stomper. Check, check.


Kniven said...

It´s me on the pic! :) How come?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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skypher said...

indeed it is kniven! i just thought the pic was cool, that's all. hehe, hope it's ok with you.