Friday, March 30, 2007

Ready For My Love Affair

I forgot to say its the weekend ,so tonight im off out to meet a young lady, go for something to eat then to a few bars ,then on saturday night im going to leeds which is a ten min train ride from me,to see matthias tanzmann ,audio jak ,paul woolford & a few more ,then at 4 am go to another club till 9 for the after party hope everyone has a good weekend heres a bonus for the weekend i play this whilst im getting ready hehe. {circus company}

Ps check out all week on listen again ben watt has his own radio show ,i would highly recommend it for upfront house music.

Bird Techno part 3

The last part of "bird techno" is from carsten jost,and the excellent superpitcher remix of you don't need a weatherman check it. {ladomat 2000}

Junior Stars

The Pluxus concert was awesome, loud and beautiful - with great visuals to boot. Jeans Team started out with a kraftwerkish touched track that I really liked but then ventured out into the happy-electro-dance-pop-kitsch swamp I'm not too big on.

Stars - Sleep tonight (Junior boys remix)
Hmm, let's do the math here. I like Junior Boys + I like the Stars + I like Sleep tonight, what are the odds that I like Stars - Sleep tonight (Junior boys remix)? According to my extensive research and forrays into mad calculations I've end up with a 98.141569% chance that I'll most definetly digalli dig diggy this. The junior boys turn this track into a slow paced electro ballad in their signature style and sound palette, accompanied by Amy Millan's sweet voice. We don't wanna sleep tonight. We won't hear the morning break. Together just one beating heart.

Tonight Kevin Saunderson aka Inner City is going to dj at The Eye (Nef). Big name. And I'm quite eager to go. We'll see what happens though.
Edit: Apparently Kevin 'Reese' has cancelled, so tonight's off. Boo!

The DC10 Years

Pär Grindvik -"Do us apart" - {Drumcode}

Released as part of a strong 6 track ep (2x vinyl) to celebrate 10 years of Adam Beyers {drum code} label .This is awesome 11 mins of quality, full of shuffled grooves and spacey melodies the other tracks on the ep come from Beyer himself ,Samuel l Session ,Patrik Skoog,Hard Cell & more, the whole ep is 100 % worth your hard earned money.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bird Techno Part 2

This is a bit different from the eulberg track, here Quiet village aka matt edwards aka radio slave & joel martin, his partner on quiet village productions bring another excellent remix to the table. A remix of the classic "African queen" from Allez Allez it sounds like its been recorded in the jungle until the introduction of the guitar slowly comes in, i like this alot & all the other quiet village tracks be sure to check them all out!

Allez Allez - "African Queen" - (Quiet Village Project Dub) - {Eskimo}

The Crazy Circus 2OO7 Opening Party!

Saving The Animals!

I have a bit of a thing for tracks that are made to sound like animals /insects etc. Be it the shuffling of the porcupine in the wild or the sounds of kookabura freaking out in the jungle, a heard of elephants walking in the outback or even a troop of monkeys playing up. It makes me think of how the producer came to get these sounds & where the inspiration came from i mean if you clear you mind you can actually hear why they decided to name the track the porcupine or the gazebo etc especially with the porcupine from latex (aka Loco dice & Martin buttrich) so these are some i like i hope you will too & remember, whilst listening to them you might just think yeah i hear it, it does sound like the particular animal be it a elephant or a set of birds etc .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pluxus live tonight

Tonight Pluxus i performing and I have tickets. Gonne be interesting cause I haven't heard a lot from their latest album Solid State (from 2006) until just now. Funckarma also has an album called just that by the way (but that one is from 2001).

Pluxus - Contrax
[Pluxemburg, 2006]

I have always regarded El-p as a talented producer and a fine rapper as well. Now he has dropped his new album and it sure sounds gravy.

El-p - The overly dramatic truth [Def jux, 2007]

Bird Techno Part 1

Dominik eulberg is a genius. Here on Stelldichein Des Westerwalder Vogelchores taken from his new album on Traum "Heimische Gefilde" (Be sure to check the whole album out!) he uses only bird samples which he has recorded himself & the end result is fascinating with some some sharp editing and studio work the end result is a track made up purely of different bird species mixed together to perfection.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nothing But Green Lights Ahead

Holy ghost - "Mad monks on zinc" - (Martin buttrich remix) - {flying circus}
First released in 1991 where the likes of andrew weatherall were giving it a huge amount of praise now back for 2007 on a different label & with a tasty remix package to choose from either the man from new york (Adult napper) his take on the remix is a brooding baseline & tripped out vocals with a moody sax or the (Martin buttrich) remix which im giving you here with a more repetative drum pattern & altogether warmer feel.


Jörg Burger - Nova check [K2, 2007] (buy)
Perhaps better known as The Modernist, here the Burgerman releases on K2 a 12" called 'Polyform 1'. It's thick and quality minimal poppy techhouse without any rough edges. Sweet like syrup. Both sides of this record are equal in strength, 'Polyform' leaning more towards the lounge and 'Nova check' slightly dancier.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Event Related Potential

E.R.P. - Lament Subrosa [Frantic flowers, 2007] (buy)
Superb light, floating electroish material almost reminiscent of silicon scally or the like. This is music for chilling out in the early spring sun these last days has offered us in Sweden. B1 of "Alsoran".

My weekend has been terrific. A bit of not too heavy clubbing on friday followed by chilling and a walk in the forest on saturday. Then again on sunday; heavy relaxing, eating ice cream in the sun and just enjoying the company of my girlfriend and walking about town.

As He Faced The Sun He Cast No Shadow

I think its time for some "electro" proper electro mind you none of this tinny sounding electro house nonesense which is flooding the charts with cheesy 8o,s covers.It really does wind me up when "producers" and i use that term lightly will take a classic track from the 90,s or further back and basicly destroy it like the new MAW remixes of work there a disgrace to dance music & kenny dope & lil louie vega.This is just the tip of the iceberg though if you dig deeper there are much more diabolical remixes to be found everything from pink floyd to classics from the likes of civilles and cole - "deeper love" this particular track is a fave of mine. Growing up on a diet of old skool & classic warehouse anthems with huge pianos and acid baselines ,whilst the other kids would be listening to the sounds of the latest chart entry i would be down the local record store buying hardcore & drum & bass 13 years old i have always loved dance music i respect the artists & the sound they gave us be it acid house or classic chicago house or simply a bit of rare groove. So should all the new breed aka fedde le grande & mason etc etc they should stear well clear off tracks from earlier years & concentrate on the 15 -18 year old market who buy there music & those that dont know any better.

This producer has more guises than james bond if your clever you will work out who he is from the first post ,if you have no idea message us & and we will tell you ;) - kaliber 11 (A1) Jetboy - "Blessure" - {electrochoc}

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Top Ten For March

  • Beanfield - "Tides" (Ripperton Remix) {White}
  • Art of tones - "praise"(llorca remix) -{20:20 vision}
  • Bushwacka! -"remember" - (original mix) - {olmeto}
  • Steve reid & kieran hebden- "People Be Happy" (Audions highlight Mix) - {Domino}
  • Dennis Ferrer -"church lady" - (rodamaal dub remix) -(cdr)
  • Beck - "Cellphones dead" (Ricardo Villalobos entlebuch Remix) {Interscope}
  • Audion - "mouth to mouth" (the remixes) (ep) -{spectral sounds}
  • Junior boys - "dead horse" (ep) - {domino}
  • Alexander maier - "trip to nebraska" - {buzzin fly}
  • High contrast - "everythings different" - {hospital}

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pang pang

Busy day needs busy music. Purchased some vinyl today (again, sigh); Kraftwerk - Computer world, Bo Hansson - El-Ahrairah (aka Watership down), Williams - Pinball (finally!). Also checked out the "competition" .. you know, other blogs haha. Found some really good stuff for tonights warming up.


  • Trentemoller - Timer feat. dj tom
  • Daft punk - Around the world (killdahype remix)
  • Killers - Bones (tiga remix)
  • Justice - D.A.N.C.E (plus move pirate remix)
  • Naive new beaters - bang bang (yuksek remix)
Find 'em at risky biz, ohmygosh, discodust, l'amour a trois and music-for-forbots. Oh and also check out the previous post by JBH (scsi track = my fav).

Have a good weekend all.

Dig your own Rave

This weekend is going to be a good one for a start its my birthday on saturday & im going to see dirt crew do there stuff in leeds. Also you happen to be in luck as i keep getting emails telling me i need to delete some files for drive space.So i will be posting a few tracks to share in the coming week instead of deleting them.So its wmc week in miami do people really care anymore? theres been alot of bad press about miami over here about badly organised nights expensive entry prices over heavy security etc.Il give it a miss thankyou & go for sonar instead in june the line up looks very tasty indeed, anyway on with the music.
Israel vich - "el cuco" -{aribica recordings} - i know very little on this artist it was one of them "one of specials" found on beatport has that chilean " wood block /timbale " vibe.
Next is a track "ne contsom a coltsom" taken from a highly underated compilation from {kompakt} "the line of nine" from Scsi-9 has to be one of my favourite albums from last year full of ambient electronica beautifull and chilled vibes with a splash of tech here & there. Scsi-9 are a duo from russia they have just released another album for 2007 which i would also highly reccomend.
Finally is a unreleased Britney spears "Breathe on me".... remixed by james holden. Had you worried for a while there didnt i.Bet you thought id gone mad and shaved all my hair off, this criminaly never got a proper release she refused holdens remixes so he very kindly put it up on his website for people to download back in 2004, the dub which im giving you is a swirly journey into typical james holden wonderland.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

See the sunset with no sleep at all

I,am a big fan of Trentemoller i have been ever since hearing champagne back in 2003 since then he has come leaps GIANT leaps & bounds with his glitchy dubby sound with numerous eps on different labels such as poker flat and out of orbit recordings where he has been behind a string of releases over the years .Then theres all his unofficial remixes be it robbie williams moby or the knife.Trentemoller has the gift to make tracks to suit the dancefloor & also make a wonderfull album like the last resort showing a more chilled electronic home listening side to his producing skills the last resort being nothing short of a masterpiece.Matt edwards aka radio slave gets remix duties here with Moan & i have to be honest i wasnt really struck with this at first but after playing it more i have come to like it alot this being the better of the remixes by a fraction mind you! the other is by trentemoller himself theres a nice dub and a vocal mix.Also radioslave puts a instrumental version into the package which doesnt really do it for me.Be sure to support the cause go out & buy this on {poker flat}

I see the rain come down while the sun is shining

Marc ashken - "knock knock" - file under (leftovers ep) - {leftnet}


As you've seen I have invited JBH to collaborate with the blogging here on Random Circuits (thanks!). Both because he has excellent taste and to up and keep the frequency of posts steady, also to diversify the music selection and writing a bit. I believe this will make RC even better, and I hope you all agree.

Lusine - Flat (Lusine Remix)
[Ghostly international, 2007]
Lusine is releasing an remix album with famous producers such as Tejada, Matthew Dear and Apparat. On this version of Flat he remixes himself though, and it sounds good. File under "IDM". The album is named 'Podgelism'.

Seven times out of ten we listen to our music at night

Onur ozer has become istanbul musical hero from a city which had a none existant night life the little it did have was dated and had been done before.In the late 90,s onur slowly changed that with his dj sets he was the talk of the turkish capital filling clubs & bringing a underground scene to istanbul.Fast forward to 2002 & he has fast become a name to watch playing european sets mainly in germany such as the renown robert johnson club and the harry klein to name but a few 2004 saw him get a residency at "sweet sense" 2005 he releases his first ep "freak disco" then another in the same year on vakant called the "envy ep" 2006 sees "twilight" remixed by mathias kaden.Onur ozer is definatly one to watch i think his music is a cut above the rest with definate turkish influences he has forged his own minimal /tech sound which i think has that bit extra to the everyday run of the mill producer. Heres two of the best also check his latest "the red cabaret ep" which came out last month on vakant.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Return

Midnight operator - "The return of the zombie bikers" - {hrdvsion remix} - (wagon repair)
Great new ep from wagon repair on a consistant label run by mathew jonson look out for upcoming albums from both jonson & his live electronic set up in cobblestone jazz this summer.Here jonsons classic gets a rework from hrdvision who put a bit of an experimental touch to it still keeping the main riff intact which just sounds excellent i think.

People be happy

Steve reid & kieran hebden- "People Be Happy" {Audions highlight Mix} - (Domino)

This is Part 1 of a double 12" release the other being "rhythm dance" from Steve Reid & Kieren Hebden taken from there fourthcoming album 'Tongues'. This 12" see Audion let loose at the controls... Audion is undoubtedly the grittiest the sense of tension and sheer energy create a powerhouse sound which will move any discerning dancefloor.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Quick introduction

Hello to whoever may read this.Skypher has very kindly asked me to come and blog on random circuits and how could i refuse. Such a great blog so i will be posting from now on right across the board Anything & everything from electronic music to dubstep to techno to electro to funk basicly anything goes. New ,old classic, just great music i hope you will enjoy the music as much as me.Well thats enough of the talk from me lets get on with the music being my first post im going to post 3 of my favourite tracks at the moment
Moonbeam - sunshine this is the flip side of eclipse which i like alot available on traum
Misstress barbara - Barcelona {original mix} -I like this track so much i love it how it builds & builds available on the excellent border community label
Audion - Mouth to Mouth -{Whorenandos couch to couch remix by konrad black} - One of the better remixes of last years underground anthem available on spectral sounds

Le Bod

Stephan Bodzin - Liebe ist [Herzblut, 2007]

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ⓢⓔⓒⓡⓔⓣ ⓒⓞⓓⓔ

Was out briefly yesterday night. Hatet! was quality as usual at Uppåt, but the people there are kind of uncool, as in they really don't seem to care about the music. Tonight I'm going to a house party out in suburbia.

DJ T - Lucky Bastard (Original)
[Get physical, 2007] (buy)

Friday, March 16, 2007


A friend of mine (hello grahn) tipped me off about this wonderful artist, Gtuk from Berlin, Germany. The music is freaky nintendodeathmetal! Check it, check it.

About: i came out of the woods and started to build a machine that produces the best popsongs ever! but it didn't work and the result was this electronic sound destruction. fuque the machines!!! the real story of my band bio is ... there is nothing interessting so i just write this shit..!

Sounds Like: no idea... like a hyperfast version of a c64 gamesoundtrack with an angry little boy sitting next to it and screaming into the microphon his my first sony cassettrecorder.... or just like a electro-remix of a nasum song combined with the prodigy,atari teenage riot and scooter! don´t know its your choice it sounds like you think it sounds like...


It has taken Dntel six years to follow up his album "Life is full of possibilities" (an album I'm not a too big a fan of). The new upcoming full length is called "Dumb luck". The music on dumb luck is fragile pop and electronics meddling with vocals on top. I'm going to post the two tracks I like the most.

Dntel - The Distance (Ft. Arthur & Yu)
[Sub pop, 2007]
Dntel - Roll On (Ft. Jenny Lewis)
[Sub pop, 2007]

The rest of the tracks are actually not far behind at all. Takes a few listens before you hear all the catchiness and stuff. But nine good, beautiful songs all in all.

Order at the sub pop shop once available.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whose Bad Hands Are These?

Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? (Autechre Remix) [Dynamic Tension, 2007]
Whose Bad Hands Are These? Autechre's! Straight up funkkin & mashing!

Dungen - Familj [Kemado, 2007]
From his upcoming album "Tio bitar". Packed with psychfolkprogg of the Dungen calibre. Not to be missed.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Coded a small torrentcast client of sorts. Mostly because I wanted to try out Growl. Anyway, it's called Torch and it is written in python and wants Growl and Feedparser. It looks for certain keywords ("inland empire" and "heroes" by default) in some rss feeds (rlslog, mininova and newtorrents) and sends a growl notification if found, you can also set an option to download the .torrent (this feature is pretty untested). Documentation is non-existant, look in the source. Supply -d for debug mode, -h should print out a useful help message some time in the future.

Here's the quite ugly AppleScript I use to auto open any new torrent files with my default BitTorrent client.

property type_list : {"torrent", "TORRENT", "Transmission", "BitTorrent Document", "BitTorrent", "BitTorrent document"}
property extension_list : {"torrent", "TORRENT"}

on adding folder items to my_folder after receiving the_files
repeat with i from 1 to number of items in the_files
tell application "Finder"
set this_file to (item i of the_files)
set the this_file_info to info for this_file

if (the file type of the this_file_info is in the type_list) or (the name extension of the this_file_info is in the extension_list) then
open this_file
end if

end try
end tell
end repeat
end adding folder items to
Put it in Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts and then hook up a folder with it.

Monday, March 05, 2007

A grey shape

Fastgraph - Systematic [Klakson, 2001]
Cold and barren electro vibrations emitted from Mr Frank de Groodt (aka The Operator).

Redshape - Species
[Present, 2007] (buy)
B-side off 'Alone on Mars?'. Acidic and old school in its nature. I like it better than the also very fine A side. Fresh techno.

Hars Times was a pretty nice action film, kind of odd to see Bale in that type of role.

No time.