Friday, August 31, 2007


Lawrence - Compulsions [Dial, 2007] (buy)
Ultra fat minimal from L to da awrence aka Peter Kersten (myspace). This EP delivers from the get go. Compulsions opens up with some downright gut busting action, properly shaking up any building in close perimeter. You can't just sit idle while your ears take the juice after 3 minutes... Pond up next, taking another route to your mind. Again, though, slowly building and focusing the devastation when you least expect. The closer is Laid one, worthy and funky to spare. Best served while chilling.

Chiloe EP

Pier Bucci is back on Crosstown Rebels with a four track minimal techno ep all of which is high quality.

Pier Bucci - Chiloé EP Takes in his usual style packed with wonderfull simple tracks with drums. "Chiloe" is what we have here & is my favorite then comes "Glasgow" which is simple but good, Go out and check the ep.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ghosts EP

Laurine frost is artist that i discovered whilst browsing the Perspectiv is a label set up by Sam K & Ripperton which has been put together mainly for the swiss artists all held up in one "family" as they like to describe it.

With only 7 eps in (all of which you need to check out) the label is going from strength to strength and keeping the customers happy with a steady flow its getting better with every release, they have upcoming music from Minz & Luci & Masaya, with (Ripperton & Sam k) deciding who releases what you can expect high quality releases and a number of really good remixes.

So i got the latest one to drop on Perspectiv its by Laurine Frost and it's Excellent. (Ghosts EP) takes in 4 tracks all of which are keepers, and a remix from label boss (Ripperton) who does the business with "Papillon"
Ulisses the lead track takes you on a minimal journey climaxing with some really nice melodies next up is Rippertons remix of papillion who goes for a darker minimal route than normal then its "Amfora" which is awesome and i personally think it should of been on the A side, and last but not least is the original of "papillilon" which is much shorter that rippertons version and i think is more like a tool than a track. Go out and buy the full release to make your own mind up but i tell you this you wont be dissapointed.

Download - Laurine Frost -"Ulisses" -[Perspectiv]

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lady Judy

Fuckpony - "Lady Judy" - [BPitch Control/Promo]

Fuckpony aka Jay Haze, is back doing what he does best making comical minimal mayhem whether he is dissing fellow producers or making physchedelic tracks under his Berlin guise as Jay Haze he is hot right now & this is essential.

This will be a sure fire hit he takes distorted vocal's and recalls a story about Lady Judy who apparently according to RA used to party hard in and around Farringdon & has a liking for sucking the helium out of ballons a real character on the scene everyone knows her very like able, if your a hard'end clubber i reckon you will have a friend or know somebody like her.

The track takes a swirling looped effect as they start to search for the lady (spoken out by Lil' Dirrty Ghetto Bastard ) in a distorted voiced effect, the beats get more confused, and swirling continues as you eventually get lost well into the night. This lady judy has to be found as she a is well respected figure on the club scene, first in last out the only problem is she isnt so easy to find everyone knows her but they cant find her.
I bet alot of you can relate to this story if you have been clubing and lost a friend or arranged to meet someone in a club, maybe looking for a character like lady judy, i know many people who go out week in week out without missing, real faces you can relate too at the club or at the afterparty.

This track is one for the afterhours a real head fuck as the kick drum and swirling continues you eventually lose all sense of direction will she be found? You will have to wait and see!
This is an essential double track 'ep with a remix from Matthew Styles and Jamie Jones there take on it is more chilled and less excitement in the track they use the same deep distorted vocals from Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard, i prefer the original but both are worth your money go out and check the 'ep available soon! on Ellen Allien's BPitch Control excellent.

It Doesn't Matter (part 2)

Kettel - Hidden place detected & redecorated [This Is Not A Dub Recording, 2005]
This is off the mediocre release "Making gentle love to famous ladies". The only pleasant song on the EP, but oh how pleasant it is. Not really going too far from the original, only adding a bit of flavoured clicks and blips with good taste. Björk's vocals are difficult to resist.

Christ. - Cordate [Benbecula, 2007] (buy)
Scottsman Christ.'s latest album Blue shift emissions is a real masterpiece. Especially the latter half of the album is just spot on, every little sound carefully placed and fitted in the vast aural landscapes that make up his third(?) full length. Christ was in on Boards of Canada's excellent Twoism creation way back, that said he has evolved further from the BoC sound into more complex and deeper territories. While BoC has maintained the childish simplicity and charm in their tunes, christ chooses to extend into more intricate and multi layered structures. I cannot really pick one track that is stand out on this album, the amount of perfected songs are staggering: Making a snow angel, Cordate, Blue shifty missions, Breathe between sleep and Vernor vinge all make a dent in your heart and mind even on the very first listen. Im choosing Cordate only because of its unquestionable Boards charasteristics, serene and completely tranquil.
Resident Advisor gives the album a well deserved 5/5: Read the review.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My old red car

Composite profuse - My old red car [MinimalRome, 2007] (buy)
Label boss and my newest electro-hope Composite profuse is out with his second EP, "My old red car" - limited to 300 copies. Pick this up ASAP is my advice as it contains some of the best assembled electro bits I've heard in a long time. Four tracks by a true dark scientist working the bytes and code down in the basement filled with unrecognizable synths, wires and frankenstein mutilated machines. Creating the soundtrack to every robot, cyborg, circuit ghost and man-machine out on the planet. Let the technology rule you, bitter sweetly.

Work and the soon to be starting school has kept me from posting the last few days, that and the fact that I've been busy with other things away from home base (skypher HQ).


Gabriel Ananda - "Trommelstunde" -[Karmarouge]

One of the ghost track's of the summer it fits so nicely into a set, its been used from Barcelona to Berlin and back again a simple drum track which gives off so much percussion and heaps of energy it really lights up the floor,So simple yet so great taken from his album (Bambusbeats) available on [Karmarouge]

Coming in at just over 10 and half mins you can play around with it bring it in and out and it fits well ontop of alot of tracks a real tool / weapon on the floor so many dj's are dropping it from Funk 'd void right through to the likes of Axwell and Smokin Jo.

Go check out the whole album for more tracks like this full of rhythm & energy.

Monday, August 27, 2007


DJ Gregory - "Elle" - (Âme 2007 Remix) - [Defected]

Proberly one of my all time personal favorites, its had many a remix over the years nothing really touched or got close to the original its a piece of sublime house music that will stand the length of time i remember a friend of mine who used to write on a message board he used to idolise the original i reckon when he finds out its been remixed he will be like a kid in a sweet shop. So its had a remix from Âme which is far the best that i have heard and the one that keeps the classic vibe of the strings and the keys Âme just house it up more a bit deeper and add more percussion which works very well it sound's "Now" which is great for all us Deep house heads out there, keep an eye on Âme as they have remixed the new (Underworld) track - "Crocodile" which will be out shortly the (Huntemann remix) is already doing the rounds but its not all that, il wait for the Âme remix to surface in the meantime enjoy the deep summery vibes of Dj Gregory's classic Elle.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 1)

To put it simply, this is a series I'm planning to work on and continue with for a long while. Of course not in succession, there'll be many interludes with some proper dance and robot excursions. Anyway, "It Doesn't Matter" will feature two 'IDM'-tracks that I like a lot. One old (2+ years), one new (max 1 year old). How about that?

Sense - Choice [Neo Ouija, 2001]
Sense is a master of the pads. This is one of his more tempo and percussion filled tracks. Sweet strings matches up with drips of synth arrangements while the clicks and subtle drums do their work to move the track along in a stunning fashion. This is music to travel to, or relax to, or contemplate to. This is music for when you long for that special someone.
(From the album A view from a vulnerable place)

Proem - Dual carrier [n5MD, 2007] (buy)
Beats and bleeps rolling in, while an insecure bass-line soon joins. All very jerky and unstructured until everything falls in place at the 1:30 mark, an immense puzzle has been completed. The piano kicks in and stars glow upon the dark, black night sky. A symphony of giant proportions is let loose. Proem long in the IDM game, always with an almost violent and contrast rich texture to his tunes, ease backs on his crunchyness a bit to provide something slightly different. It's a success.
(From the album A permanent solution)

Bank Holiday ....And the suns out

So its that time agin over in the uk where we down our tools leave our offices and prepare for a weekend of sun and beer gardens and of course a top line up of clubbing so if your in leeds tonight come and check out the dirty disco where Adam beyer & par gridvik are coming over with a whole heap of techno then on sunday still in leeds Rolando is coming to play his classic detroit and chicago house not too sure about saturday maybe chill in the sun as its out for once so everyone enjoy the bank holiday & make sure you take full advantage of the sun.

Heres one for the after hours its up-coming on the [items & things] label which is a [M_nus] offshoot & its run by Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce. This track we have "Oogity Boogity" is by (Thrill Cosby) aka (Seth Troxler) its taken off the new 'ep (Spies and Lies) which will be available on september the 15th.

Thrill cosby - "Oogity Boogity" - [N/A/promo]



Sleeper Thief are back with 2 tracks that will set dancefloors alight,Taking the titles from limestone sinkholes in Mexico, "Cenotes" is the one which will cause mass devestation on the floor its a nine minute delve into the deep full of swirling bleeps and cavernous percussion's that take you on a journey into the unknown It's a rapid roller coaster so strap in a prepare for the ride."Vaja Te Suba Te" is more bleepy and percussive with a few peaks along the way all in all a top notch ep from (Sleeperthief) and [Mobilee]

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Love Love Love Yeah

A Fat slab of late night deep tech house now coming from the trio which is (Rework) remix is by french techno & upfront electro dj (Chloe) this will be sure to add tension to your set whether your playing it to a packed crowd at 3 am or to a small gathering at your place of worship its eerie dark and subtle take caution with this one.

Pelle & co (2)

Pelle Carlberg - Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls [Labrador, 2007] (buy)
From Pelle's latest full-length. Beautiful as usual but even more clap-your-handsesque. Might even make you smile. The album is called "In a nutshell".

Skatebård - Pagans [Supersoul, 2007] (buy)
Norweigan Skateboard marauder strikes with a hefty piece of dark space tech disco. Epic journey.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You Are Here

Nathan Fake- "You Are Here " - (Four Tet Remix) -[Border Community]

A Twinkling start that develops into lush melodies, which slowly build into a sublime climax remix coming from (kieran Hebden) aka (Four Tet) excellent.


Pelle & co (1)

Pelle Carlberg - Oh no! it's happening again [Labrador, 2005]
Pelle Carlberg has been a favorite ever since I heard Go To Hell, Miss Rydell thanks to a friend (yoyo Ozzy!). Ever so handsome! Carlberg's debut album "Everything. Now!" is where this tune is from.

Goth-trad - Cut end [Deep Medi Musik, 2007] (buy)
I'm not extremely into dubstep but I'm also mostly positive towards whatever stuff that I hear in the genre. I'm recommending this track right here. Sup?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Falling stars

Smith N Hack - Falling Stars [Smith N Hack, 2007] (buy)
Disco tech house, done the pro way. Some Knife - Silent shout vibes in the middle of the track. Other than that, the bside, Falling Stars chugs along cool, calm and collected for its 9:22 duration. The a-side and the release is dubbed Space Warrior.

Hang Around

Ben Westbeech - "Hang Around" - (Wahoo Remix) -[Brownswood Recordings]

I let this slip by make sure you dont make the same mistake excellent deep house remix coming from (Wahoo) aka (Dixon) & (Georg von dem Bussche) with the wonderfull vocals from (Ben Westbeech) to add the Cherry.

Monday, August 20, 2007

JBH'S Mid Aug Random Circuits


Your silent face

Back from a trip around Sweden. I visited Norrköping and Stockholm. Had a great time. Now, JBH's been keeping you busy with the usual top quality selection. I'm just signing in to say hello and leave you with a classic.

New Order - Your Silent Face [Factory, 1983]

Oh and please send any music that you or your band made that you'd like to have us post up, - recognize!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let's Roll

Watch this video!!!

I found the track which is played in the video which is in high demand on Youtube, il bring it here for you guys first BIG out there!

Army of one -"Let's Roll" - [Hush]

Friday, August 17, 2007

GeT yOuR fIdGeT oN!

The Chemical Brothers -"The Salmon Dance" - (Herve Remix) - [N/A]

Riot In Belgium - "La Musique" - (Sinden Remix) - [N/A]

I dont just restrict myself to Minimal Tech house and Deep house i like lots of music mainly the "Good Shit" Thats going to go off at a house party! Afterall dance music is about going out and having a good time letting everything go & forgetting about the stress of the week, i can't stand those serious types in a club who stand there or the "Paranoid Dancer" LOL just let it go lose all control and get your groove on :-) Just because i dont write about something doesn't mean i dont like it, Theres too many critics out there who are ready to bite at any given moment take all the heat on "Heater" thats going on at the moment FFS its one FUN! track, people are going on about it like he's done something really terrible, everyone is entitled to there own opinion but theres alot of sheep out there, i think the main reason is that they dont like change or dont know how to cope with it so they pull the shutters down which is a very negative way to look at things..... Anyway here's two of my favorite tracks of the Fidget variety neither are out yet they will be soon so you vinyl junkies keep checking your local record store for there release.
Btw anyone in London tonight Herve is playing fabric with Annie Mac & loads of Drum n Bass heads see you there. :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Audiofly live @ kudos beach Romania

00:00 Unknown

06:30 Jamie Jones - The Capsule

12:20 Sweet n' Candy - Sack of Hammers -(Plasmik Remix)

15:00 Samim ft big bully - Papsd

19:50 Peter Dildo - Curley Blondie -(Experienced Clubber Remix)

25:35 Aardvarck - Cult Copy (2000 and one Remix) - Rush Hour

30:05 ??????

34:50 ?????

39:49 Autotune - Dirty - ( Woody Remix )

48:00 Booka Shade & Dj T - Played Runner

54:25 JPLS - Green 01 - (Skoozbot's Twilite RMX)

57:25 Slaaf - (Steve Lawler & Audiofly) - Black Russian

Im heading down to London shortly for the weekend staying at my mates & going for some free partys in shoreditch at the T - bar check out the line ups all for gratis il proberly be heading for fabric aswell if any of you uk readers are going to either come say hello :-) & you should be if you live in london or near by im making a 4 hr train journey, have a good weekend everyone and check out this great mix from audiofly.

Ditched Disco 7pm - 2am - Simon Baker, Kurrage & Gower Ramsey @ T- Bar

Sonic -8pm - till late - Efdemin, Hector & Dyed Soundorom @ T - Bar
Sat Fabric feat Innervisions at Fabric
Line-up / ROOM ONE: Dixon, Âme, Terry Francis, I:Cube (LIVE) ROOM TWO: Craig Richards, Shelley Parker, SUBSTATIC RECORDS: MIA (LIVE) (SUBSTATIC), Falko Brocksieper, ROOM THREE: tbc

Dig Your Own Rave -6pm - Midnight - Dyed Soundorom, Jamie Jones & Hector @ T- Bar


Bristol based label [Four:Twenty Recordings] have a good ear for spotting upcoming new & exciting producers Loco Dice released some of his first recordings on here, this time its the new skool im keen on, from Craig Torrance who some of you may know if you read mixmag as he is the electro editor well he has teamed up on this release with Philip Hochstrate who i dont know from adam but that doesn't matter "Shrinkage" is a good solid release which comes with a really good Samim* remix which i prefer, i swear that man doesn't sleep he's knocking tracks out at a fast rate, the track itself is full of eerie bubbling noises, strange gurgling sounds, jungle effects & deep trippy spacey noises i cant put my finger on it but the hook gives a tiny reference to detroit its as if i have heard it somewhere before with a bit of a build going on but not enough imo, Samim adds more tention too it which it deserves, if they had built it and built and then let it explode we could of had another full clip on our hands, dont let this pass you by as your out doing your record shopping.

Its Magic

Lucio Aquilina - "Magic M" -[N/A]

Another big track tearing up dancefloors all over the land it comes from italian (Lucio Aquilina) who you may know from his releases on [Trapez] i think skypher posted a few tracks a few months back "3 hours" & "Disco bus" which he collaborated with (Venturi) on check out his (Here Naples and Die Ep) especially "Chemin." also his latest two on [Trapez] The track i have here "Magic M" is doing big things in Ibiza everyone wants a copy with the likes of (Luciano) & (Villalobos) dropping it, its not officially out yet but he says on his myspace "Soon" it starts of like any other track with a simple beat pattern then incomes a almost rubbery baseline with a "boing boing" deep elastic sound which builds to eventually fade out making way for the melody(which makes the track) it sounds like something you would here if you wound up a child's jack in the box or a little girls music box this is what gives the track character & stands out from the rest a very unique and nice record.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baila Sin Petit

Ricardo Villalobos - "Baila Sin Petit" - [N/A]

Luciano dropped this at Dc10 opening back in june i know very little on it and i cant find anything on it on the web apart from somebody commenting on Villalobos Myspace and simply writing "Baila Sin Petit" i tried looking up what it means but im not even too sure which language its refering to, this is typical villalobos with the wierd but wonderfull vocals think "True to myself " but not as wierd & wonderfull! its percussive production is very rhythmic with slow hand claps & slow tapps on the snare very chilean like, if anyone knows anymore about this track drop me a line..... lalala baila sin petit...

Download -

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liebe Ist Cool

Panorama bar resident Cassy is a favourite of mine her sound is unique and stands out in a crowd be it her mixing up the latest cd's, collaborating with Villalobos or just simply working on her own. I think it has mainly to do with her vocal's which are hypnotic and melodic at the same time she drags the listener in making sure your full concentration is on her, and i must say it works, and works well. Then there's the production side of her tracks which are stripped down and sexy & very groovy i really like alot of her work this latest one from her cropped up on Monika Kruse label [Electric Avenue Recordings] its very simple which works so well afterall simplicity is the key! saying that, it doesn't give you the best listening experience, listening through computer speakers but when its on a decent sound system you hear everything much clearer all the drums, synths, snares, keys and of course her stripped back slow sexy vocals. Check out Cassy's back catalogue on [Perlon] etc for for stripped down grooves like this.


I'm going out of town for a bit. So don't expect too many updates from me. In the meantime, listen to this...

Aural Distortion - Plasma (Original Mix) [Tsuba, 2007] (buy)
Excellent illin tech-house on Tsuba from Gustavo Sacchetti. Mid-tempo stuff suitable for the aftersun relaxin', after a shower and with a beer in your hand. Or perhaps on a rainy yet warm afternoon as you sit infront of your computer making another blog post about music? Whatever the situation, here's super sweet aural waves from Aural Distortion. Peter Dildo manages the stripped down, minimal remix on the b-side with a less than optimal result.

Monday, August 13, 2007


There's a excellent remix package thats come out of (Pan-Pot's) original & rather dull "illuminaten" track from 2005.The remix's are courtsey of swiss man of the moment (Agnes) and (Lee van dowski ) Agnes being my favorite which comes in a lot deeper with a rubber like elastic baseline bringing the hook and the riff springing together and forming the track nicely, its very repetative but works so well. The (Lee van dowski fidget sonnance mix) is more clicky, tinny and not so deep but still works very well you could even mix the two together, they sound that differen't great remix package putting life back into a record which was once a dull track.


Amasser - Data Clip Rig [n/a, 2007]
Unsigned artist Amasser has just completed a new EP; Legal Wall. It is without a doubt "indietronica". Not the boring kind though, just listen to this quirky story known as Data Clip Rig. Brilliant. Amasser is from the US and it would be worthwhile your time to take a peek at his myspace.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Frontier force

Davor O - Betray Me [Homemade Electronica, 2007]
It's always a pleasure receiving mails from producers and labels who instead of threaten us, actually wants to have their music up here. We love it.
Davor O is about to release an EP called "New Tendencies" on the label Homemade Electronica. The EP with its 6 tracks will be available for download from beatport, juno, djdownload, trackitdown, and other fine online stores. Here's a free preview track of the expertly put together EP, each track brings something unique to fulfill the massive New Tendencies experience. Croatian techno, wildstyle. Besides Betray me, Whales making love and Chiq perls are two other smashing wonky pieces of circuit mending music that caters to my ears.
Be sure to check out Davor's myspace.

Busy face - Puddleglum [n/a, 2007]
This was also sent to us. Unsigned artist and fellow blogger Busy Face makes funky and moody house and techno. Pretty new to making music and he already cranks out busy stuff! Check his blog.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


My first post using imeem so I thought I'd better make it something special. Result: A bunch of different genres, all over the place in this post.

Los campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! [Arts & Crafts/Wichita, 2007] (buy)
A bit of good, solid, classic and bouncy indie-pop. This is for dancing, like stupid sheep. Nuffin wrong wid dat. EP: "Sticking Fingers Into Sockets".

Pendle coven - Habitual stress [Modernlove, 2007] (buy)
Muddy and chunky electronic swamp tones from Pendle Coven's new EP ("Habitual stress") - a glimpse of the upcoming album's sound. The b side is called "Brick Tutor" and is of similar nature.

Unkle - Chemistry [Surrender All, 2007] (buy)
I'm not the biggest fan of unkle, but this is a very good track with moody piano rolls and strings. It has a tension to it, that keeps on gnawing on you and keeps you on your toes. A dramatic, instrumental song. From the album "War stories".

Harmonic 33 - The woodblock [Alphabet zoo, 2002]
Harmonic 33 makes wonderful instrumental hiphop. Beats with so much love and attitude you can feel it. All styles represented, slower more atmospheric stuff to straight up gangsta rhythms. I don't know, but I'm partial to instrumental hiphop for some reason. Bare bones knockout beats make my legs all wobbly. Back from way back 2002, oh my godz! Other excellent tracks on the album known as "Extraordinary people": Moompah, The rain song, Far away places. Their newest outing is on Warp and leans more towards the ambient and leftfield side, works out fine. Stay rocking that ill shit.

I need Composite Profuse - My old red car! Just listen to the wonderful samples of the italian's newest EP.

Luciano Mix live from silo club

Excellent mix from Luciano.

002:40 moodyman - shades of jae

008:00 femi kuti - traitors of africa (qs treacherous beats) + Gia Tous Anthropous Pou - Yiorgos Mangas

015:00 minimal man - make a move

021:00 Scott Grooves - The Journey

024:00 St. germain - Rose Rouge (Remix)

037:00 petre inspirescu - de bou

042:00 dennis ferrer - son of raw ( loco dice remix )

049:00 alex under - trapezines erectos

054:00 Paul Ritch - Samba

061:00 Popof - Alcoolic

065:00 rino cerrone release

068:00 Paul Ritch - Just Give Some

078:00 Cevin Fisher's - The Freaks Come Out

086:00 Imaginary Boy - Evolution One

091:00 mendo - everybody i got him

096:00 cajmere - i need you (hugo moya remix)

100:00 Lil' Louis - Conversation

105:00 Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (Dave Is In The Disco Dub)

Download Thanks to Jeremy RA

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rose Rouge

St Germain - "Rose Rouge" - (Tak su remix/Rhadoo edit) -[N/A]

St Germain's classic "Rose Rouge" gets the minimal treatment there's two mixes of this floating around at the moment the (Tak su remix) which is nearly 11 mins there's also a (Rhadoo edit) which is a totally different mix but equally as good this one only coming in at 8 and a half mins long maybe one is not legit i dont know its all very sketchy at the min both are great tracks rumours are that up and coming romanian dj /producer Rhadoo made the remix especially for Luciano who has been dropping it in his sets since the begining of the summer along with a whole heap of other dj's following in his footsteps mainly the DC10 faithfull as this is where it got its debut since then its been passed around faster than a STD on a 18 - 30's holiday everyone and there grandmother have been using it in there sets. Its been turning dancefloors into a frenzy lots of people asking about this record alot of heat around it especially in ibiza its been named one of the "Tunes of the summer" however it may never see the light of day so do your bit and search for this one its worth it trust.
***Edit***i just listened to the luciano mix from silo club and it turns out the track we have here is differen't to the one he is playing and is different to the other shorter mix of it i have so who knows who made these tracks ??? still a nice alternative.

Star travelin

Not sure if I should dare post these what with all the heat and hate we've been getting lately. As always, simply dropping a comment or e-mail ( stating that you wish certain links to be removed works. Of course we would like people, who download and enjoy tracks that we put up, to actually go out and purchase 'em. Treading on dangerous grounds, maybe pushing it a bit... but here goes.

Model 500 - Starlight (Soultek's falling stars mix) [Echospace, 2007] (buy!)
Classic model 500 material getting the modern make over. Soultek brings the calm and sexy chillin methods. Laying it down firm. Great stuff. In the complete package you also get remixes by Convextion, Echospace and Deepchord!

Andreas Oster - Travelog [Plong!, 2000]
Picked this up on a sale at my local vinyl shop. Maybe not extremely exciting, but quality and easy going, uplifting stuff. Technoelectronicahouse on Plong.

I'd like to know if there is a good service that lets me upload a track and then it provides a stream for others to listen to. That would be perfect.

Dream Sequence

First release of 2007 for Serafin with help from percussionist Roman Bruderer where they have taken the deep house route like many others seem to be doing "Deep House" is fast becoming more and more used in the current scene which is making tiny ripples with the minimal scenesters some of who are interested in the sound but alot will just follow and become sheep. Because of this interest Its getting alot of press its also getting a healthy amount of backclash from trainspotters and music bods alike saying its too "samey" make your own mind up on what you think on the whole deep house revival are you a wolf or a sheep? i like some, but i also agree with the critics alot is too samey with nothing new to give Kerri Chandler,Theo Parrish & Dennis Ferrer have been there done that and got the t shirt, however this track "Dream Sequence" that appeared on my radar is a great example of deep house done well "The Move" falls into the done before bracket and doesn't really have anything to give.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Madre Tierra

Warm chords strum across your face like a sea breeze at dusk wood blocks & glocks are used to create that Cadenza esq vibe we all know and love, floaty keys come in as the track gradually builds, typical Cadenza fayre here with huge refrences to traditional Chilean roots with stacks of rhythm & melodies which build the track so well. Lush vocals of a woman's voice speak's in a sexy mono -tone as the track continues with smooth claps and deep keys whilst inkeeping with the clicks from the wood blocks and timbale this would sound perfect on a summer night maybe if your entertaining or having a bbq invite the friends get the decks out in the sun and relax this is essential for me and it should be for you aswell.


It turns out i have royally pissed off alot of labels and producers as most of the labels are out of bounds i wont be posting mp3's anymore after all its the music were supporting right ? i have even been told that link's i posted affected direct sales on certain mp3's ! Now this makes me feel awful. So instead i will be putting the tracks up to listen to that way you can make your own mind up in whether or not you want to go out and purchase the record.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The glow & the cat

The microphones - The glow pt. 2 [K, 2001]
Lo-fi rock/pop.

Dusty kid - The cat [Southern fried, 2007] (buy)

JBH'S Top Tracks for july

tracks to buy.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Daso & Pawas - "Tgv" - [Flash Recordings]

Dont let Daso pass you by he's been making music for quite some time now all of which has character & style check out his (Absinthe) ep on [Connaisseur Recordings] for more proof. He makes the sort of house music that will appeal right across the board be it for the minimal scenesters or the deep house heads here we have a great track "Tgv" taken from his new 'ep' "Night express" building and deep with moody keys bringing tension out of the track it sounds alot like Ripperton, Daso one to keep an eye on in the future.


Suitable warm-up for the weekend.

Ryan Davis - Airport [Net's Work International, 2007] (buy)
I have only heard three tracks of this guy, but all of them are A+ so Ryan Davis is firmly linked to quality and fresh music in my mind. It all started when I heard Transformer last year, a very big and very good track. Just recently I got to hear Up 1 thanks to 24:hours, superb once again. Yesterday I got ahold of Airport and of course it did not disappoint one second. Gravy shit, give us more mr Davis!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Random mix

Our friend over at the hit us with a killer mix last week here it is for those of you who might of missed it, heres what he had to say on the mix.

My mix debut, a project I call Psycological Experiments, a research adventure attempting to build rapport with the listener while inducing him in a hypnosis that is completely unpredictable & abstracts from contemporary circumstances.

"When the mainstream comes to you run to the underground"

DWNLD: [Psy_Ex001]trcklstng:


Shadi Megallaa - Nerve Wreck

Ambivalent - R U OK (Kasper Hypno Synth Mix)

Tiefschwarz - Troubled Man (Broke remix)

Troy Pierce - Even If It's Alone (Black Acid) (Louderbach Mix)

M_nusDapayk & Padberg - Black Beauty (Afterhour Edit)

Minilogue - Orglar B

SLG - Sleepless (Oliver Hacke Remix)

Pele - Childhood's End (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Rmx)

Confetti Bomb - Marquess De Sade

Cold - Strobelight Network (Eulberg & Ananda Remix)

Skoozbot - Lost

Miguel Colmenares - Tranquilito

Pan Sonic - Leikkuri

PetiteKlovn - McKlaren


Crown the fear

Phil kieran has been busy of late knocking out tracks left right and center be it for his Alloy Mental guise with the rest of his band or by himself on his [Mikrowave] label or for special projects like the latest [Cocoon] compilation 'G' his sound is mainly techno the sort that will set the club off and do damage to speakers. It would be worth your while to look up his back catalogue.

Phil Kieran - "Triple Crown" - [Num Recordings]

Phil Kieran - "The Fear" - (Club Mix) - [Mikrowave]

Global darkness

Aux 88 - Electro muzik [Crème organization, 2007] (buy)
Yes, yes! Been waiting for this ever since I heard their remix of Nukubus' Europa track. It's a whole new EP, called Global Darkness, from the badass, veteran detroit electro trio. We are given three pieces of aural roughneck beatings, straight from the gutter. Unmistakenable Aux from start to finish, it's every bit as good as one would expect. There is a bit of confusion as to the titles of the tracks though, they seem to be misprinted on the vinyl. Side A is labeled as "Alien life form" but vocals saying "Electro music" can be heard in it, and B1 is labeled as "Electro muzik" on the vinyl. Hmm. Oh well, I'll just go with whatever's printed on the hardcopy, so here's B1 "Electro muzik" for ya! Be sure to check out B2 as well - "Interstellar funk". 808 domination all over me.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Random Tracks

Some tracks i like. Normal service from me will resume tomorrow.

Break SL - "Trombone" - [philpot]

Meat vs Einzelkind - "Not a musical masterpiece" - [Cdr]

Dan Curtin - "Perpetual line Stepper" - (Different mix) - [Tuning Spork]

Phono abduction outta sight

Partisan midi - Phono abduction [Frustrated funk, 2007] (buy)

Osborne - Outta Sight (Luke Vibert Remix) [Spectral sound, 2007] (buy)