Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ghosts EP

Laurine frost is artist that i discovered whilst browsing the Perspectiv is a label set up by Sam K & Ripperton which has been put together mainly for the swiss artists all held up in one "family" as they like to describe it.

With only 7 eps in (all of which you need to check out) the label is going from strength to strength and keeping the customers happy with a steady flow its getting better with every release, they have upcoming music from Minz & Luci & Masaya, with (Ripperton & Sam k) deciding who releases what you can expect high quality releases and a number of really good remixes.

So i got the latest one to drop on Perspectiv its by Laurine Frost and it's Excellent. (Ghosts EP) takes in 4 tracks all of which are keepers, and a remix from label boss (Ripperton) who does the business with "Papillon"
Ulisses the lead track takes you on a minimal journey climaxing with some really nice melodies next up is Rippertons remix of papillion who goes for a darker minimal route than normal then its "Amfora" which is awesome and i personally think it should of been on the A side, and last but not least is the original of "papillilon" which is much shorter that rippertons version and i think is more like a tool than a track. Go out and buy the full release to make your own mind up but i tell you this you wont be dissapointed.

Download - Laurine Frost -"Ulisses" -[Perspectiv]

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shodan said...

Ripperton is a man on fire. I seem to love everything this man has done in the last few years, he could shit into a mic and still make it sound atmospheric.

Top Bloke,