Thursday, August 09, 2007


My first post using imeem so I thought I'd better make it something special. Result: A bunch of different genres, all over the place in this post.

Los campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! [Arts & Crafts/Wichita, 2007] (buy)
A bit of good, solid, classic and bouncy indie-pop. This is for dancing, like stupid sheep. Nuffin wrong wid dat. EP: "Sticking Fingers Into Sockets".

Pendle coven - Habitual stress [Modernlove, 2007] (buy)
Muddy and chunky electronic swamp tones from Pendle Coven's new EP ("Habitual stress") - a glimpse of the upcoming album's sound. The b side is called "Brick Tutor" and is of similar nature.

Unkle - Chemistry [Surrender All, 2007] (buy)
I'm not the biggest fan of unkle, but this is a very good track with moody piano rolls and strings. It has a tension to it, that keeps on gnawing on you and keeps you on your toes. A dramatic, instrumental song. From the album "War stories".

Harmonic 33 - The woodblock [Alphabet zoo, 2002]
Harmonic 33 makes wonderful instrumental hiphop. Beats with so much love and attitude you can feel it. All styles represented, slower more atmospheric stuff to straight up gangsta rhythms. I don't know, but I'm partial to instrumental hiphop for some reason. Bare bones knockout beats make my legs all wobbly. Back from way back 2002, oh my godz! Other excellent tracks on the album known as "Extraordinary people": Moompah, The rain song, Far away places. Their newest outing is on Warp and leans more towards the ambient and leftfield side, works out fine. Stay rocking that ill shit.

I need Composite Profuse - My old red car! Just listen to the wonderful samples of the italian's newest EP.

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JBH said...

pendle coven is my fave the ep is great. thanks for making me aware.