Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quicksand flave

Ulrich Schnauss - Medusa (edit)
[Domino, 2007]
Hooray, a new EP from my favorite comfortable-ethereal-electronica composer. It's named "Quicksand memory" and has four pieces. Warming up for the soon to be released full length "Goodbye". I can't complain about anything here.

Abe Duque - Who's Got The Flave Again
[Abe Duque, 2006]
Shake that ass, baby! Who's got the flave? Abe's got the flave.

Williams, Kom and Dole

Good morning. This post gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside, a good start to the day.

Dole & Kom - The F.O [Elektro.Komfort, 2007] (buy)
One of my absolute favorite releases last year; 'Monster eats the pilot' (on Elektro.Komfort) was made by these guys. Naturally I was intrigued to hear what they were bringing next. Sure enough, on the same imprint they release yet another gem, 'What you want!'. Starts out with "The F.O", killing you directly with its freshness and catchy yet minimal rhythms. Schatz & (Lars) Wickinger presents their remix take on The F.O on the flip, alongside the title track.

Williams - The shivering (Pitch & Hold in camera remix) [Love triangle, 2006]
Don't know how this slipped me by to be honest, seems everyone has heard it except me haha. Williams with his warm electro-houseish sound succeeds once again. Winner with arena feeling.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crimson contour

With JBH off to Ibiza and me starting to work soon, Random Circuits will go into lazy summer mode. Expect lower frequency of posts, but the quality won't drop.

Redshape - Munch [Delsin, 2007] (buy)
Back on Delsin, Redshape lets loose four tracks on the "Steam" EP. Techno of course, Munch immediately grabs the attention with some really funky vibes. Yet another blockbuster from Redshape.

Toadstyle - Flatulent Boy Confesses
[Styluswars, 2002]
Scratch! Fine, cut up turntablism from '02, Toadstyle deliviring it exceedingly sharp. Some odd voice samples completes the package.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Noname base

I'm grumpy. My exam didn't go well, at all. Add to that the fact that I woke up late and haven't had the chance to eat yet. Plus! One of my wisdom tooths is fucking my left cheek up. Fun times. ASDGJKAHKWRNDFJSMNxcbnsklamflqrj.

Sonar base - II [SCSI-AV, 2005]
Thought I'd post something from Sonar base's EP "
Transmissions From Beyond Hoag's Object (Episode ll)" since he just now got a full length out (on SCSI-AV as well) simply called "Sonar bases 4 - 10". Stripped down, barren electro. Precision and atmosphere being key here.

Popnoname - Kapital [Italic, 2007]
'On the run' from last year's "You are Popnoname" has been spinning quite a bit here. Now let's see what he can do with the album format. Released on Italic with ten songs, "White album" has some sensetive yet groovy tracks that will be pumping some energy into this summer's early morning dancefloors. All good.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Battle Weapons

These were both Released anonymously on promo back in 2006 the artists name didn't even appear on the record but we all know that Ed & Tom Aka The Chemical Brothers are behind these 2 pieces of dancefloor artillery.

Chemical Brothers - "Battle Weapon 8" -

Chemical Brothers - "Battle Weapon 9" -


Eyerer & Namito - "Quipa" - (Original) - [Promo]

Minimal tech house with a throbbing harsh electro baseline running through it coming from (Martin Eyerer & Namito) theres also a tasty remix from french electro don (Etienne De Crecy) on the flip both will be out on [Great Stuff] soon, all in all a nice piece keeping you on your toes for just under 8 mins.

Sao Paulo

Oliver Huntemann - "Sao Paulo" - (Original) - [Confused Recordings]
Huntemann hits back with more of a minimal affair than usual in this 1 sided ep which was released in february on [Confused Recordings] dont fear it still has his dark trademark electro sound running through out causing maximum tension in all the right places this will destroy any dancefloor its tested on! *Killer*

Oscuro Claro

Weekend is over highlights include Martin Buttrich's 2 hour set 1 -3 am very melodic & lots of deep house, Timo Maas & lots of drrrrrrum n bass ! ashame about the weather but hey you cant win them all so its the last few posts from me as i fly out to ibiza on wed for the summer so i wont be posting till i get back in october.

Heres a nice one to ease you into the bank holiday its from (Paulo Olarte) titled "Oscuro Claro" and its on the [Fresh fish Records Label] Remix coming from (Tensnake) gentle, melodic minimal house.

Paulo Olarte - "Oscuro Claro" - (Ten Snake Remix) - [Fresh Fish Records]

Backwards compatibility II

Part 2.

Jeff Mills - Utopia [S3, 1996]
Released on the Mix-up vol. 2 EP in '96, but also present on The Art of Connecting album. Clastrophobic, drowning, detroit murder techno. Has a nice, evil, spacey build up. Once it's on, it is ON though - straight to the point, Mills style.

Isolée - Pictureloved [Playhouse, 2005]
An album that I only bothered with after seeing Mr Rajko Müller live at last year's Sonar festival. Never looked back since. It was an amazing set, and "We are monster" is a top notch album with its numerous little faults, quirks and new takes on slow(er) paced house music. Everything from the instantly pleasing "My hi-matic" to the coarse "Face B" and the guitar infected "Schrapnell" to the ending sine wave fest of "Pillowtalk". Listen to this in the car, in the ipod or when you're having a couple of beers with friends. Perfect.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dusty kid

Presenting wunderkid Dusty, someone to watch and of course, more importantly, listen to.

Three slam dunks out of three releases on three different labels, so far. It's melodic, hypnotic and crisp electro-tech-house (hoho). Black reel and Milk shares the same deep touch, I Love Richie does not stray far from that winning concept but has a more driving motif. I'm certainly going to keep my eyes open for more from this producer.

Dusty Kid - Black reel
[Python, '06]
Dusty Kid - I Love Richie [Klingklong, '07] (buy)
Dusty Kid - Milk [Systematic, '07] (buy)

Enjoy these three, strong killer-cuts!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Backwards compatibility

I envy JBH for his cool weekend plans. Me, I'll have to study hard for a really tough exam on tuesday. Wish me luck.

Now, retrospecting time.

Vector lovers - Capsule for one [Soma, 2005]
Title track of an ultimate sci-fi album, blade runner-esque vibes all the way through it. Capsule for one not only treats the listener on a journey in a futuristic metropolis but also stirs up emotions that could surely even touch the most metallic of hearts. An album that I return to time and again.

Jeff Mills - Java [Purpose maker, 1996]
The other day I was listening to "The Art Of Connecting" [Hardware, 1998] - A collection of EPs released years apart thrown together, except for "Deckard", the first track and number nine "UFO" (being the only two exclusive songs). This surely can't have much depth you might think. Wrong. It works as an album surprisingly well, mixing Mills' different flavours of techno. Both pure, hard dancefloor tracks, more ambient ones and some dystopian works fight for a place in this darkened blend of electronic music that should not pass anyone unnoticed. But of course, the classics are the tunes that stand out, so without further ado here's "Java".

Grime Time

Support UK Grime

Friday, May 25, 2007


Another busy weekend here in leeds for me Âme are playing back to basics on saturday night which is always a treat then on sunday is gatecrashers summer sound system 13 hrs of music in 7 different arenas(the dirty disco tent is where you shall find me) should be a good weekend all in all & a good way to have a last blow out before i go to ibiza for the next 5 months.Hope everyone has a good bank holiday whatever you decide to do.
Dennis Ferrer -"Son of Raw" - (Loco Dice Remix) - [objectivity]

Nothing New Over There

Frank heinrich - "36 inch" - [Below]

Incoming rhythm

Lopazz - Share my rhythm (Isolee rmx) [Get physical, 2007]
Steady now, isolee working the remix - quality like it should be. Warped vocals for some twist. Make it nine minutes. Yeah, just like that.

David K - Incoming (Motorcity soul remix) [Tsuba, 2007] (buy)
I had big expectations on this co-operation. David K has done some really good stuff ("Mayann" anyone?), and Motorcitysoul's remix of Fuckaponydelic's "Switch the lights" is as grim as it gets. So how did this turn out then? Well, for starters the original mix of Incoming isn't all that fun. However Motorcitysoul manages to pull it out of boring land and into something worthwhile and quite nifty. Not by any means a storming, unique and awesome clash like I expected, but certainly not bad. Definetly has its moments.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Âme - "Balandine" - [Innervisions 011]

Nice new summer ep from Innervisions courtsey of Âme 11 mins of deep house full of twists and turns to keep you on your toes, by the looks of things its going to be getting busy again here on RC skypher has some treats instore for you & the music just keeps on coming with no signs of slowing down, stick with RC bringing you the freshest flavours first.

Love Dub

Carsten Jost - "Love" - [Dial]
The Knife - "Like A Pen" - (Thomas Schumacher Dub) -[Cdr]


Argy - Tool [Liebe detail, 2007] (buy)
The man Argy from Greece is back with three tracks on Liebe detail. (Techy) House of course, with a little nostalgic feeling to it. Here B2 with some neat percussion work. The release is called "1985".

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You Wonder Why They Call You Biaaaaaatch

Shystie - "Bitches better Recognise" - [cdr]

Grime time now on "RC" .......Haterz want war!?

il Mash Up Ya Arse

Petter vs Rick Ross - "Hustlin" - (christian himself mix) - [Cdr]

Great mash up from Christian Himself he uses "Some Polyphony" from (Petter) and "Hustlin" by (Rick Ross) mashups are great its a bit of fun really playing around with tracks this is one of the best i have heard.

Just A Bwoy!

Mala - "Bury Da Bwoy" - [DMZ011]
Excellent piece of dubstep from Mala (1 half of digital mystikz) with a huge crossover appeal.


Audion - "kisses" -[Spectal Sounds]
Taken from his debut album "Suck Fish" this is a raw piece of techno.

All Respect Has Gone

Joe T Vannelli - "Prelude" - (Original) -[Cdr]
Remember "Get It On" by joe last summer well he is back with another progressive house track prelude is a nice piece already getting big plays from Digweed, Pryda etc.

Strange Hidden Messages From Far Away

Luka & lazo - "Dust No 4" - (Barem Remix) -[Mo's Ferry Prod]

A Really nice deep minimal drum track now from (Luka & Lazo) on remix duties is (Barem) deep quality hypnotic shit!

The 2007 Summer Hitlist

So far 2007 has been a great year for electronic music, & with the summer season just around the corner producers are knocking tracks out left right and centre with that in mind heres my top 10 predictions (in no certain order) on what we will be hearing this summer keep in mind that this is so far (as i rekon there are still alot of tracks to surface)

1.Black strobe - "I'm A Man" - (Audion Donator Mix) - [Cdr] -Deep house meets minimal techno in this awesome remix from Audion deep keys backed over a short spoken vocal getting louder as the mix goes on audions remix of I'm a man is a piece that will get big plays over the summer expect the likes of Villalobos Sven Vath etc to be dropping this & to cause giant tidal waves on dancefloors audions production gets more and more hypnotic and trippy as this 12 min epic continues to destroy not only your mind but it takes your brain with it, it has similar elements of his smash hit mouth to mouth from last year expect this to be just as big if not bigger.

2.Julian Jeweil -"Air Conditionne" -(Original) - [Skryptöm Records ] -To say i slept on this would be an understatement not all my fault though as i have seen no promotion for this track at all until now where it popped up on the solid sounds 2007 cd hidden beneath alot of badly produced electro house, This track sounds like a poor mans Ame track but in a good way imagine your trying to get somewhere or going somewhere this is the track you need its sort of a journey if you were good you could proberly close on this track if not you could find a way of fitting it in to your set expect to hear this alot over the summer.

3.Oliver Koletzki - "Dont Forget To Go Home" - [Stil Vor Talent] -Dancefloor bomb written all over this love the way it builds your not quite sure what you will be getting slowly the synths build a few warped out spacey noises over some harsh white noise then come in the groovey keys ontop of a repeatative minimal beat expect the DC10 faithfull to be dropping this.

4. Ink & Needle - "seven" - [Tattoo Recordings] When i first listened to this i was blown away forget the x factor this has the wow factor! an absolute outstanding piece of deep swirling techno /house /electro it uses elements from every genre you really dont know what your getting with this record expect the unexpected from the anonymous danish duo who are ink & needle.

5. Minilogue - "Inca" - [Wir] - i did not think Minilogue could surpase themselves and release another ep which would be better than there fantastic ep "Elephant parade /Bird song" which was released earlier this year on the [Wagon Repair] label but they have Inca is a outstanding piece, its deep progressive & minimal in places it just keeps giving keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting and wanting more as it builds by the looks of things deep and minimal with a house element thrown into the mix for good measure is where the sound of the summer is going.

6. Solomon & Stimming - "Feurvogel" -(Original) -[Diynamic Music] Theres been a lot of talk about this record some say its the "Rej" of 2007 i wouldnt go that far as rej is in a different league to everything out threre! its hard to explain what this sounds like without listening to it yourself, go out & buy it you will NOT be dissapointed a future summer hit!

7. Discemi - "Data Sapiens" - (Radio Slave Remix) -[Rekids] Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave has a nack of producing dark evil minimal remixes which are dancefloor friendly this latest one "Data Sapiens" by Discemi he has remixed is another wonderfull epic its that dark brooding 5 am sound with some hypnotic sinister keys that will be sure to turn the air blue.

8.Tracey Thorn - "Its All True" -(Martin Buttrich Remix) -[Cdr] If sex were music it would sound like this Tracey Thorns one of a kind vocal backed with a deep house track one of Buttrich's finest moment, one for the day time party i think has a good summer vibe running throughout best listened to just as the sun is setting with drink in hand.

9.Sebbo - "Beiruit Boogie" -[Liebe Detail] - Horns drums & whatever else he uses to cause maximum tension in the loudest abrupt way possible [Liebe Detail] label of the year so far every release is a keeper.

10. Shackleton - "Blood On My Hands" - (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix ) -[Skull Disco]-Deep dark and devestating .

An exercise in melting

Exercise one - Melting [Mobilee, 2007] (buy)
Follow-up to the great "Where is my keyboard?" record. Exercise one does not let us down. It's Minimal Techno of the finest variety on this Mobilee release. Slowly building up to a massive groover. Very slick, and although this is by no means an uplifting track I can't deny that it puts me in a good mood. B side of 'Dark Star'.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cant Find You

Mia - "Cant Find You" - (Original) - [substatic]
Nice melodic minimal track lifted from Mia's debut album "bittersuss".


Perhaps a bit late on this one, but hey...

Audion - Noiser
[Spectral sound, 2007] (buy)
More Audion! Matthew Dear continues his domination with this new release, following up the excellent Mouth to Mouth. Vicious and hard material for the dark, sweaty dancefloor five in the morning.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gui Boratto Beatifull Life Video

gui boratto beatifull life

Who's Afraid Of Audion

Claude Vonstroke - "Who's Afraid Of Detroit" - (Audion Remix) - [Dirty Bird Recordings]

Quality Remix of (Claude Vonstrokes) SMASH hit "Who's afraid of detroit" with (Audion) on the remix he churns out an excellent minimal remix typical Audion ...yeah i know im late posting this i had actually forgot i had it, it was lost amongst some files but here it is dont Sleep on this! Expert remixing from the man of the moment.

Random Mix

funk d'void live @ roxy vienna 16th may

01. Jamie Anderson - Phat Acid

02. Henry & Denis - Catabolism (Efdemin Remix)

03. ID

04. Nacho Marco - Wench (Francois Dubois Remix)

05. Francois Dubois - I Try (Jamie Anderson Remix)

06. Karma - Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)

07. Gabriel Ananda - Trommelstunde

08. Peter Horrevorts - Oorsprong

09. Marc Antona & Anthony Collins - AM-PM

10. SLG - Caffeine

11. Jamie Jones - The Capsule

12. Microdinamic - Beat One

13. Shlomi Aber & Itamar Sagi - Blonda

14. Tom Wax & Boris Alexander - Rockhampton City Lights (Davis & May's Rockcity Recreation)

15. Itamar Sagi - Cancun

16. Itamar Sagi - Dreams Theater

17. Shlomi Aber - Freakside

18. Robag Wruhme als Rolf Oksen - Hakkatzen

19. David K - Boul De Nerf

20. Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck

21. Elon - Tamingo (Rekleiner Remix)

22. Sami Koivikko - Paajaasa

I was Tipped off about this upfront mix by my mate, cheers H! very good mix very well executed by funk d void download now to save dissapointment later ;)

***Edit*** it looks like blogger wont let me upload the link for some strange reason it works fine on my Myspace il upload it to z share later tonight you need to hear it TRUST!


Something different once again on RC here we have a nice track from (Joshua Herve) aka (Herve) aka the (Count of Monte Cristal) aka 1 half of (Speaker Junk) Herve's big in the game right now & if you havent heard his stuff you can check it out on the [Dubsided] label and the many white / cdr releases he brings out. His style is a mix between (Switch) & his own unique blend of speed garage like baselines hip hop / grime with mashed up vocals its all very wrong & wonky check out his latest as a little taster to see what you think. This is only scratching the surface though dig deeper & you will find plenty more from this man, all quality fun party tracks the dubsided crew are known for putting the fun back in dance music and with this latest one i think its safe to say theres enough fun to share round for everyone to enjoy.

Roisin Murphy - "Overpowered" - (Herve & Roisin in the Secret Garden) - [Cdr]

Panic At The Disco

Great Minimal rerub by Mr Holden uses a popping sound nearly all the way through gradually blending in the skewed vocals from madge adding his own blend of epic production skills,there is an excellent experimental video for this track on youtube worth checking out.

Madonna - "Get Together" - (James Holden Remix) - [Cdr]

I would have let this pass me by but the name had me curious anyone using the name insect has to be a minimal track being a minimal name, quality track by these 2 unknown german producers.

Insect & Matschiste - "kassensturz" -[Cdr]

Booka Shade & Henrik Schwarz nuff said.I was thinking whilst listening to this, these two should collaborate imagine the end result!

Booka Shade - "Vertigo" - (Henrik Schwarz Remix) -[5 years of Get Physical cd]

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Goodies offered Elsewhere

Time to give credit to all the other crazy bloggers out there. Here's some recent highlights from my favorites.

Risky bizniz: The Go! Team - Grip like a vice
Great new track from their forthcoming album. Want, no, need more Go! Team.

Little white earbuds: The black dog - It felt like it
Black dog goes way back, and here they are 2007 and kicking still. Recommended Soma release.

24 : Hours: Joel Mull - Begun the end has (matthew jonson remix)
Yummy. Treading on spacey cyber waves.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Good morning clubbahz! "Don't fear, the sun, feel like someone".

Maps - Don't fear [Mute, 2007] (buy)
Maps - It will find you
[Mute, 2007]
New discovery for me, this Maps fellow, James Chapman. Shoegazer indie-pop-tronica (genre malfunction). Grand, beautiful and well constructed. Arrangements and a sound palette to die for. Maps' debut album "We can create" was released not long ago (the 14th of May to be precise) on Mute Records, it made me check out his earlier EPs. Pretty music with handsome cover art too. (Vinyl release of the album is on awesome format 2x10"!)

Dedicated to Karin!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Three From Me

i thought i would do a post where i would lay down 3 tracks at the end of each week that i think are going to do well , where to buy them etc 2 will be upfront and one will be a track that i feel didnt get alot of praise or needs bringing back see what you think anyway.

Rekorder 8 - [Rekorder 2007]

Three solid tracks in there latest release the first since 2006 rekorder make harsh sounding dark club friendly electro / techno Worth checking there earlier releases aswell .

Pantha Du Prince - "Butterfly Girl" - (Sten Version) - [Dial Records 2005]

Next is the bring it back post i reckon there may be a few of you who let this slip past you like a ship in the night its from back in 2005 but still sounds as fresh as it did then today its by (pantha du prince) the tracks called "butterfly girl" and the remix is by (Sten) which can be found on the [Dial Records] label its a hypnotic groovy minimal track that instantly makes your ears prick up.

Murat Tepeli - "Jaws" - [Ostgut Ton 2007]

Last but not least is a track on the [Ostgut ton label] called "Jaws" by an artist called (Murat Tepeli )nice deep minimal bass groover with rhythm, has a good appeal for all you tech house heads out there.

ALL can be found at
Have a good weekend everyone!

Paperclip people

Those of you who are aware of the classic "E2E4" by (Manuel Gottsching) will appreciate what (Carl Craig) Aka (paperclip people) did on the remake back in 1994 making manuels hour or so long epic accesible from a djs perspective, reworking it using the same samples as Manuel and never losing focus an instant classic was born.
Paperclip People - "Remake Duo" (Eich. Me. Son. Sche) -[1994 Planet E]


I have been in two minds whether or not to post this since justice are the most blogged about band ever in the history of blogging and i think its actually a bit of a cliche but hey... Best remix of "D.A.N.C.E" to date in my opinion great remix from the mstrkrft boys play loud and jump around !

Justice - D.A.N.C.E -(MSTRKRFT Remix) - [Cdr]

*Link removed by request*

Just Let Me Be Your Lady Bug

Wonderfull sunshine music now from the (Bumblebee unlimited) The original came out way back in 1978 a piece of soulfull funk remix courtsey of (Larry Levan) listen to in the sunshine with a drink in hand.

Bumblebee Unlimited - "Lady Bug" - (Larry Levan Mix) - [Larry Levans Unofficial Classic Mixes Vol 2]

Space Travel

Paul Kalkbrenners rework compilation on [BPitch Control] is a favorite of mine this track especially its like your floating through space to another galaxy on a mission to save the world.

Paul Kalkbrenner - "Queer Fellow" - (Ellen Allien & Apparat Remix) - [BPitch Control]

Poor Leno :(

A Really Excellent reworking of (Royksopps) classic "Poor Leno" from (Silicone Soul) they churn out a 8 min minimal dub im feeling this alot it sounds alot like (Radio Slave) Great stuff!

Royksopp - "Poor Leno" - (Silicone Soul Hypno House Dub) - [Astral Works]

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dahlbäck slides

John Dahlbäck - I slide [Pickadoll, 2007] (buy)
"Only" 22 years old and already a sick amount of releases out on high quality and prestigious labels. Impressing to say the least. One of Sweden's finest, here John represents his very own label Pickadoll records with a heavy tech house banger. It's dirty and certain to rock any sound system with that rugged bass, the female vocals fits nicely on top. I definetly wouldn't mind this track extended a few minutes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Patrick pulsinger has been making devestating techno for a good while now & to celebrate this he has released a sort of best of comp entitled "Dogmatic Sequences 1994 - 2007"(Be sure to check the whole album out!) here we have a Dubby Techno track lifted from "Dogmatic Sequences" called "Rouleur" Industrial Techno that makes you want to skream! and shout ! *Killer*

Patrick Pulsinger - "Rouleur" -[Disko b 2007]

The listening post 16/5/07

Music to buy mid may

Thou Shalt Always Kill

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - "Thou Shalt Always Kill" - (Original) [lexx Recordings]
Excellent electronic influenced Hip Hop from the UK listen with a smile :-)

Late Bloomers

Guy Gerbers new album "Late Bloomers" Dropped last week on the [Cocoon Recordings] label here we have a nice track lifted from it called "Seagull" (Make sure to check out the whole release)

Guy Gerber - "Seagull" - [Cocoon Recordings]


Minilogue do it again this is genius an outstanding piece of music, one of the best i have heard for a while im literally lost for words. The way they build the record is sublime creating tension in all the right places 9 mins in almost sounds like your being sucked into a wind turbine and spat back out slowly building back up again with an uncomfortable quiet, but noticable whistling noise throughout creating that little bit more edgy tension to the track, one of the best releases this year.

Hera Field

Gui Boratto - Hera (The Field remix) [Kompakt, 2007] (buy)
Brazil meets Sweden in an euphoric re-edit, turning one of Chromophobia's hits into a The Field signature styled creature. Layered recordings, half drifting, half sharp and focused, always going. A train ride among frosty landscapes.

I can ensure all our visitors a flurry of posts coming up this week. I get dizzy just by looking at all the drafts JBH has done write ups of. I'll try to squeeze a few in there too (despite my crazy schedule), don't worry; expect RC to be on digital fire.

Good night.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Huntemann

Two Tracks taken from his debut album "Fieber" Which i figured may have passed you by, One track which features a favorite here at "RC" Mr (Stephan Bodzin) who collaborates with him on "Matchbox" then we have Huntemann on his own with "Rottodrom" Filthy late night electro of the highest quality.

Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin - "Matchbox" -[international Deejay Gigolo Records]

Oliver Huntemann - "Rottodrom" - [International Deejay Gigolo Records]

No Pressure

I Suppose it had to happen sooner rather than later and thank god it did two of the uk's most talented djs / producers have teamed up as (One + One) yes im talking about those two wizards (James Zabiela) & (Nic Fanciulli) if you have had the pleasure of seeing either of these djs i think its fair to say you will have been amazed & now they have joined forces to make an unstoppable force the world is theres (No it literally is) check out where there playing in the coming months on there Myspace & if there near you i wouldnt hesitate in going to see them. Here we have a track entitled "No Pressure" taken from there new "ep" (No Pressure / Rover)

James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli - "No Pressure" - [Ministry Of Sound]

Chemical Huntemann Does It Again

Great New Remix of the (Chemical Brothers) latest single "Do It Again" Remixed by the dark electro master (Oliver Huntemann) you could say its a water into wine remix i certainly think so. Theres also a rather tasty remix from (Audion) on the cdr so its worth searching for.

Chemical Brothers - "Do It Again" - (Oliver Huntemann Remix) - [Promo]

Warming up

New (Booka Shade) & (Carl Craig) now on "RC" "Platypus" taken from (Booka Shades) latest ep "Tickle / karma Car" Now i think i prefer this to the previous two, very groovy minimal and techy with a nice drum pattern throughout, The master is back yes (Carl Craig) is back remixing an Ex (Sugar Babe) of all the people to remix (Siobhan Donaghy) He hits us with a dub mix of "Dont Give It up" you know what to expect by now! The highest standard of work and a very detroit like sounding record i would be interested to hear what the original sounds like, Anyway NEW music is coming thick & fast for us here on "RC" maybe because its the run up to Ibiza im not sure but (Villalobos) has new music on the way as do (Cobblestone Jazz) (Martin Buttrich) (Loco Dice) (SuperMayer) & More its going to be another good summer for music keep it locked!

Siobhan Donaghy - "Dont Give It Up" - (Carl Craig Dub) - [Promo]

Removing me

Onwards with the tuesday posting!

Kenneth James G - Is it on
[Underl_ne, 2007] (buy)
Ken Gibson aka [a]pendics.shuffle (and more). The EP "Removing me" consists of four different tracks. 'Is it on' is one of them and it's harsh and absolutely phenomenal pitch black minimal.