Friday, May 25, 2007

Incoming rhythm

Lopazz - Share my rhythm (Isolee rmx) [Get physical, 2007]
Steady now, isolee working the remix - quality like it should be. Warped vocals for some twist. Make it nine minutes. Yeah, just like that.

David K - Incoming (Motorcity soul remix) [Tsuba, 2007] (buy)
I had big expectations on this co-operation. David K has done some really good stuff ("Mayann" anyone?), and Motorcitysoul's remix of Fuckaponydelic's "Switch the lights" is as grim as it gets. So how did this turn out then? Well, for starters the original mix of Incoming isn't all that fun. However Motorcitysoul manages to pull it out of boring land and into something worthwhile and quite nifty. Not by any means a storming, unique and awesome clash like I expected, but certainly not bad. Definetly has its moments.


Nandote said...

Fantastic your blog!!!!

JBH said...

Killed it again i bought share my rhythm a while back fantastic track and remix

its the david k track that makes my ears tingle with delight!

great choices as per ..