Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Noname base

I'm grumpy. My exam didn't go well, at all. Add to that the fact that I woke up late and haven't had the chance to eat yet. Plus! One of my wisdom tooths is fucking my left cheek up. Fun times. ASDGJKAHKWRNDFJSMNxcbnsklamflqrj.

Sonar base - II [SCSI-AV, 2005]
Thought I'd post something from Sonar base's EP "
Transmissions From Beyond Hoag's Object (Episode ll)" since he just now got a full length out (on SCSI-AV as well) simply called "Sonar bases 4 - 10". Stripped down, barren electro. Precision and atmosphere being key here.

Popnoname - Kapital [Italic, 2007]
'On the run' from last year's "You are Popnoname" has been spinning quite a bit here. Now let's see what he can do with the album format. Released on Italic with ten songs, "White album" has some sensetive yet groovy tracks that will be pumping some energy into this summer's early morning dancefloors. All good.

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