Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Silver Drumtrax

Christian Smith & John Selway - "Silver Bullet" - [Ovum Recordings]

Two tracks i figured may have passed you by and thats not a good thing both these tracks need to be heard the first coming from the [Ovum] camp and a track called "Silver Bullet" by (Christian Smith) and (John Selway) this really is full on techno ummph ummph when played loud on a decent sound system the end result is electric, everytime i have a mix at home i find a way to fit this in you should too!
Joakim - "Drumtrax" - (Radio Slave Remix) - [Versatile Records]
The second track comes from a favorite producer here at Random Circuits he goes by the name of (Matt edwards) Aka (Radio Slave) & he owns the excellent [Rekids] record label, Here he has remixed french producer (Joakims) "Drumtrax" added his own Special touch and never fails to deliver a great piece of music. Also he is bringing out a best of [Rekids] double cd out very soon which is worth looking into.

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