Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Arp and Jona

Bah, can't wait for tomorrow so here's another post. Great stuff!

Arp Aubert - Nipplegate (Original Mix)
[Mirau, 2007] (buy)
Mirau is one of those small, quirky and quality labels that consitently put out great material. I probably listened to Arp Aubert's Actress EP a billion times. Well it's time for new stuff from this German(?) duo. It's more of the same Mirau styled lush minimal/tech-house, all with a delicate feeling. From the EP "Yasminnje".

Jona - Evidence
[Get physical, 2007]
Jonathan Troupin is a producer from Belgium I'm not too familiar with. This is blissful minimal like we have come to expect on GPM. Misty and quite ambient in its melodic parts, backed by robust percussion and a firm bassline. A snug and pulsating emo-track. Don't know how I could've missed this one (instant favorite).

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