Monday, May 07, 2007


Slam - Azure (Part 1) (Original Mix) [Soma, 2007]
Almost ten minutes of energetic summertime soma-electro. Fresh like a cold citrus drink in the sun. Sounds a lot like Ulrich Schnauss if you ask me, and aye that's pretty damn coolio in my book.


Steve said...

Not sure if I hear any Ulrich Schnauss in it, but it's a good track nonetheless. Seems like a lot of people want to title their songs something related to the color blue these days.

E-Heavy said...

thank you thank you thank you

skypher said...

steve: I find the melody pretty similar to Schnauss, but yeah it's too fast paced and the bass/drums isn't very Ulrichesque, true that. love your blog btw!

e-heavy: cheers! :)

JBH said...

i like this alot the second part is great aswell :)