Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hera Field

Gui Boratto - Hera (The Field remix) [Kompakt, 2007] (buy)
Brazil meets Sweden in an euphoric re-edit, turning one of Chromophobia's hits into a The Field signature styled creature. Layered recordings, half drifting, half sharp and focused, always going. A train ride among frosty landscapes.

I can ensure all our visitors a flurry of posts coming up this week. I get dizzy just by looking at all the drafts JBH has done write ups of. I'll try to squeeze a few in there too (despite my crazy schedule), don't worry; expect RC to be on digital fire.

Good night.


JBH said...

I prefer this remix to the original both gui boratto & the fields albums are 2 of the best from this year (as you rightly said in your best of so far post) & now these 2 remix one another sublime sure fire winner.

skypher said...

Dunno. It's two different takes on a song, and both are absolutley phenomenal. I dig both approaches, even though the fields' is a bit too the fieldish ya'know'what'i'mean?