Monday, May 28, 2007

Backwards compatibility II

Part 2.

Jeff Mills - Utopia [S3, 1996]
Released on the Mix-up vol. 2 EP in '96, but also present on The Art of Connecting album. Clastrophobic, drowning, detroit murder techno. Has a nice, evil, spacey build up. Once it's on, it is ON though - straight to the point, Mills style.

Isolée - Pictureloved [Playhouse, 2005]
An album that I only bothered with after seeing Mr Rajko Müller live at last year's Sonar festival. Never looked back since. It was an amazing set, and "We are monster" is a top notch album with its numerous little faults, quirks and new takes on slow(er) paced house music. Everything from the instantly pleasing "My hi-matic" to the coarse "Face B" and the guitar infected "Schrapnell" to the ending sine wave fest of "Pillowtalk". Listen to this in the car, in the ipod or when you're having a couple of beers with friends. Perfect.

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