Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crimson contour

With JBH off to Ibiza and me starting to work soon, Random Circuits will go into lazy summer mode. Expect lower frequency of posts, but the quality won't drop.

Redshape - Munch [Delsin, 2007] (buy)
Back on Delsin, Redshape lets loose four tracks on the "Steam" EP. Techno of course, Munch immediately grabs the attention with some really funky vibes. Yet another blockbuster from Redshape.

Toadstyle - Flatulent Boy Confesses
[Styluswars, 2002]
Scratch! Fine, cut up turntablism from '02, Toadstyle deliviring it exceedingly sharp. Some odd voice samples completes the package.


Slippy kicks your ass at this blogging lark. said...

well, all i can say is slippy disco days kicks your ass mate.

Do you have any comments on here or reviews apart from this 1?

I think not.

Roll on with slippy

You call this a blog? ha

skypher said...

Our first flame! I'm honoured, cheers :)

theeEnd said...

Congrates Random Circuit mates, flame is always beneficial, opiniated people is what we need, shame on this one though that he does it anonymously, but fuck it, props to him too. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

It seems I have a fan!