Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lycanthropy Data Sapiens

Patrick Wolf - Paris [Faith and industry, 2004]
Patrick Wolf - To the Lighthouse
[Faith and industry, 2004]
Patrick Wolf's debut album was a fine purchase which I'm very glad I made. 'To the Lighthouse' is the instant folk-idm hit of the decade. 'Paris' are all wild and straggling oh so heart aching harmonies. Both should be listened to repeatedly.

I know I have been pretty vacant from the dancier electronic frontier. Therefore I shall include a little gift to those of you who aren't really into the experimental/idm mess.

Discemi - Data sapiens
[REKIDS, 2007] (buy)
Finns Jori Hulkkonen (love his Dualizm album) and Tuomas Salmela strike up another 12" together under the Discemi moniker (they released one on Get Physical 2006, 'Tango or cash'). Still in the minimal universe, and got those haunting melodies we all crave now and then. Flip side offers an epic 13 minute remix by Radio Slave. Brilliant title I must add, love it.

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JBH said...

Great track is this! :D