Saturday, May 26, 2007

Backwards compatibility

I envy JBH for his cool weekend plans. Me, I'll have to study hard for a really tough exam on tuesday. Wish me luck.

Now, retrospecting time.

Vector lovers - Capsule for one [Soma, 2005]
Title track of an ultimate sci-fi album, blade runner-esque vibes all the way through it. Capsule for one not only treats the listener on a journey in a futuristic metropolis but also stirs up emotions that could surely even touch the most metallic of hearts. An album that I return to time and again.

Jeff Mills - Java [Purpose maker, 1996]
The other day I was listening to "The Art Of Connecting" [Hardware, 1998] - A collection of EPs released years apart thrown together, except for "Deckard", the first track and number nine "UFO" (being the only two exclusive songs). This surely can't have much depth you might think. Wrong. It works as an album surprisingly well, mixing Mills' different flavours of techno. Both pure, hard dancefloor tracks, more ambient ones and some dystopian works fight for a place in this darkened blend of electronic music that should not pass anyone unnoticed. But of course, the classics are the tunes that stand out, so without further ado here's "Java".

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