Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Eugene Francis Jnr - Kites (buy)
Now for something quite rare here at Random Circuits, indie/folktronica. Eugene Francis Jnr (myspace) was brought up on country, blues, folk music, 80’synth-pop and ambient, now influenced by Air, Beck, Bright Eyes, Postal Service, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Evan Dando and Sufjan Stevens. This man gives us some sweet melodies and singing for our tender ears to endulge in. Kites together with Poor me released a week ago as a limited single stakes out what is to come with the upcoming debut full-length. FYI: The buy-link points to the limited 7" vinyl in the iTunes store.
Video available at YouTube.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Go for blue

Pepe Deluxé - Go For Blue (Viva Voce Remix) [Catskills, 2007] (buy)
Four years since eclectic Pepe Deluxé's (out of Finland) last album ("Beatitude"). That's a pretty long time, but the wait is over - a new album, "Spare Time Machine" dropped on Catskills Records a few weeks back. Here's the fresh new third single from the album, dubbed "Go For Blue". It's a funky story, sure to be stuck in your mind for a long time after hearing it. Viva Voce provides the remix, improving the track further in my opinion. Clap your hands!

All stars 2007-07-30

My preciousss...

  • Luke Vibert - Mate tron [EP, Planet mu]
  • Tomas Andersson - Upwardly mobile [12, BPitch] (the B-side, "Ofullständiga rättigheter" is excellent as well!)
  • Manasyt - Filthdonor [LP, Terminal dusk]
  • Aux 88 - Global darkness [EP, Creme organization]
  • John Dahlbäck - Years behind [12, Pickadoll]
  • Cru - The ebonic plague [Track, Def Jam]
  • Skoozbot - Next To Monchhichi [12, Plus 8]
  • Ambivalent - R U OK Remixes [12, M_nus]
  • Gabriel Ananda - Stream of conciousness [12, Karmarouge]
  • Love supreme - Elsewhere [EP, Tirk]
  • Ryan Davis - Up 1 [Track, ?] (blogged by 24:hours, gogo check it!)
Another post containing some brand new music, coming up soon.

Edit: Added Ryan Davis - Up 1. Love!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Years missing

John Dahlbäck - Years behind [Pickadoll, 2007] (buy)
John can still crank out releases like nobodies business. Here he's at it again with smooth and hyperthick progressive house vibe production morphed into tech-house, or something. Very easy to get into, although I'm not a fan of the, quite frankly, cheesy female vocals. Club powerhouse anyways. On the flip we have a track called "Years from now".

Manasyt - Everyone missing [Terminal dusk, 2007] (buy)
After a bit of flashy tech-house, I bet you're all aching to get into freaky, dirty, sci-fi electro mood. Yeah? Manasyt producer of mindwobbling neuro-illektro comes straight at you, cheap shotting you with this LP (so aptly titled "Filthdonor"), bursting with chaotic energy. It's all about the saws and the squares, baby.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mate tron

Since it's friday afternoon and all, I figured we need some more music. That and a wall of text for ya. Can you count the number of times the word "acid" occurs?

Luke Vibert - Mate tron [Planet mu, 2007] (buy)
Oh yessss. You all know how weak I am for the acid and the analogue goodness. Here's one of the masters twiddling my/the knobs with 4 tracks of heavenly, warm squeakiness. This time Vibert draws inspiration from Last Step, Analord, Ceephax, but is focusing even more on melody and of course adding his own, less spastic, midas touch to things. Meatabix (third track) is all freaky acid play after its introduction, locking in the genius 303 grooves. The title track, Mate tron, my favorite even though not by far (all tracks are love), switches things up a bit with some different modes - always with a clear red thread marking the melodic and quite laidback path though. Carefully placed voice samples complements, like a glove. Asheed is the second track and continues in line with Mate tron along the more mellow side of things, but still the bubbling acid makes its presence clear. Closing the EP is Salacid, lowering the tempo further and lets Luke's precious melody workings hit us with full force - absolutely beautiful, acid sex.
This EP gets 5 random circuits out of 5 possible! [ RC RC RC RC RC ]

Soon off from work! Ughhn.

Upwardly mobile

Time for the obligatory friday banger. Have a good weekend.

Tomas Andersson - Upwardly mobile [BPitch, 2007] (buy)
Tomas takes his dirty, primitive and shaking minimal techhouse onto the next level. Adding some echoes and more depth to his already pounding sound that could be heard on "Mot matsalen". This is El Retardo Dance Musico - in good ways only. Brute force wins when one of Sweden's finest brings the sledgehammer.

By the way, I think Random Circuits has hit the 500 post mark. Ain't that special! Many thanks to our readers and especially to those who drop comments, we love to get feedback. Here's to another 500.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The big plague

No, sorry. No techno from me today. Was browsing my hiphop library before the weekend as I was going to burn a CD for a friend's birthday party, and I know he digs hiphop more than electronic stuff. Found a couple of sweet, forgotten tracks. With that said, enjoy your thursday lunch.

Goretex - The big sleep
Here's one of the songs I ended up using. It's not old school or anything. From Necro's mixtape Brutality part 1.

Cru - The ebonic plague [Def Jam, 1997]
Mid nineties hiphop is the shit! This perfect track is nicked from the excellent funk/hiphop/soul blog Ear Fuzz (this post specifically). Be sure to check it out. If you only download one hiphop track this week or month even - this should be it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wake up

Jesse Rose And Oliver $ - Wake Up [Made To Play, 2007]
June release consisting of pure concentrated and relentless house essence from the label boss Jesse and Oliver $.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Tracks

Im really busy at the moment il be away for the next week. Heres some tracks i like be sure to look them up. Normal service will resume when i get back.

Pheek - "Magda Had A Little Troll" - (Mark Henning Remix) - [Roman,Photo]
Skoozbot - "Next To Monchhichi" - (Adam Beyer Remix) - [Plus 8 Records Ltd.]
H.O.S.H -"Themes Rhythms & Harmonies" - [Diynamic]
Pete Doyle Presents The Rock Solid Allstars -"What God Has Chosen" - (Jimpster Main Mix) - [Defected Eivissa 07]


Patrick Pulsinger & Dj Glow - Floorwave [TRUST, 2007]
Off the EP "Radio Earth".

Monday, July 23, 2007

At Les

Carl Craig - "At Les Paris live" - [Planet E]

Detroit legend Carl Craig ships in masters of the field to play his classic From 97. "At Les" this time live from paris in 2006 giving it a re -lick adding more keyboards sax etc in my honest opinion it sounds better than the original, a outstanding piece which sounds fresh and exciting this is a piece every electronic music fan should own il let the music do the talking.


Artist(s): Ida Engberg
Track title: Disco Volante (Sébastien Léger Remix)
On release: Disco Volante
On label: Pickadoll
Release date: June, 2007
Download link: zshare.net/download/2762223b17c3d2/
Buy link: juno.co.uk/products/258741-01.htm
Comment: Happy, happy and catchy, catchy debut release with electro-tech-house making even the most technophobic friends get busy on the floor. This is great! We're talking class A dance music here with an unmistakable symphonic melody. Ida Engberg - a producer out of Stockholm to watch.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ambivalent - R U OK (Troy's Like It Or Not Remix)
[M_nus, 2007]
Giant rework done by Troy Pierce! Check this out, minimal techno meets bad drug experience. Scary good.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Do It Right

Matthias Heilbronn - "Do it Right" - (Mattys pfr mix) - [Poker flat White]

So its friday any weekend plans ? none for me. Im working nights at the moment till september its more money and i get to chill well sleep mostly during the day. So here we have a nice techy track for the weekend by Matthias Heilbronn titled "Do it right" taken from his new 'ep' the (Jungle Dub) ep on [Poker Flat White] which sounds alot like (Solomons) latest track "Jungle river cruise" on [Liebe detail] Sounds like your in the jungle going through the trees past the animals and the natives on a sort of journey people calling out in the misty shadows of the murky & mysterous jungle a nice sneaky acid like baseline, and wildlife calls as your getting to the end of your journey a nice tech track that will fit in well to a set.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Link removed by request!

Free rush

Artist(s): Ilar & Hedvall
Track title: Rush hour rumble
On release: SONICULTURE 005
Release date: March, 2007
Download link: zshare.net/download/2761806ca23a8f/
Buy link: juno.co.uk/products/260334-01.htm
Comment: Sustained damage dealing piece of audio, coming your way from Swedes Anders Ilar and his partner in crime Fredrik Hedvall. A song that keeps on evolving.
Artist(s): DJ T
Track title: Freemind (Dexter remix)
On release: 5 Years Get Physical
On label: Get Physical Music
Release date: June, 2007
Download link: zshare.net/download/2761868c7e0376/
Buy link: phonicarecords.co.uk/detail.aspx?ID=22946
Comment: This has been out for a while now and most people have probably listened a good bit to it, but i's a very nice compilation. Deserves some more attention. Here's an excellent blend of T's and Dexter's different sounds. The end result is uplifting and smooth.

Just trying out a new format to post tracks in, this is obviously way more informative with tons of links. The downside is of course that it takes much longer to compose a post. So we'll see if I have the patience for this in the future or if it's a one-time thing only.

Next To Nothing

Shackleton Feat Jackson Del Ray - "Next to nothing" - (Guillame & the coutu dumonts mix) - [Crosstown Rebels]

Lancashire boy & experimental dubstep don Sam Shackleton steps back into the driving seat once again, this time on [Crosstown Rebels] its no surprise that label boss (Damian lazarus) had him over to play "Stink" at the (T Bar) in shoreditch last bank holiday, i had my sneaky suspicions that he might be next up to the hot seat when i saw him play. Which was very (Villalobos) like full of drums, rhythm, bass & asian beats those of you who know shackleton's style will be pleased to know he's maintained the same style drums and a almost ethnic asian style, check out "Hamas rules" for more of the ethnic sounds. Its the remix which caught my attention most, and the dark vocals from ( jackson del ray) which on the original barely feature, so i went with the (Guillame & the Coutou Dumonts) mix which i found the best theres also a nice remix from [Mobilee's] (Exercise one) who take it on a spacey like journey, the original seems more darker and actually more minimal with less drums and beats.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Argy - "Malena" - (The unreleable virgin ep) - [Cocoon]

Nice new 'ep' from the greek man Argy hitting us up with a summer ep these tracks were made to be played out in the open air at the many festivals that are occuring over the summer. "Malena" what we have here is written about a girl that Argy knows or so i figure as he has a friend in his top spaces over on myspace called Malena the track is full of rhythmic grooves and layers of melodies making it a very pleasent track on the ears, with a big spacey atmospheric hook that eventually comes in making the track come alive. In the sense of for the dancefloor the a side is "unreleable virgin" which is more of a house track with funky /moody keys depends in which way you see it, all in all a nice two sided ep.

Honeymoon = over

Snax - Honeymoon's over (konrad black mix) [Terranova, 2007]
Oh yeah baby, it's over all right. Here's tech-house-funkster Snax' track all reworked by slugger Konrad Black. Inflicting and teasing, great material for any set.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Loop De Mer

First things first, must say on what a excellent job skypher has done on the new look Random Circuits i know how annoying & tiresome it is battling with html codes theres been alot of hard work put into making it, now we can begin as we mean to continue.More of that later, in the meantime let the show continue! on with the music.

Anja Schneider - "Loop de mer" - (Original) - [Mobilee]

Deep sub bass suddenly hits your ears like a thunderstorm about to blow in the distance shortly followed by violent claps, faint rumbling and sharp consistant beeps theres a eerie whistling in the background causing tension, In comes a deep riff which sounds like your in a submarine 50,000 metres below sea level and going deeper. Bringing the track together, and all this just as the song builds. Getting more deeper and bass heavy as this 7 minute mind expansion takes its course its a real tool on the dancefloor a proper BOMB! i've heard it been played out twice now and each time it turned the dancefloor blue into a spacey trippy place like there was no gravity, everyone floating of the bass. Dim the lights shut the curtains hit the volume and go deep.


My fears about IE not playing along nicely with my layout was, of course (according to Murphy's law), all too true. Been messing about with it for the last hour and it seems difficult to get the page to look exactly the same in both Internet Explorer and Firefox (damn margins). As I'm using Firefox myself, I've decided to make it look best in that browser. So if you haven't made the switch yet, it's about time ;-)

Will continue to improve and polish, and eventually add the rounded corners, the upcoming days.
About time we had some music on here now...

Carl Finlow - Blue [Green light, 2007]
Carl A. Finlow - Silicon Scally, a producer I have the utmost respect for. Tight electro, always with new takes on the genre. Either with mood and atmosphere or with some new jacking drum pattern techniques. Blue is the third and last track on the Swoon EP, a track boiling with some dense alien liquid, bubbling over its container. Letting forth funky saws and dripping synth washes. Albeit no surprise, Finlow is in magnificient form.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hello all. The new look, slightly altered from the original sketch, should be up and running. Will probably take a while to get used to this, as it's a bit 'busier' so to speak. Anyways I used some Javascript trickery to round the corners of some elements, Blogger didn't like my javascript. I'll have to figure out another way to do that (with images most likely). Until then square is what you get.

There will most likely be little kinks and weird looking stuff here and there, I'm gonna try and sort everything out as we go along. Oh and I just realized! I haven't actually looked at this layout in Internet Explorer! If it looks like crap, it's probably going to take a few days or so to fix.

Hope you like it.

Dream Stealer

Selway & Vincenzo - "Dream Stealer" -(Original) -(v2) - [CSM]

Are you ready for a journey into the deep unknown!? well strap in because it's a mind altering excursion. I first heard this in the back room of Eden in Ibiza it was instantly ear catching and had the wow what was that last track effect so i did my trainspotting bit and asked the dj, who just said it was called "Dream Stealer" when i got back home i looked it up and found out its by Vincenzo (get these bee's off me) and John Selway its really good, deep and bass heavy but slow and hypnotic at the same time with a building tension that eventually explodes causing the mind to melt away into the moment. Theres a (Joel Mull remix) but it doesn't really go anywhere or manage to take shape. I'l stick with the original.

I know i said il be giving more variety with the postings starting this week, but with skypher deep in designing the new look RC. im going to continue with the new music until next monday when everything will be looking all sparkly and new (to cut the ribon so to speak on the new look RC) then we shall start with a better variety so until then....

June vs July

Good morning. Remixing layout and design of the blog is going alright, of course adapting the thing to Blogger turned out to be a bit of a pain. We'll see how it turns out. Now for some music again.

Paul Ritch - Messene [Get Physical, 2007] (buy)
So fresh off the presses that you can smell the wax! Recently released on mega label Get Physical Music, Paul Ritch unloads two expert tracks;
June (A) and Messene (B). Both are swell, but Messene fits my mood better at the moment. Be a hero and pick this up from your record shop of choice.

Monday, July 16, 2007

RC design, part 2

Preliminary sketch (click image for full size). Opinion? This is all html+css already, so now it's "just" a matter of making Blogger play nice and be able to integrate it.

Thank god for ColorBlender and Stripe Generator, invaluable tools for the stressed out webdesigner.

RC design, part 1

What's up with the retarded supply of Blogger templates? I found one place that had anything even remotely appealing, bloggertemplates.org. Couldn't get the one I tried from there to function though, blogger complained about xml tags not being closed. And at first glance I couldn't see what the problem was. Sigh. The designs offered by other sites out there are all so tacky it makes me want to vomit and then stab myself in the eyes. Granted the current look of RC isn't all that hot or flashy, it's simple and works, pretty easy on the eyes and to read. I chose it because I didn't have the time nor the need for anything fancier, plus blogger's other alternatives are either even more boring or too annoying.

What I'm trying to say is that I'd like to spiffy up Random Circuits a bit. Yeah, I can't be the only one a little tired of the same old page look, can I? It seems I'm going to have to do it all by myself though. Unless any of our oh so faithful readers has any links to hidden treasure sites offering clean, minimal, easy to read but still not overly boring templates? Or maybe someone even wants to do us the honor and create it for us? Fat chance, hehe. I'm most likely going to give it a go. Classy and light (color and image -wise) without fluff is the aim.

Going to post any updates about how it goes. If anyone have any input or suggestions, drop a comment or a mail.

Old joy

Had a good weekend? I was at some friends' (Boatclub) release party and got completely smashed. The remaining days were spent relaxing and watching some movies, saw Zodiac among others. Good one.

Mark August - Old Joy [Connaisseur, 2007]
Latest from the minimal Connaisseurs. What can I say? It's got the beats, melody and even some originality that makes it stand out. Around 4:50 it switches gears and goes into laid back mode for a bit, very beautiful. I'm enjoying this.

Free Your Mind

Social Being Aka (Ricardo Villalobos & Jay Haze) - "Free Your Mind" - [Tuning Spork Extra]

Free your mind is the brainchild of two producers who are at the top of there game its a piece of deep funk that has a distinct 70's vibe about it maybe its the physchedelic guitar riffs that run through out, maybe its the (Shaft) like vocals that come in ontop of the piano riff. When im listening to this i get a vision in my head of a 70's disco where this is playing in the background. People in the club are wearing flares & shirts with big collars sipping on expensive cocktails. Its a match made in heaven from (Ricardo Villalobos) & (Jay Haze) who are back collaborating once again as its not the first time. They did a few tracks back in 2004 on [Contexterrior] nothing as exciting and fresh as this. Its real house music with a huge dollop of deep balearic funk. This would sound perfect for sunset in ibiza aswell as getting dropped in the early hours at Cocoon by Villalobos himself making it very versatile which is great for a dj's perspective. Bringing it out just at the right time as the ibiza summer season is in full swing, Any earlier would have been too soon as tracks tend to get rinsed and forgot about any later would have been too late they picked there moment and took it well. One of the records of the year? Yes! without a doubt sit back and take in this blissfull balearic beauty.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stream of consciousness

Gabriel Ananda - Stream of Consciousness [Karmarouge, 2007] (buy)
Ananda back on Karmarouge, the Cologne label. Stream of Consciousness is truly massive, rich on percussion and atmosphere. Will surely please many a morning dancer with its solid oompf and build-up. A steady trip and yet another mark in Gabriel's book o' hits. Fresh plastic.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Minimal Phunk

Innersphere Aka Shinedoe -"Phunk" -(Ricardo Villalobos Remix) - [Intacto]

Ok so i posted a (Steve angello) mix of this not long back but really it was this mix i have been waiting for (Luciano) played a minimal mix of (Shinedoe's) -"Phunk" at DC10 opening and i thought it was the Steve angello mix that had been tweaked.Wrong! it was actually the Minimal Monster (As he has his avatar on his Myspace) The man like (Ricardo Villalobos) its stripped down and funky in typical Villalobos fashion really great remix. I know that skypher has already posted the Excellent (Mark Broom) techno mix but i know we have a few Villalobos fans who read this blog so why not have 3 different mixes to choose from, be it electro with the Angello mix techno for the Broom mix or minimal for the Villalobos mix you decide the choice is yours.
Also starting from next week im putting some changes to the posting to give more variety New old, Classic Tracks, Dubstep & Experimental will be the main features as the blog is doing well i thought id try a new approach with more of a routine.

Enjoy the weekend tonight im going to see james holden :)

Conditional poly

Friday, finally! Time to hit the clubs.

Innersphere - Phunk (Mark Broom remix) [Intacto, 2007]
Brand new remix twelve, Mr Broom takes good care of us with his typical techno touch to the b-side. Allstar
Ricardo Villalobos works the a-side. The success is evident.

Love supreme - Elsewhere [Tirk, 2007]
Easily the hottest space-pop-disco-funk-tech-house of the summer. Too bad it's raining like nobody's business here though. The EP, "
Elsewhere", got 3 equally awesome and catchy sun anthems. This, the title track, warms up slowly with a long, exotic intro, then lets its immenseness loose for all to enjoy. And what a joy it is. Lindstrom put to shame! ;-)

Edit: Corrected a couple of typos.

Wink & Hear Him Scream

Radio Slave - "Screaming Hands" - (Josh Wink interpretation mix) - [Rekids]
Remember the evil sounds from earlier this year which was "Screaming Hands" by (Radio Slave) well those hands are screaming again thanks to (Josh Wink's) new remix available on [Rekids] its his own interpretation which starts of deep and techy with a faint air raid siren building up in the background getting more bass heavy as the track progresses taunting & teasing you until the evil air raid siren raises its head & eventually drops in only to be brought straight back out again, in come some acid like baselines, on top of harsh white noise. Spacey noises drop in and out as the track starts to destroy your head, this is a speaker freaker if ever i heard one i actually prefer this to the original. The king of philly doing what he does best.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Toro kapped

Super rare tracks from our beloved BoC. Korona is the brothers' familiar sound but with a whole new twist, going all dark and grinding techno on us. Psychadelic and rugged - my cup of tea. Trapped is in another unusual style, not that it takes anything away from it.. very catchy and straight up groovy with the vocals and all. And do not miss Midas Touch on the same EP, an 80s influenced synthpop masterpiece.

Boards of canada - Korona
Boards of canada - Trapped (Short slow version)

Buy this white label must-have!


Pikaya - "jedi" - [Cadenza]

Pikaya have a nack of bringing out minimal fueled funk with rhythm & melodie take"Grüne Raufaser" a favorite of mine from last year. Well there back with a 2 sided 'ep' both of which have layers upon layers of melodies real "Minimal funk"i like to call it especially Jedi. Two track's that would only sound right being released on cadenza if you get me, it just has that cadenza sound slightly minimal with refrences from both Germany & Chile all put into the pot & mixed together producing the finest flavour. Jedi is more deeper than "Fango" both excellent tracks which deserve your attention expect to hear these tracks on a sun soaked day in DC10.Cadenza hitting us with another essential ep in (Kambrium)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Speak B4 U Think

Audiofly x presents liar's paradise -"Speak B4 U Think" - (Audiofly vs Geddes Remix) -[Renaissance]

As you will have gathered by now i like anything dark and techy this is perfect for me dark late night slow building tech house something to listen to in a small dark club at about 4am im not feeling the original but this mix (Audiofly vs Geddes) has tension. Geddes who is one part of (Rekleiner) vs Audiofly so you know its going to be good.

Ssshh! The Giant's Are Sleeping

Stickroth & Ercolino -"The Giant's Sleep" - (Ripperton Remix) - [Meeresteif]

This is a really great ep from two studio partners Daniella stickroth who you may remember from her track "Chest in the attic" which was released earlier this year. She's back with a brand spanking new 'ep' (About Giants & Dwarfs) on a label called [Meeresteif] where she is collaborating with studio partner Ercolino. Here we have a four track ep featuring remixes from (Sleeper thief) aka (Miss Jools) & (Ripperton) its a great 'ep' full of deep & techy house Ripperton goes deep where as Sleeper thief goes clicky on the (Dwarfs Revenge) What a great title! The originals are clicky with strummed out keys that gradually build. Ripperton's remix is my favorite slow deep and techy great ep and remix package.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Go With The Flow

Samim - "Heater" - [Promo]

This is such a great fun track from Samim which works so well i dont know what he sampled but it sounds so familar! sounds a bit like a harmonica? i can see people dancing round a fire out in the outback whilst wearing cowboy hats to this a proper family get together drinking dancing & lots of laughter its a summer anthem in the making. Sven vath has been rinsing it so much! He played it twice in the same night and used it to close on. Theres alot of hype around his album and particularly this record. Its out on (Get Physical) in mid july with his new album "Flow" not far behind being released in september.

Edit: Linked removed by request.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Clear burst

Got lots of stuff to do, so no track comments this time. It's good though, you know it.

Marc Romboy - Sunburst (dub version) [Simple, 2007]
Cybotron - Clear (Cobblestone Jazz remix)
[Juno, 2007]

Put The Lime In Da Coconut

Cobblestone Jazz - "Put the lime in da Coconut" - [Wagon Repair]

Excellent day full of excellent music live electronica & great dj sets, heres a taste of whats to come, they have a debut album coming out in september. In the meantime be sure to check "DMT" Which only had 1000 copies released its a sort of taster of whats to come, but there not putting it on the album! i expect this is only the start for these three extremely talented canadians, here we have a track taken from there latest "ep" (Put the lime on da coconut)

*Zshare is not working for me at the moment i will transfer files once its back on again*

*Edit it turns out sendspace was taking forever to download so il try this speedy share instead fingers crossed *


Sunday, July 08, 2007


Ruede Hagelstein - "Ghostdriver" -[Upon You]

This is so good! A drum track with a Villalobos esq way about it coming of a new label, set up by Marco Resmann aka phage [Upon You] listening to it through computer speakers dont really do much for it when its on a decent soundsystem you realise the power the track has, it keeps giving and building, full of bite & a tribal like bass from the drums, keeping your ears pricked for the full 8 mins. Keep an eye out for this label as they have some more upcoming releases on the way.

Im off to go see Cobblestone jazz live @ secret sundaze in a hour i cant wait im like a school kid in a sweet shop, after working at wimbledon most of the week i decided not to work the mens final and also the final day of the competition, instead im off into london to canvas for some excellent live electronic music in this wonderfull sunshine, enjoy the rest of your sunday whatever you may be doing.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Nerve - Blueprint for a failure [n/a, 2006]
Taking yet another break from the blips and the blops to escape into hardcore land. This is a friend's band. Packing a heavy punch, in your gut! Check their

Just to complement the post with some pure nostalgia...
Refused - Pump the breaks [Startrec, 1993]

A Quick Fly By

Simon Baker - "The Fly" - (My My Remix) - [Connaisseur Supérieur]

I had a real hard decision in which mix to post of this latest track from Simon baker entitled the Fly, theres been a few tracks called the fly in the past take the Tiefschwarz track remixed by Steve bug which sounds like a fly buzzin around, well i say a few tracks maybe only one it seems like theres more, anyway enough of the fly talk im rambling on. So i choose the My My remix of the fly it really is a excellent remix. It just i repeat JUST! has the edge on the original, both worth your hard earned money the My My mix tipped the scales for me go out & buy the package & see what you think.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lost On The Way To DC10

Troy Pierce - "Lost On The Way To DC10" - (Berlin Version) - [M_NUS]

Its quite funny i should post this as we had fun getting a little lost, not on the way to DC10 but on the way to space for the opening party, but as there is not a track called lost on the way to space this will have to do, taken from his new ep (Gone Astray) i like this track lots let the groovy hypnotic keys embed themself in your mind.

Optimus Tron

I like robots. Especially big ones equipped with gigantic weapons of mass destruction. Naturally I'm a bit of a Transformers fan. Today I'm going to see the (new) movie at the cinema. So I thought it was fitting to make a Transformers-special post, not to be taken too seriously.

Lion - The Transformers
The theme for the
1986 animated movie. Typical eighties rock. Pretty awful, haha.

Transformers opening theme
TV series intro music. Only 35 seconds, but aahh the memories.

Transformers theme (techno remix)

No idea where this is from or who made it, but it's pretty decent. I remember hearing it a long time ago, so it's not exactly fresh. Perfectly diggable though. Contains congas break and 303 robot sounds for the win.

I'm expecting the soundtrack to the new movie to be quite horrible, we'll see though.


Glacier - Ultrasonic Humidfie [Wagon repair, 2007]
Quirky minimalism, comfy and sedative. A simple approach that works wonders. Off the Rocky mountains EP. Glacier = Crazy Larry & Pier Bucci. I'd really like to see this track remixed into a dancefloor wildcard.

Imatran Voima - Nuttin' But Leechin' [Mighty robot, 2007]
Imatran's latest album is named "Welfare state of mind", released in april. I have only recently listened through it 2-3 times and I'm actually a bit disappointed. Here's one of the songs I appreciate.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Burial - "Unite" - [Box Of Dubs Cdr/Soul Jazz Records]

More from the south london crooner Burial. This being one of his finest to date gives me a shiver down my spine, a truly wonderfull piece the whole comp is great digital mystikz, kode9 Skream! etc all feature be sure to pick this little box of dubs up.
Also Burials NEW album is dropping soon on Kode9 [hyperdubs] label something to look forward to, i heard a 1 min snip of a track called Stairwell all i can say is WOW.

Stainless memory

Sven Weisemann - Stainless [Styrax leaves, 2007]
More from Sven, this time off his newest release "Vivid Memento" EP on Styrax Leaves. More tempo to these tunes, and a little punchier compared to previous outing Shade. Still deep and the liquid flow intact. Stainless, A2, representing the ep quite well I believe.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I heart-tek you

Got quite the super post here...

Soultek - Analogue heart (soultek's beatport mix) [Soundshift, 2007] (buy, buy)
One hundred percent power hit - Soultek's towering creation that is Analogue Heart. The original together with a remix by Area a bit similar to this one is included in the Soundshift [detroit] deal which is pressed on smoked, clear vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Mean! Pick this up and you won't be disappointed. It's fabolous, twinkling minimal detroit techno, with some freshness injected making it shine brighter than most. Highly recommended.

Jupiter Black ft. Fred Ventura - Hold me
[Clone, Aube, 2007] (buy)
Summer Italo Disco time! Massive old school vibes from this track. Ultra melodic, total vocal disco expressway to cheesy love-land. "Hooold me, put your arms arooouund me. Just feel mee, my heart is beating for yoouu!". This file is from CBS top 100, 2006 (when Hold me wasn't even released, hehe) - speaker in the begining & an abrupt ending.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The Stranglers - "Goldenbrown" - [Emi 1982]

Singing about taking heroin! which some people didn't know, Some countries banned it on the radio back when, not heard it in a while and just finished watching snatch (where i heard it again) so i thought id put it up for one & all.


Shinedoe - "Phunk" - (Steve Angello Remix) - [White]

First things first dont be put off because its remixed by Steve Angello you dont have to worry about any cheesey dated vocals! this track (The original go CHECK IT !) was big back in the summer of 2005 a proper speaker freaker, huge in DC10, Anyway its back with a 2007 remake he keeps everything intact just adds a bit more tension and extends it which works well the original had great plays from Luciano, Villalobos, Loco Dice & Sven Vath who put it on the sound of the sixth season. Angello liked it so much that he remixed it himself Loco Dice used it in his now classic mixmag summer @ Dc10 cd, all i can say is dont sleep on this one or be put off.

Many Lives, Many Masters

Its been a bit of a stessfull week here for me as one of my family had life threatening surgery the other day i knew everything was going to be alright from my spirit & it was not this persons time to go, anyway things have come good alot quicker than we all expected so getting back to normality is good for me, so i decided to come to london to search for a job as its my time to move on. Its a good release for me to write about it as i keep things bottled up and pretend everythings alright It gets it off my shoulders so to speak ( just incase you wondered what i was going on about)

Canvas - "The Cat" - [Rebelone]

On a lighter note im going to the secret sundaze party on sunday with (Cobblestone Jazz) 'live headlining, giles smith & james priestley etc so looking forward to that, looks like a night in tonight as my mates at work so i have the house to myself ......So on with the music i really like this track maybe it could of been a few mins shorter but as its (Radio Slave) under his guise (Canvas the Cat) for the [Rebelone] series on a offshoot from [Crosstown Rebels] il let him off. Only the best get to produce on the Rebelone series & i think you will all agree Mr Edwards deserves a track, so here we have it enjoy!

O dynamic phunk

Old school electro funk coming up! I love it. Time to get educated, club kids ;-)

Omega II - Sonic boom [Showroom, 1988]
Dynamix II - Bass generator [Debonaire, 1990]
Dynamix II - Pledge your allegience to electro funk [Monotone, 2002]

- Who are you?
- I'm a machine.

Monday, July 02, 2007

List 07-07-02

I have been quiet this weekend due to excessive chilling not at home. Anyway, it's time again, you know the deal. Stuff I like and so on...

  • Rekorder - Rekorder 9.1
  • Avus - Furry Hat
  • MANDY vs Booka Shade ft. Laurie Anderson - O superman
  • Aril Brikha - Ex Machina
  • Differnet - Collapsing universe
  • Beroshima - Horizon
  • Sean Palm - Where's My Dongle
  • Joel Mull - Begun the end has
  • Sally Shapiro - I Know (SLL dub remix)
  • Boeoes Kaelstigen
  • Silicon scally - Bioroid
  • Last step - Last step
  • Nukubus - Europa (Aux 88 europoort mix)
  • Cobra dukes - Leave the light on + remixes
  • Yojimbo
Sven Weisemann - A1 Floating Dub [Meanwhile, 2007]
Here's some dubby sounds from Weisemann's Shade EP. Mmhm, floating in mid air. Almost ten minutes :)

PS. Anyone able to hook me up with Love Supreme's Elsewhere EP? Holler!