Friday, July 20, 2007

Do It Right

Matthias Heilbronn - "Do it Right" - (Mattys pfr mix) - [Poker flat White]

So its friday any weekend plans ? none for me. Im working nights at the moment till september its more money and i get to chill well sleep mostly during the day. So here we have a nice techy track for the weekend by Matthias Heilbronn titled "Do it right" taken from his new 'ep' the (Jungle Dub) ep on [Poker Flat White] which sounds alot like (Solomons) latest track "Jungle river cruise" on [Liebe detail] Sounds like your in the jungle going through the trees past the animals and the natives on a sort of journey people calling out in the misty shadows of the murky & mysterous jungle a nice sneaky acid like baseline, and wildlife calls as your getting to the end of your journey a nice tech track that will fit in well to a set.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Link removed by request!

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