Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My fears about IE not playing along nicely with my layout was, of course (according to Murphy's law), all too true. Been messing about with it for the last hour and it seems difficult to get the page to look exactly the same in both Internet Explorer and Firefox (damn margins). As I'm using Firefox myself, I've decided to make it look best in that browser. So if you haven't made the switch yet, it's about time ;-)

Will continue to improve and polish, and eventually add the rounded corners, the upcoming days.
About time we had some music on here now...

Carl Finlow - Blue [Green light, 2007]
Carl A. Finlow - Silicon Scally, a producer I have the utmost respect for. Tight electro, always with new takes on the genre. Either with mood and atmosphere or with some new jacking drum pattern techniques. Blue is the third and last track on the Swoon EP, a track boiling with some dense alien liquid, bubbling over its container. Letting forth funky saws and dripping synth washes. Albeit no surprise, Finlow is in magnificient form.

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