Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I heart-tek you

Got quite the super post here...

Soultek - Analogue heart (soultek's beatport mix) [Soundshift, 2007] (buy, buy)
One hundred percent power hit - Soultek's towering creation that is Analogue Heart. The original together with a remix by Area a bit similar to this one is included in the Soundshift [detroit] deal which is pressed on smoked, clear vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Mean! Pick this up and you won't be disappointed. It's fabolous, twinkling minimal detroit techno, with some freshness injected making it shine brighter than most. Highly recommended.

Jupiter Black ft. Fred Ventura - Hold me
[Clone, Aube, 2007] (buy)
Summer Italo Disco time! Massive old school vibes from this track. Ultra melodic, total vocal disco expressway to cheesy love-land. "Hooold me, put your arms arooouund me. Just feel mee, my heart is beating for yoouu!". This file is from CBS top 100, 2006 (when Hold me wasn't even released, hehe) - speaker in the begining & an abrupt ending.

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