Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dream Stealer

Selway & Vincenzo - "Dream Stealer" -(Original) -(v2) - [CSM]

Are you ready for a journey into the deep unknown!? well strap in because it's a mind altering excursion. I first heard this in the back room of Eden in Ibiza it was instantly ear catching and had the wow what was that last track effect so i did my trainspotting bit and asked the dj, who just said it was called "Dream Stealer" when i got back home i looked it up and found out its by Vincenzo (get these bee's off me) and John Selway its really good, deep and bass heavy but slow and hypnotic at the same time with a building tension that eventually explodes causing the mind to melt away into the moment. Theres a (Joel Mull remix) but it doesn't really go anywhere or manage to take shape. I'l stick with the original.

I know i said il be giving more variety with the postings starting this week, but with skypher deep in designing the new look RC. im going to continue with the new music until next monday when everything will be looking all sparkly and new (to cut the ribon so to speak on the new look RC) then we shall start with a better variety so until then....

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theeEnd said...

Looking foward to the new design , will it include some soft porn too, hahaha ... also liked alot the new profile picture u lucky bastard, cheers guys keep up the good vibes !!!