Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Eugene Francis Jnr - Kites (buy)
Now for something quite rare here at Random Circuits, indie/folktronica. Eugene Francis Jnr (myspace) was brought up on country, blues, folk music, 80’synth-pop and ambient, now influenced by Air, Beck, Bright Eyes, Postal Service, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Evan Dando and Sufjan Stevens. This man gives us some sweet melodies and singing for our tender ears to endulge in. Kites together with Poor me released a week ago as a limited single stakes out what is to come with the upcoming debut full-length. FYI: The buy-link points to the limited 7" vinyl in the iTunes store.
Video available at YouTube.


Steve said...

Just wanted to offer kudos for adding buy links. It's something I'm going to be offering in my posts as well, if I can.

skypher said...

Thank you. I believe it's a nice gesture, so I try to include em whenever possible.

Keep on blogging mate, Little White Earbuds is a favorite.