Thursday, July 26, 2007

The big plague

No, sorry. No techno from me today. Was browsing my hiphop library before the weekend as I was going to burn a CD for a friend's birthday party, and I know he digs hiphop more than electronic stuff. Found a couple of sweet, forgotten tracks. With that said, enjoy your thursday lunch.

Goretex - The big sleep
Here's one of the songs I ended up using. It's not old school or anything. From Necro's mixtape Brutality part 1.

Cru - The ebonic plague [Def Jam, 1997]
Mid nineties hiphop is the shit! This perfect track is nicked from the excellent funk/hiphop/soul blog Ear Fuzz (this post specifically). Be sure to check it out. If you only download one hiphop track this week or month even - this should be it!

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