Monday, July 09, 2007

Clear burst

Got lots of stuff to do, so no track comments this time. It's good though, you know it.

Marc Romboy - Sunburst (dub version) [Simple, 2007]
Cybotron - Clear (Cobblestone Jazz remix)
[Juno, 2007]


teleost said...

Great release that Juno one - i've been loving all three remixes. Thanks for the Romboy!

Anonymous said...

zshare is SO f'in slow, anywhere else you can post these?? great site, btw.

skypher said...

thanks guys.

yeah zshare is slow, but they keep the files up there for a while atleast.

is speedyshare better? any other tips for free, speedy, filehosting?

Anonymous said...

hey who made that art?
the tempest!

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