Friday, July 13, 2007

Minimal Phunk

Innersphere Aka Shinedoe -"Phunk" -(Ricardo Villalobos Remix) - [Intacto]

Ok so i posted a (Steve angello) mix of this not long back but really it was this mix i have been waiting for (Luciano) played a minimal mix of (Shinedoe's) -"Phunk" at DC10 opening and i thought it was the Steve angello mix that had been tweaked.Wrong! it was actually the Minimal Monster (As he has his avatar on his Myspace) The man like (Ricardo Villalobos) its stripped down and funky in typical Villalobos fashion really great remix. I know that skypher has already posted the Excellent (Mark Broom) techno mix but i know we have a few Villalobos fans who read this blog so why not have 3 different mixes to choose from, be it electro with the Angello mix techno for the Broom mix or minimal for the Villalobos mix you decide the choice is yours.
Also starting from next week im putting some changes to the posting to give more variety New old, Classic Tracks, Dubstep & Experimental will be the main features as the blog is doing well i thought id try a new approach with more of a routine.

Enjoy the weekend tonight im going to see james holden :)


skypher said...

I have to admit I'm a bit jelous of your clubbing stamina and the many great acts you've seen lately. Myself, I missed Steadycam (kompakt) playing yesterday :/

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow can offer me some goodies..

Cheers and have a great weekend mate.

Steve said...

Man, you beat me to both sides of this record. This Villalobos edit is especially fantastic.

Enjoy the Holden! Tonight I dine on the sounds of GZA and Sonic Youth.

JBH said...

Damn man gutted about missing steadycam, hope your weekend is a good one.

Sonic Youth sounds delightfull.

Have a good one everybody.

Anonymous said...

love the site, SO EXCITED about expanding the genres of music...i love your current stuff but really look forward to the variety, i know your same great tastes will lead to many things i'll dig.