Monday, July 09, 2007

Put The Lime In Da Coconut

Cobblestone Jazz - "Put the lime in da Coconut" - [Wagon Repair]

Excellent day full of excellent music live electronica & great dj sets, heres a taste of whats to come, they have a debut album coming out in september. In the meantime be sure to check "DMT" Which only had 1000 copies released its a sort of taster of whats to come, but there not putting it on the album! i expect this is only the start for these three extremely talented canadians, here we have a track taken from there latest "ep" (Put the lime on da coconut)

*Zshare is not working for me at the moment i will transfer files once its back on again*

*Edit it turns out sendspace was taking forever to download so il try this speedy share instead fingers crossed *

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