Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Many Lives, Many Masters

Its been a bit of a stessfull week here for me as one of my family had life threatening surgery the other day i knew everything was going to be alright from my spirit & it was not this persons time to go, anyway things have come good alot quicker than we all expected so getting back to normality is good for me, so i decided to come to london to search for a job as its my time to move on. Its a good release for me to write about it as i keep things bottled up and pretend everythings alright It gets it off my shoulders so to speak ( just incase you wondered what i was going on about)

Canvas - "The Cat" - [Rebelone]

On a lighter note im going to the secret sundaze party on sunday with (Cobblestone Jazz) 'live headlining, giles smith & james priestley etc so looking forward to that, looks like a night in tonight as my mates at work so i have the house to myself ......So on with the music i really like this track maybe it could of been a few mins shorter but as its (Radio Slave) under his guise (Canvas the Cat) for the [Rebelone] series on a offshoot from [Crosstown Rebels] il let him off. Only the best get to produce on the Rebelone series & i think you will all agree Mr Edwards deserves a track, so here we have it enjoy!

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