Monday, July 23, 2007

At Les

Carl Craig - "At Les Paris live" - [Planet E]

Detroit legend Carl Craig ships in masters of the field to play his classic From 97. "At Les" this time live from paris in 2006 giving it a re -lick adding more keyboards sax etc in my honest opinion it sounds better than the original, a outstanding piece which sounds fresh and exciting this is a piece every electronic music fan should own il let the music do the talking.


craiggordon04 said...

better than the orginal?
are you on ket son?

the original is one of my favorite songs ever. Its so deep and dark yet subtlety beautiful.

this saxed up version is nowhere close to that!

JBH said...

LOL ok maybe i was a bit hasty to say its better than the original i did think that after i published it. Maybe i should of said it gives new light to an already classic track.

As you put perfectly

"deep and dark yet subtlety beautiful"

couldnt agree more.

maybe its me i'am partial too a bit of sax.