Monday, April 30, 2007

Dont See The Point

Alex Smoke - "Dont See The Point" - (Henrik Schwarz Vocal Mix) - [Soma Quality Recordings]

Dont see the point indeed! Why has this record not had more hype why im i only finding out about it now, when it came out in 2005 why why why ! this really is a remarkable remix from henrik schwarz i would go so far to say one of his best that i have heard it hides away on a B side of "Brians lung" on soma records allthough there is a dub version by Schwarz aswell which i have not heard yet but i read that they gave that more exposure than the vocal mix But listening to this you could quite easily mistake it for the dub mix with very little vocal at all, Its the production that is flawless and the scarce vocal just adds to a wonderfull remix props to an indian too many.

***Edit*** Ok it turns out both mixes are available on beatport i have just been slack for not realising.The dub mix is great also.


A nice piece of underground house now coming from Alexkid NOT to be mistaken for the hard house don Alexkid, This is a Techno & House producer from france, who hits us up with loveletters. Theres also a remix package its a choice between Tim Paris & Marc Romboy, personally the Marc Romboy remix does it for me stripped down and sexy.

Alexkid -"Loveletters" - (Marc Romboy Remix) -[PIAS] /[f communications]

Acid Tonic

A flat slice of acid heaven now courtsey of wink aka Josh Wink the techno pioneer from philly who runs the excellent [Ovum] record label. Here we have a new (Ep) which has landed on the [Poker Flat] label which im sure your all aware of by now, Anyway this is the pick of the bunch for me, be sure to check the whole package out (Thick As Thieves Ep) not one to be slept on .

Wink - "Acid Tonic" - [Poker Flat]

Link removed by request!

D.A.N.C.E To The B.E.A.T

Im proberly the very last person to give you these but i figured if we have alot of techno /experimental readers here on random circuits you may not of heard these two latest offerings from justice on [Ed banger] Nice happy tracks something to listen to in the sunshine as i have been today, Normal service will resume tomorrow!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dogs from the south

Bought more records on a sale the other day. Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy and Hundarna från söder - Troika. I was going to purchase Laurent Garnier - 30 too but the disc itself was missing, bah. My awesome girlfriend gave me The Bear Quartet - My war (I like it a lot!).

Hundarna från söder - Stay [Flora & fauna, 2005]
Hundarna från söder - Nörf aksiport [Flora & fauna, 2005]
Time to rest, recover and chill out to some swedish electro. Stay is more lively, Nörf aksiport softer. Both from the Troika album.

Trentemøller was on fire! Great live set, I couldn't stand still for a second.

Edit: I have created a Random Circuits google calendar that will hold interesting upcoming events related to the blog (mostly live performances and such).

Friday, April 27, 2007


Busy weekend again this week tonight im going to SubDub which is a monthly Dubstep night which showcases the best in Dubstep ,Dub ,Jungle and Roots then on saturday im going to see Jesse Rose & Samim at back to basics one of the best nights in the country week in week out they have the best dj,s in the world come to play, hope everyone has a good weekend heres a few for the weekend i have been enjoying.

Tobias Schmidt - "Der Fangarm" - [Feinwerk]

David Keno - "Terra" - (Original Mix) - [Keno Records]

Pan Pot -"What Is What" - (Original Mix) - [Mobilee]

Get Physical

Booka Shade are back with a new "ep" (Tickle) due for release on [Get Physical] in mid may which we have here, Both are solid safe as houses tracks & dancefloor friendly.Everything that we have come to know & love about the duo's sound is represented in these two tracks "Tickle" being my favorite, "Karma Car" is less dancefloor material but still packs the punches.

Booka Shade - "Tickle" - [Promo]

Booka Shade - "Karma Car" - [Promo]

Steady Din

Good morning, it's friday, a week is coming to its end. You want to kick back, unwind and then hit the pub/club and just party your guts out (like in the picture above) after work/school. Am I right? If that's the case I got the right medicine for you.

Steadycam - In the Moog for love
[Kompakt, 2007] (buy)
Swedish producer David Janzen with a brand new Kompakt release. Saw this guy perform twice here in GBG, and he does not let you down. This A side has a very witty name I must say. B is "Klyftans prakt" (silly swedish title). Both are quality, both perfect for getting in the mood for love. Get busy with some funky electro mixed with tech/house vibes.

Niederflur -
Exkl [M_nus, 2007] (buy)
Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner (aka Misc.) are the people behind Niederflur. This is from the 'Din' EP. All pretty low profile and slick tracks. I wouldn't mind a bit more bass and punch to the beats to be honest, but hey this ain't your usual run-of-the-mill in your face type of minimal act. Carefully constructed and with an eye for details.

I have to honk the Gothenburg horn a little bit more because of the Trentemøller performance on saturday - this is a very big booking for our relatively techno depraved city. If you are even remotely close by, be there! Sub7 is the club, Brewhouse the place.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Top list 07-04-26

Was a while since I listed my current favorite tracks/releases, so here we go:

  • Anthony Rother - Moderntronic
  • Matthew Dear - Deserter (Four tet remix)
  • Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes kamuffel
  • Paul Kalkbrenner - Der senat
  • David K - Mayann (link provided by OMG!)
  • Salvatore Freda & Massimo Stefanelli - Endless ride to Honolulu
  • Surgeon - Surgeon remake 1
  • Silicone soul - 3 am (12" mix)
  • Radix - Rymdlego
Seems we have some happy times ahead of us here in Gothenburg. Upcoming events:
  • April 28: Trentemøller live at Sub 7
  • April 28: Club Hatet at Uppåt Framåt (DJs: Dimitrios K and The Idealist)
  • May 3: Folie, Anders Ilar, Isak Eldh, Hird, Acid pope live at Effektverket/pustervik
  • May 4: Familjen live at Henriksberg
Have a nice weekend people. May the clubbing be strong and the music heavy on thy ears.

Moderntronic Transit

Ay ay ay, after that brief interlude we are back to the regular dosage of mass electro waves of violence.

Anthony Rother - Moderntronic
2 [Datapunk, 2007]
New shit from no other than Mr Rother. His sound is intact and I like it, about time he returned to his peak form. Hook up your cyborg implants and get ready for some fierce robot battling.

Sebo K & Metro - Transit
[Fine, 2006]
Taken from DJ Hell's mix cd "Misch masch" from 2006. But this colab will be released on 12" soon (1st of May?) on Get Physical. Great track and nice to see it getting proper release.
Vigorous dancefloor build up material.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Alright I'm making a total 180 degree turn here from the world of electronic beats and synths, into (indie)pop land populated by guitars and cheesy love songs.

Stars - What the Snowman Learned About Love [Arts & crafts / paper bag, 2003]
Despite the ultra silly intro talk this song is good. Almost instrumental all the way through.


Im not sure where people come from who download of this blog .....But if your in Leeds UK on fri night i will be here shocking out to the deepest sub bass & murky Dubstep this side of the world!!! it really is that deep "The baseline is so deep you can feel the vibrations in jamaica"

Poor People Must Work

Rhythm & Sound Feat Bobbo Shanti "Poor People Must Work" (Carl Craig Remix) -[Burial Mix]

Im sure alot of you have this from last year like me, as its been out a while never the less its a great track & needs to be heard also any excuse for a carl craig remix, i will be inactive for a while thats why i have hit you up with 4 tracks back to back.

We Got Bombs!

Its the B side of "charge your dreams" just as good as the a side if not better, you decide!

Reinhard Voigt - "Buerger Sichten Falschgeld" - [Kompakt]

Dear Oh Dear

Ok i think this is the last of the Matthew Dear unless i stumble across some white label never heard before i can safely say this will be the last post on him for a while, Not that its a bad thing just too much of a good thing!
Lusine - "Flat For You" - (Matthew Dear Remix) -[Ghostly International]

Dear Matthew...

Thank you for all the wonderfull electronic music you give us year in year out, yours sincerly JBH Random Circuits......

Well Something on those lines i dont think he would be too pleased were giving out his music almost 2 months before the album comes out, but it has to be heard. The album "Asa Breed" Will be out on the 5th June on the Ghostly International label. So anyway i figure it must have been leaked, is this a bad thing mmmm? im not sure i was reading statistics on downloading through p2p sites & the figures are shocking 1 in 4 house holds use or have used a p2p site.Saying that though Im sure you will all buy it when it comes out dont just rely on blogs etc because thats missing the point i buy lots of music & i know others do who run blogs also, anyway enough of the do's and dont's.

Picture Taken by Steve @ Whilst Your there it would be in your interest to check out his review on the man in question & pick up lots of excellent electronic music.

Matthew Dear - "Neighborhoods" -[N/A]

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coast To Coast

Do you people still buy mix cds!? I certainly do & this latest one looks like a cracker from Âme! Definatly worth checking out, With summer coming up this would be the perfect soundtrack to your summer.


Old demoscene hero and man of many names Radix/Rymdlego/Sinespree/Mosaik (released on khavi, monotonik and merck) has a bunch of tracks I hadn't heard up on his site. Comfort, fragile electronica. Very well produced. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea in your livingroom. Of the newer stuff I like these two the most. Oh and remember this is all perfectly legit, free of charge stuff - yumm, much props to Mr Radix!

Mosaik - Clover
Mosaik - Pillow dance

However, my all time favorite Radix track has got to be the infectious 'Rymdlego' chiptune from 1998. Get yourself an .xm player (winamp might play this, I'm unsure) and put it on repeat. Money back if you don't like this adorable song. (Rymdlego = Space lego)

Radix - Rymdlego (Edit: M4a version of this track, converted by yours truly hehe)

Once upon a time I had quite the chiptune collection, snif, snif those were the days.

Chunky Fudge

Sebbo - "Chunky Fudge" - (Original mix) -[trackdown records]

Dont really know much on Sebbo apart from his sound his hot check out his latest on liebe detail "Beirut boogie" this is another top slice of minimal tech house released last year on trackdown records.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Red Vertex Of The Parabola

Quietpoint - Cumulus Nimbus [Pastamusik, 2007]
Limited minimal off the german Pasta label. Quietpoint's second release of pretty spaced out techno. B side here but both tracks in that dubby, deep style. Like XDB I posted on saturday.

Marcus Intalex - Red 7
[Soul:r, 2006]
Something rare here at RC, drum & bass! I'm mostly posting it due to the forthcoming remix of this track by John Tejada. The original is naturally worth your time too, nothing like some good old wicked d&b to get the week started. Keep your eyes open for the remix.

Edit: It's only april and we already (thanks to JBH) have more posts than all of 2006 combined so far this year! Wow, 2007 is going to be the year of Random Circuits, no doubt.

Trapez Treat

Trapez is fast becoming my favorite label mainly due to Skypher & his introduction to great new artists like Mark Henning & the latest from Salvatore Freda & Massimo Steffanelli which you can grab a few posts down. Anyway this is another great piece on Trapez from Ryan Crosson who you may already know from his releases on M_NUS. Remixed by Magda who im sure your all aware of by now (the first leading lady in minimal techno at least thats what i think ) This was recorded in Richie Hawtins studio its a fast paced Deep Clicky minimal track as far as minimal & fast pace go together,Changing pace & direction at least twice but never losing power i really like this lets hope theres more to come from Magda & the excellent Trapez label.

Ryan Crosson - "Gotham Road" -(Magda Remix) [Trapez Limited]

Trip Hop

Trip hop is a genre of music which uses elements of dub, hip hop & electronic beats it was very popular in the mid 90,s mainly coming out of Bristol UK with the likes of Massive Attack & Portishead leading the way, Bristol has always been so influential to music. Many class it as the spiritual home of Drum & Bass, & now the 2nd leading city of Dubstep after London with leeds not far behind, i hope you like these tracks as much as me its sort of chill out with a strangely slow dubby vibe, still sounding as fresh as they did back in the day .

Tricky - "Hell Is Round The Corner" - [4th & Broadway 1995]

Massive Attack - "Angel" - [Wild bunch records 1998]

Portishead - "Glory Box" - [Go Discs! 1994]

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Top 12 Random Circuits JBH 22/4/07

Music To Buy This Month

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flying xdb episode

Three tracks in one post, was a while ago I did that. You can call it a saurday treat.

Flying Lotus - 1983 (Daedelus "Odd-Dance Party" Remix)
[Plug research, 2006]
Flying Lotus produces intrumental hip-hop in the same vein as Prefuse 73. It's squeeky and choppy, but contains thick beats and melodies. Here the Lotus gets a punch from Daedelus into happy bleep land. Catchy and fun. Last track on the '1983' album.

XDB - Descap [Metrolux, 2007]
Descap EP: Limited edition of just 700, pressed on a white label with a stamped Metrolux logo and issue number on each copy. The first 121 copies in red transparent vinyl. Dubby and deep techno.

Claro Intelecto - Episode [Modern love, 2005]
Rare Claro Intelecto twelve, Lacan / Episode (limited to 459 copies). Episode is a long soulful journey in twilight electro land. Nice, fat atmosphere with an under the radar melody contrasted by stellar drums that kicks in at 2:34.

Tonight club Kraft with Steadycam performing live!

Friday, April 20, 2007


New Matthew Dear now Aka Audion, This is lifted from his new album which is due for release on the Ghostly International label in may. Deserter is the first single which will be released along with a remix from fourtet which we have hear, go out & buy this when its out.

Matthew Dear - "Deserter" - (Four tet Remix) -[Promo]


Solieb -"Halo"- [Maschine Ltd]
Solieb is another Alias of (Oliver Lieb) & [Maschine Ltd] is a label set up by him,to release more minimal experimental deep techno tracks, this being the first. Halo being a less dance floor infiltrated track and more minimal & experimental it dont really get going till the bass kicks in then it brings the track to life with strange shuffling & akward synths all very experimental

Endless ride to Honolulu

Stumbled upon this brand new Trapez outing.. and boy am I glad I did that.

Salvatore Freda & Massimo Stefanelli - Honolulu [Trapez, 2007] (buy!)
More music from Switzerland. Very big and fresh stunning 12" from Freda and Stefanelli on Trapez. This track never stops, continually evolving and changing pace. Essential hit for the dancefloor with its dazzling baseline, synth stabs and glorious percussion. Splendid, warm execution from start to finish. The other side (B) is 'Endless ride' (almost 10 minutes long) and contains similar elements and sure as hell is up to par with its a-side cousin, check the build up! Do not hesitate to pick this release up, both tracks are extraordinary.

Salvatore Freda has released before: 1998 on Star Traxx a 12" called 'Night clubbing hero' listed as Trance on discogs (gasp! actually not very strange, i can sense some trancey elements in this release. no not in a bad way what so ever). Massimo Stefanelli on the other hand doesn't seem to have produced anything before.. perhaps under a pseudonym though? Both fellas are unknown to me anyhow. Gonna go big I believe.

What a way to kick the weekend off, huh. Do not sleep on this.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Radio Circuits

On the show his week.. the first EVER radio mix by the crown prince of deep techno RICARDO VILLALOBOS...

Also amazing music from Mala, Bjork, DQ1, Deep Chord, Mathhead, Zero db vs Phase Rock, Mugos Hi Fi & Horace Andy, Youf, Wiley, Mz Bratt & DE-Velopment vs Big Ears, Sgure, Karsten Pflum, Skream, Porn Sword Tobacoo and more..

live on BBC Radio1 Thursday - Friday 2-4am...and online all week

jump in !! ...


Had this for a good while now, one of the Best Remixes of 2007 ? i certainly think so, The original is just as good if not better. Minimal with a deep atmospheric riff, Killer on the dancefloor.

Matt O'Brien - "Serotone" - (Radio slaves Panorama Garage Remix) - [Rekids]

Trapezines erectos

Morning post before school, while sipping on some coffee.

Alex Under - Trapezines erectos
[Trapez, 2007] (buy)
CMYK label manager and minimal techno createur Alex Under here back on Trapez with three songs. This is the B side, and it's my favorite of the 3. Typical Under vibes, hypnotic and with those familliar groovy sounds. Ep is named "1, 2, 3 responda otrapez".

Got to the next interview for the job that seemed most fun by the way! Dang, dang hope I'll make it through that one too. Need to make some cash soon.

Chapter One

Djsos Krost - "Chapter One" - (Trentemoller Remix) - [Music For Dreams America]

Iam sure iam the last person giving you this as its been in blog land for well over a year now but i figured alot of the links will have dried up, So iam bringing it back to life. Originally released last year on a promo with two other remixes,Trentemoller being the best in my opinion,its a glitchy dubby track with spoken word.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If Ya Chest Aint Rattlin It Aint Happenin!

Check These Tracks Dubstep Its The Future!


Steve Reich - "Proverb" - (Alex Smoke Remix) - [None such]

This was released last year As part of Steve Reichs birthday celebrations with another 2 tracks also getting remixed,the other was remixed by Four Tet and The third remixer was part of a competition run by the radio 1 experimental programme on a thursday night 2am -4am,you had to Download the track, it was called "Music For 18 Musicians"and then email them the remix you had produced. Steve Reich would then pick his favourite of the entries, and it was released with the Alex Smoke & Four Tet remixes at the end of September last year on Nonesuch Records. A excellent competition if you ask me & the greatest prize for a real music fan with steve reich being so influential to music, especially the minimal electronic scene, and his take on classical music, i think you will agree that Alex Smoke has produced a wonderfull piece of music here.

Not the same shoes

Kalabrese - Not the same shoes (feat kate wax) [Stattmusik, 2007]
Swiss house from Kalabrese's latest outing "Rumpelzirkus Part 1". Starts out pretty weird (in a nice way) and developes into a funky little body twisting anthem. Vocals included.

Swamped by school work this week, so not sure how much I can post.

Bring Back The Love

Wonderfull Remix from Mungolian jetset,who are a 4/5 piece electronic outfit from Norway. Here they remix Bebel Gilberto's bring back the love.There take on it is a minimal track with funk & soul, A Funky guitar plays throughout with a catchy minimal hook & of course the excellent vocals from Bebel, its really good, 11 mins of greatness. It turns out they have also remixed (Ost & kjex) -"Milano Model" & I can honestly say its one of the best remixes i have heard this year keep your eyes & ears open for these guys.

Bebel Gilberto -"Bring Back The Love" - (Mungolian Jetset Remix) -[Six Degrees]

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let Jah Love Come

Wonderfull textured beats & slow dubby vibes from Rhythm & Sound, Aka (Basic Channel) I'am a big fan of rhythm & sound everyone from Carl Craig to Sleep Archive & more have been on remix duties in the past,They recently performed at the massive bloc weekender up in Hemsby,UK where the cream of the crop of the electronic & experimental world of music played, set up by two 23 year olds they had Autechre headlining! Check out there website for more info,For more on Rhythm & Sound go here

Rhythm & Sound - "Let Jah Love Come" -(Sweet Substance Remix) -[Burial Mix]

Monday, April 16, 2007

Top Ten JBH Random Circuits 16/4/07

Instead of just posting a top ten (in no certain order) i thought i would do one with a difference so you can actually hear the music before you buy it, as i know you all buy lots of music ;)

Room Of A Million Rainbows

A heavy weekend of clubbing, my brains still not functioning properly,so il keep it to a minimum, Nice soft chilled out Tracks to start the new week.Get your techno minimal fix from the post below,one of the best tracks ive heard this year,like skypher points out very similar to Aril Brikha, with a touch of trentemoller & a dash of SCSI-9 i think.

Apparat - "Komponent" -(Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - [Shitkatapult]
The Timewriter - "Room Of A Million Rainbows" (Extended Version) - [Plastic City]


Zentex - Säkä [Bloop, 2007] (buy)
Hurray, techno from finland! Jari Marjamäki blasts us away with this killer minimal track on his 'Saha' 12" released on Bloop. Cosmic Sandwich provied the b side spacey remix of title track Saha, which is also quite the stomper. A pretty deep, melodic thing, this Säkä business we got on our hands. A bit similar to Aril Brikha hm? Recommended.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

When it was day we made it night

Joris Voorn - Decay [Green, 2007] (buy)
Two minimal tech-house songs and two ambient on this dutch fellas EP 'When it was day we made it night'. This is the stronger techno tune.

Now out to the sun again.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Supernatural Sounds, Aural Art, Sonic Supremacy

I put on old Autechre CDs while studying yesterday. Anvil Vapre, Peel session (1), Cichlisuite, Envane, Draft 7.30, Untilted. Then after that marathon of mind blowing musical masterpieces I put on Boards of Canada's Trans Canada Highway. Almost exhausting the way these songs get to me. To describe AE and BoC I quote a dude from discogs: "It is hard to believe they are not living inside my head."

Made more than ten years ago, but does not sound dated. They even continue to grow on me.

Autechre - Second scepe [Warp, 1995]
Autechre - Flutter
[Warp, 1994]
Boards of Canada - Left side drive [Warp, 2006]

Friday, April 13, 2007


Big Weekend ahead tonight im going to see Tania Vulcano do her thing in leeds i suspect it will be deep minimal & funky which is always nice,then on sunday is the main event with Richie Hawtin doing a long set also in leeds,this time at the mint club, i cant wait to see hawtin again ,last time in ibiza was proberly one of the best dj sets i have ever witnessed,hope everyone has a good weekend heres a really nice track from Ricardo Villalobos taken from his 2006 album Salvador.
Ricardo Villalobos - "Que Belle Epoque" -[Frisbee Tracks]

Follow the Model

Friday! And I must stay at home and study like a good boy - exam tomorrow. Hope everyone else has a blast today with great music and beautiful people. Here's a couple of tracks if you want something 'new' to listen to.

Ercola Feat Annie - Follow Me (Lifelike Mix) [Voices, 2007]
Hyped Lifelike remix. Sunshine electro-house for the fragile.

John Tejada - Model 12 [Palette, 2007]
From Tejadas newest (upcoming) release, "Wavescraper". This track is in classic Tejada style, smooth and got soul.


DJ Koze -"Raw" -(Audion Remix) -[Kompakt] ....Koze & Audion need i say more !

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blood On My Hands

Finally i have managed to get my grubby little paws on one of the most anticipated records of 2007, Iam talking about the wonderfull Ricardo Villalobos Remix of Shackletons Blood On My Hands, Villalobos slows it down and adds his special touch, turning it into an 18 and a half minute Dark Delight i first heard this record way back in dec or january i think it was on villalobos,fabric mix live on his birthday, ever since i have been wanting & waiting in anticipation & now finally it will be out at the end of the month on the excellent Skull Disco label, With it not being out yet & respecting the label & my contact i can only give you a watered down version 7 mins instead of the full 18 ,and a half,It Will be officially released on the 30th april .

When I see the towers fall, It cannot be denied that, As a spectacle, It is a realization of the mind.
You see, I'm standing on a mountaintop And letting out a scream, It's the language of the earth, It is the language of the beasts.
There's no point to look behind us, We left the corpse behind, Because flesh is weak and forms break down. They cannot last forever."

Shackleton -"Blood On My Hands" -(Ricardo Villalobos Remix) - [Skull Disco 007]

Music 4 Minds

Music In Mind - "Circle" -[Music 4 Minds] ...Excellent Swedish Tech house

Familjen, Sankt Göran and Qlint

Continuing with JBH's sun inspired post. Here's more music for people drowning in hot and bright rays from a nearby star.

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle [Adrian/Hybris, 2007] (buy)
Familjen is cool electronica with vocals in skånska (a southern swedish accent, sounds a bit like danish - ha ha ha!). Me likes very much. Their debut album 'Det snurrar i min skalle' (roughly translated: My head is spinning) was released a short while ago, and here's the title traxxqck. Happy music, certainly fitting for the spring sun.

Pugh Rogefeldt - Stockholm (Qlint and Sankt Göran edit)
Here we have local Gothenburglar djs and producers Sankt Göran & Qlint refixing Pugh Rogefeldt's old song Stockholm. It's swell new disco.
24:Hours posted this, cheers fellas!

Oh and Lifelike - So electric v2 IS HOOT! instant hit (love to risky biz).


Metope - AR1.1 [Areal, 2007] (buy)
Time for some properness; blazing techno from Metope thank you very much. Sinister!

Summer Is Fast Upon Us .....

With that in mind i thought i would post some tracks that have a nice summer vibe these that i have chosen would sound just as good around 7 at night as the sun is going down,aswell as in the midday sun, Im not really a big fan of listening to cold minimal beats in the sunshine, Minimal with a vibe,which has funk, fair enough, but the likes of barem & jpls on a summer day just dont sound right, so anyway heres some that i have been listening too today, its been a nice sunny afternoon here, So ive been sat out in the garden with my laptop watching the world go by, these would sound just as good on your ipod as on a big stereo system, let these be the soundtrack to your summer.

Air -"All I Need" - (White Label Vocal mix) -[N/A]

Salif Keita vs Martin Solveig - "Madan" -(Exotic Disco) - [Universal Music Jazz] (France)

Gui Boratto - "Like You" -(Supermayer Remix) - [Kompakt Pop]

Julien Jabre - "Swimming Places" - (Sebastian Ingrosso Re -Edit) -[Defected]

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In The Mix

Essential Mix comes from Denmark based DJ/Producer Trentemoller (full name Anders Trentemoller).
Trentemoller's two hour Essential Mix debut contains mostly his own production and remixes (including his remix of Moby's "Go!") along with tracks from artists such as Thomas Schumacher, The Knife, Franz Ferdinand, Isolee and The Specials.
Trentemoller has recently released his debut artist album The Last Resort on German Poker Flat imprint. You can buy the album here.

Trentemoller - Small Piano Piece // White Label
Khan - Fantomes // Matador
Trentemoller - The Very Last Resort // Poker Flat
Trentemoller - Miss You // Poker Flat
Lhasa De Sela - De Carla A Pered // Les Disques Audiogrammes
Murcof - Una // Leaf
Trentemoller - Snowflake // Poker Flat
Unknown Artist - Unknown Dub // White Label
Trentemoller - Evil Dub // Poker Flat
The Specials - Ghost Town // EMI old
Chris Isak - Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake) // White Label
Trentemoller - Nightwalker // Poker Flat
Trentemoller Feat. Ane Trolle - Moan (Trentemoller Remix) // Poker Flat
The Doors - Break On Through (Disse Bootleg) // White Label
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Justice Remix) // Domino
Le Tigre - Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix) // Chicks On Speed Records
James White And The Blacks - Contort Yourself // ZE Records
Revl9n - Someone Like You // Because Music
Thomas Schumacher - High On You // Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten
Moby - Go! (Trentemoller Remix) // Mute
The Knife - Silent Shout (Trente Short Edit) // Mute
Jokke - Feelin’ Good (Trentemoller Remix) // White Label
Isolee - Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Fve Remix/Trente Edit/Original Version) // Classic
Trentemoller - Always Something Better Feat. Richard Davis (Trentemoller Remix) // Poker Flat
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentemoller Remix) // Mute
This won the best essential mix of 2006 & it beat alot of very worthy mixes, So here it is to keep,put it on your ipod, download it to disc, Do whatever just listen to it,excellent music from trentemoller.
Download: DivShare (192 kbps MP3, ~165 MB)

Da Bump

Taking A break from the classics today, instead im hitting you up with a promo, & a remix from Âme, Who have recently remixed "Da Bump" by (Mr .V) There take on it is a very minimal groovy affair nothing like the original at all ,So if your expecting vocals and a hip house tune your not going to find it here, Other mixes by Fedde le Grande, Kenny Dope, and more is where you will find the vocals, It comes out at the end of the month on [Defected] so be sure to bag a copy.
Mr .V Ft Miss Patty - "Da Bump" -(Âme Remix) -[promo/Defected]

Drop beats not bombs

RJD2 - Murs beat [XL, 2007] (buy)
The only instrumental piece on RJ's latest output - The Third Hand. And to me it's by far the best track. "Sweet piece" is also good tho.

Anyway I was thinking of changing the description seen in the title to this: "Music: techno, neo submarine pounding, panzer tronik, folk psych polka terror, dirty disco-freak-house, experimental dolphin music, toxic pop, cyborg electro, post dub reggae step hiphop, acid squibble jazz-core and much much more." What do you think?

A friend of mine (yo hansaman!) sent me this link to a pretty damn nice blog...And, it's about...COOKING! I'm getting hungry just reading that stuff. Yum: Anne's Food.

Let The Music Do The Talking

Future Sound of London - "Papau new guinea" - (Original 12"Mix) -[Jumpin & Pumpin 1991]

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wolf eyes

On the 8th I had a small gathering at my place for some drinks then out to Nef and catch the last songs of Wolf Eyes playing live - heavy and evil death terror noise ambient. After that club Hotet kicked off. Not too crowded but had fun still.

Incidentally my lovely girlfirend gave me the Wolf eyes 12" The Driller as birthday present. It's gruesome and experimental.

Wolf Eyes - The Driller [Sub pop, 2006]

Going to a job interview tomorrow. Got two calls this morning from different consulting frims asking me some questions about two separate positions I applied for during the weekend. Thing is, the job that seems more fun I haven't got an interview for yet...