Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear Matthew...

Thank you for all the wonderfull electronic music you give us year in year out, yours sincerly JBH Random Circuits......

Well Something on those lines i dont think he would be too pleased were giving out his music almost 2 months before the album comes out, but it has to be heard. The album "Asa Breed" Will be out on the 5th June on the Ghostly International label. So anyway i figure it must have been leaked, is this a bad thing mmmm? im not sure i was reading statistics on downloading through p2p sites & the figures are shocking 1 in 4 house holds use or have used a p2p site.Saying that though Im sure you will all buy it when it comes out dont just rely on blogs etc because thats missing the point i buy lots of music & i know others do who run blogs also, anyway enough of the do's and dont's.

Picture Taken by Steve @ Whilst Your there it would be in your interest to check out his review on the man in question & pick up lots of excellent electronic music.

Matthew Dear - "Neighborhoods" -[N/A]

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