Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Into The Sublime

This is possibly one of the most beautiful tracks you will ever here.No wonder why Michael Mayer is regarded as one of the top ten producers in the world,aswell as co -owning one of the most talented labels out there [Kompakt] & all that comes with it. Here he goes to work on a cover version of "Maps" by the (yeah yeah yeahs),Firstly reworked by Ada, then remixed by Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas on [Areal]

Ada -"Maps" -(Mayer & Thomas Remix) - [Areal]

***Edit*** It looks like risky bizniz & me shop at the same place for music ;) they beat me to the post by a few hours i just realised.

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skypher said...

Truly an amazing piece! Mayer kills it once again, as always.