Monday, April 23, 2007

Trip Hop

Trip hop is a genre of music which uses elements of dub, hip hop & electronic beats it was very popular in the mid 90,s mainly coming out of Bristol UK with the likes of Massive Attack & Portishead leading the way, Bristol has always been so influential to music. Many class it as the spiritual home of Drum & Bass, & now the 2nd leading city of Dubstep after London with leeds not far behind, i hope you like these tracks as much as me its sort of chill out with a strangely slow dubby vibe, still sounding as fresh as they did back in the day .

Tricky - "Hell Is Round The Corner" - [4th & Broadway 1995]

Massive Attack - "Angel" - [Wild bunch records 1998]

Portishead - "Glory Box" - [Go Discs! 1994]


herman said...

i remember when i first heard 'hell is round the corner' in 1995. what an intriguing sound, it was stuck in my head for weeks.

JBH said...

Its funny you should say that Herman since i put it up i cant get it out of my head either, must have that effect on people