Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flying xdb episode

Three tracks in one post, was a while ago I did that. You can call it a saurday treat.

Flying Lotus - 1983 (Daedelus "Odd-Dance Party" Remix)
[Plug research, 2006]
Flying Lotus produces intrumental hip-hop in the same vein as Prefuse 73. It's squeeky and choppy, but contains thick beats and melodies. Here the Lotus gets a punch from Daedelus into happy bleep land. Catchy and fun. Last track on the '1983' album.

XDB - Descap [Metrolux, 2007]
Descap EP: Limited edition of just 700, pressed on a white label with a stamped Metrolux logo and issue number on each copy. The first 121 copies in red transparent vinyl. Dubby and deep techno.

Claro Intelecto - Episode [Modern love, 2005]
Rare Claro Intelecto twelve, Lacan / Episode (limited to 459 copies). Episode is a long soulful journey in twilight electro land. Nice, fat atmosphere with an under the radar melody contrasted by stellar drums that kicks in at 2:34.

Tonight club Kraft with Steadycam performing live!


Alex said...

Claro Intelecto - Episode = superb. So menacing.

skypher said...

I agree with ya alex. Soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic future.