Friday, April 06, 2007

Grimey Princess

Joker -"Grimey Princess" -[Earwax 2007]

Who fancies a game of "name the hottest new instrumental grime producer?" Here's the first clue: "He's making next level instrumental grime, evoking memories of Detroit's future." Sound like Plastician? It does but you're wrong. How about: "He's a prestigious talent, who stays in to make vast number of beats, began writing on Fruity Loops when he was 14 before graduating to Logic." Sounds like Skream? It does…but it isn't. What about: "As a teenager he watched UK garage implode, seized his moment to combine synths with mental computer game FX to create his own sound." Remind you of a young Dizzee Rascal? It does, but you've still got the wrong guy.

Instead, meet 18-year-old Joker from Easton, Bristol, UK. With a release on dubstep's DJ Pinch's Earwax and another forthcoming on grime's Plastican's Terrorhythm, Joker's making waves in 2007 with a unique sound of his own.

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