Sunday, April 08, 2007

Storm in time

Wow, the acid post was ridiculously popular. I'm guessing this won't come close, hehe. Anyways I realized I have been sleeping on hiphop for a while. So i browsed around for what's new and exciting or any other quality tunes I've missed out on. Here's what I found.

Cut chemist feat. Edan & Mr Lif - Storm
[Warner bros, 2006]
Bionic shit! This is good hiphop, the kind of stuff I appreciate. A bit non-standard, but not too out there either. Had high expectations on this track since it's three names I quite dig, no disappointment.

Evidence - A moment in time (feat. Planet Asia)
[ABB, 2007]
Very classic sound to this song, not really ground breaking in any aspect. But it's solid all around, can't help but nod my head to this.

Listened to RJD2's latest output (The third hand) as well, and he still is a top producer, but the vocals..hmm? Took a while to get used to, to be honest. An ok album though.

Anyone out there that want to tip me off about great, 2005-2007 hiphop tracks that I might have missed? Please, I'm so behind on the genre right now it's silly.

Edit: Oh it's my birthday today! Yay :|

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JBH said...

Yo mate hapy birthday! Have a good one.