Friday, April 06, 2007

The Dirty Disco

So this Sunday is the 2nd birthday of the North of Englands premier club night the Dirty disco ,unfortunatly it wont be held at its spiritual home which is the Northern light ,a club with 3 different rooms a main room a side room and a very dark basement ,it wont be held here because the police decided to raid it & found nothing apart from a few (e,s) when they should of been concentrating on all the beer boys who go out looking for a fight not 2000 sweaty clubbers all going to the same place for the same thing that being the music ,anyway it will be held in mission a club thats recently had a 1 million pound face lift so im happy.Have a good weekend everybody & remember party hard but dont forget to go home!
John dahlback -"Ooh Oh l E" - (Sebo k Remix) - [Systematic]

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