Thursday, April 05, 2007

Voigt Ripper

A couple of new bits and pieces of music to dance and groove to. This time from the neverending golden stream of records coming out of Kompakt and the smaller Liebe Detail.

Ripperton - 10a
[Liebe detail, 2007] (buy)
January release but still pumping in my speakers and brain. Ripperton and Behrenroth splits a 12" and both sides are solid minimalism. Ripperton = Hot. Edit: Track should be available again (changed to ol' trusty zshare).

Reinhard Voigt - Charge Your Dreams [Kompakt, 2007]
Oompf! Voigt steps correct with some new techno. Charge your dreams is a clearcut My Kind Of Track. Wreck yourself.


JBH said...

Killer post ! :D :D

duri said...

looks like the ripperton track is gone... deleted?

skypher said...

duri: Thanks for noticing. Uploaded it to zshare and updated the link now. Cheers.