Friday, April 06, 2007


Shitkatapult co-founder Sascha Ring aka Apparat has a new album in the pipeline - "Walls", due in may.

Quite a few of the tracks feature vocals which mostly fall flat to my ears. Some parts are quite bland, but there are a few standout songs as well: Limelight, Fractales pt1, Arcadia and You don't know me. But we've heard it all before. Perhaps Apparat needs a bit of Ellen Allien to reach full potential?

Apparat - Fractales Pt.1
[Shitkatapult, 2007] (buy)

No, what's really keeping me busy at the moment is oldish acid house. And some classic detroit techno. With a bit of Merck sprinkled on top.

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JBH said...

i think apparat is hit & miss, like you say hes a bit lost without ellen ,ive been listening to some of his remixes this week which are all great i like this track you posted also ,someone who i want to see live thats for sure.