Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Black month

Watched Junebug. Quite a nice movie, some brilliant scenes and dialogues.

It's been awfully silent the last couple of days, my speakers have been left pretty much unused. Drop recommendations to what I should hear in the comments, please.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Anders Ilar - Dual Morning
I bought this release (Rendthree) from fellow Gothenburg denizen Anders Ilar in a store in Philadelphia (of all places) - kind of funny. It's totally great and especially this track.

Anders Ilar - Inept
This one (Inter) was bought in Gbg though hehe. Good as well.

Buy Anders Ilar releases from juno or boomkat.

I thought I missed Wiley who was performing in a local club yesterday. BUT! Apparently mr Wiley missed the flight so he couldn't come and will be there next week instead. Hah.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hiroki Esashika - Indust
Hiroki Esashika - Otaru neon

Electro-house or whatever you want to call it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Felix Da Housecat - Silver screen (Thin white duke remix)
Electric six - Danger (high voltage) (Les rhythms digitale Thin white duke mix)
Starsailor - Four to the floor (Thin white duke remix)
The ol' duke gets the groove on. (

Miwon - Brother Mole (Andrew Weatherall remix)
The original is from the album 'Pale Glitter' (CCO) which is very beautiful and varying. (

Sirconical - Shale
Unknown artist to me until a couple of weeks ago when someone recommended this. Seems to have been rather quiet about this guy - which is too bad, more people should hear this. Can I hear a little bit of Plaid in this? Brilliant anyhow. Check the album 'Waving at planes'. (

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Yet another trailer for a cool film I want to see, Next: A primer on urban painting.

Basteroid - Automatique
Bought the 12" this is on, on a whim, cheap after having heard one basteroid track. Freaky, and around 3:45 it even gets catchy.

Dave Clarke - Thunder
Ooh, what have we here? Could it possibly be some straight up thomping bone crushing techno? Indeed.

Steve Lawler - Out at night (Nathan Fake remix)
Bleepy. Lawlz.

I was planning on recording, converting, uploading and link some [a]pendics.shuffle stuff as well, but.. uh. Maybe for another post..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Demoscene special I: Gonna fuck up your RGB

Demoscene special I: Music
The first post in a series dedicated to show some of the goodness the demoscene has produced. All of these tracks are a couple of years old now but they still make me feel good.

Vic - 303 remixI was so happy when I first found this song (on scene.org). The original track is for a demo called 303 (duh) by the group Acme. I was totally floored whan I saw that demo the first time (old DOS thing). It might seem a tad cheesy now but I'm still a fan.

Bad loop - Lumme
Lush. An old favourite track of mine. Is this triphop or simply very melodic idm backed by a hiphop beat? You tell me. When it comes to genres i'm not to be trusted.

Brothomstates - The nonstop ibiza experience
The link points to an .xm file, play it in modplug player preferably. Soundtrack to the demo with the same name by orange (legends). Sickeningly good, especially considering this was made with a tracker. Brothomstates was aka Dune by the way.

Radix - I realize
Radix aka Sinespree aka Mosaik the king of melodies, the king of solid tracks. Chiptunes, mp3s you name it he's done it. Again a slight cheese warning is due here but, man this song is from 1999. If I remember correctly this track was the soundtrack to one of replay's many minimalist demos.

Lackluster - Starcell U.K
Lackluster, or Distance as he was known as, much like brothomstates went on to make a 'real' music career and has released stuff on many nice labels. I even think this particular track is featured on one such release. (Try the japanese mirror if the main one doesn't work).

The next part in this series will feature a few picks of my favourite demos and intros, hopefully with included video captures.

Bonus: EP by Brothomstates!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Elström + moomins

Ait, so I've just heard the first Ström (earlier post) show on radio P2. It was packed with facts and (shorter) interviews - which I absolutely enjoyed. The whole show feels very well made and like a quality thing. Not as much music as I thought it would feature, but that's not a bad thing in this case. The pausfågel-remix feature was a fresh thing, very cool. SR, public fucking service, and all people behind Ström thank you.

If you haven't heard (of) TPOLM's Lazy Sunday Radio you have seriously been missing out on some good stuff. Ranging from melodic idm to heavy techno sets and beyond, these djs are owning. Recommended.

Esem - Postledd
Spektrum - Kinda new (Tiefschwarz dub)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Just some tidbits of info regarding this blog.

  • Links pointing to music files are bold. This is for lazy people who don't want to read all the boring text.
  • Mp3/m4a links will stay active for about 7 - 14 days (yousendit = around 7, spread-it = around 14).
  • If you nag me enough I might re-upload a track or two.
  • Comments are greatly appreciated and a good way to tell me if something rocks or sucks.
  • If you want me to remove a link to a file for whatever reason I will happily comply if your argument is valid. Mail me.
  • The name, Random circuits, means nothing. I don't even fancy the name that much frankly and it's subject to change.
John Dahlbäck - Nothing Is For Real (Mark Knight Remix)
[2005, Toolroom trax] (

ECB & DJ Heather - Picture of you (original take)
[2005, Blackcherry recordings] (

Monday, January 16, 2006

John Starlight

John Starlight special post deluxe banana mega monkey!

Blood angels (chris liebing mix)
Released in 2002 this is still grinding. Hard, hard, hard. Dance, dance boris!

From the compilation "This Is Not The '80s: A Nu-Wave Electro Compilation" (2002). Silly name, good music and John doesn't let us down. This is a pretty catchy electro track, chugging along almost kraftwerk style with vocoded vocals and all. Total opposite of Blood angels.

Deep down (Golden days remix)
Precise cut, clean, makes you move along to the beat (2005). Shows how his sound has progressed.

Buy stuff by John Starlight from juno.


A trailer for 'Speaking in code' an upcoming movie about electronic music collaboration etc, seems very interesting. Dangerdoom video.
Rubber johnny video (afx) - includes deflecting laser beams with palms, snorting a very long line of coke and wheel-chair kung fu dance moves. More top videos can be found over at DoCopenhagen.

I like Stars, the pop group. Yes, this is true, ever since I heard 'Heart' I've been digging this so totally uncool and sometimes quite cheesy music. I think their latest outing 'Set yourself on fire' is great, you can download the whole album from muchmusic.net. It's sweet, dreamy pop stuff backed by a lot of synths. A perfect break from the ice cold machine-like autchre or the rough and rugged latest hiphop joint.

Vector lovers - Substrata (buy)
From the album 'Capsule for one'. Builds up to quite a dancefloor banger.

Autechre - Clipper (buy)
Still one of their best tracks, at the peak of "IDM" in '95.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gimmie some mo'

Artists I'm anxiously awaiting new material from.

  1. Brothomstates. Everything from his earlier demoscene stuff as Dune (god I love the soundtrack to 'The nonstop Ibiza experience') to his Qtio (warp) and Rktic (arcola) releases - brilliant. Please gief more.
  2. Prince po and Dangermouse. Sure they've done some great stuff apart from eachother, but I want them together again!
  3. Landau. Excellent debut album (Thepicomromise) on merck, hasn't received the praise it should've.
  4. The Go! team. Thunder, lightning, strike was (is) so good. Will be very interesting to see what they do next.
  5. MBMA in general and PSTQ in particular. Local rapper PSTQ with the baddest and maddest lyrics and flow.
  6. Hp.stonji. On its way according to the SM site, thank god.
  7. Intricate. Also on its way according to the SM site.
I like vinyl because all the hipsters likes vinyl.


New blogger template. Very few good ones to be found so I settled with this common (but good-looking) one. My list of music blogs that I keep an eye on has grown so much the last couple of days that I had to install a proper feed reader - NetNewsWire Lite, works great.

MF Doom, one of my heroes, here with what I consider the best track on Vaudeville villain: Let me watch featuring Apani B. (buy)

Circuits 16F

On february the first it's time for Gothenburglars to brace themselves and enter the foul dungeon of Sticky Fingers for some Atmosphere+Brother Ali action! (more info at luger) I wonder what they we're thinking putting something like this on a friggin' wednesday.

The '
can I bring my gat?' and 'good shit, gucci' blogs has (as usual) posted some nice stuff to d/l lately.

If you for some reason missed one of 2005's finest electronica releases; Intricate's dori doreau (on) ep, here's a song from it for ya.
Intricate - Presence (buy)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Elektro vibes

First tracks I've recorded from vinyl to digital.

Bitstream - Anno Domini (buy)
Thumbs up to bitstream for this heavy EP, Streamlining. Full of dense, complex and quirky electro-idm (omg that sounds silly). Everything with the signature bitstream sound. Here's track A1, it's... dare I say it.. crunchy.

Distorto - Distorto_4 (buy)
"The artists who appear as part of this series have been asked to steer away from their usual, well-known writing and production styles. These artists will appear under their Distorto pseudonyms for this project only
." This is an evil, noisy track on the b side of the first installation in the series (very good ep).

Franck Sarrio - B1 untitled (buy)
A hefty fee for this new bunker release called 'Lord of the nightmares'. And, yeah, it's dark stuff alright. And, yup, worth the dough (of course). No track names, just a black slab of vinyl. Dirty, brown and miserable and I love it.

Remember, kids, buy the releases you like!

The quality of the tracks can be a bit dodgy, my equipment isn't the best. Sorry about that.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pink skies

"Fan vad skön!"
Nathan Fake - The sky was pink (martinez remix) (buy)

Friday illin

It's friday and it's time to share some music! Nothing extraordinarly new or exciting perhaps, but good shit none the less.

First out we have some fresh atmosphere (from the album 'you can't imagine how much fun we're having'):
Atmosphere - pour me another
Atmosphere -
the arrival

Next up a bit of the sweet Jesse Somfay:
Jesse Somfay - In the open at night

And finally a classic track:

Kraftwerk - Spacelab

I stayed up yesterday fiddling with an applescript for iTunes that didn't work as I wanted. So I changed it and, tada, iWannaHearThatOne 2.0 was born. It prompts the user for a track to be either played or queued. (Read the script itself for a caveat). Full credit to Jack Gill who made the original version. In other news; my brother has also put up a blog (in swedish) - zteck.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Excessive thursday posting

Yeah as I said, a lot of time on my hands heh. Check this cool clip out, found it at savetargetas.net. It's Cursor minor - Fructal break with the visuals from Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer video. Um, checked out Guild wars.. pretty neat too bad I can't play it on my mac. Dabbled some with Ableton Live - damn fine program.

Quote regarding Electroplankton: "I played it on 3 DSes together for 7 hours on acid last week. I was making some incredible music."

Movies etc

God damn.. After I stopped playing that omgrpg[tm] I really have a lot of time on my hands. Been filling the void with tv and movies.


Björk + Vitalic = Who Is It (Vitalic remix)

Add to that some goodie electro from Boris Divider: Shutdown the system (buy)
also found some new shit from Anthony Rother:
Luzifer (from the 12" Gott) over at 24:hours. <3

Enjoy! More to come.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Yes. Damn, Dokument Humor is a good (swedish) tv show. It's just not the actual content that is interesting and good but also the music, the editing, the cuts, synchs, the imagery... Very well produced show. Thank you SVT! Also thank you SR - looks like we soon gonna have an interesting radio show on P2(!) called Ström led by Andreas Tilliander and Håkan Lidbo, about electronic music, yummy!
Reference: SVD

Edit: Ström's p2 site is now online.

Music blogs

Music blogs that I dig:

24 : HOURS

Yeah those are good, a bit of mixed stuff. Been listening more and more to techno/house/club music lately. It's funny how your music taste can change over the course of your life... My first genre I really was into was like.. punk or something as I remember. After that I got more into hiphop then electronic music, mostly "IDM", from there to electro the road isn't far and then I went from electro to where I'm at now. Of course in the mean time I've been veering off into hard rock, pop, big beat, funk, soul, reagge etc occasionally as well.

Not to say that I don't listen to stuff I did a bit back.. I do, frequently. Hiphop and electronica is still what I know best and usually listen to.

Edit: Added them blogs to the link section on the right side.