Monday, January 16, 2006


A trailer for 'Speaking in code' an upcoming movie about electronic music collaboration etc, seems very interesting. Dangerdoom video.
Rubber johnny video (afx) - includes deflecting laser beams with palms, snorting a very long line of coke and wheel-chair kung fu dance moves. More top videos can be found over at DoCopenhagen.

I like Stars, the pop group. Yes, this is true, ever since I heard 'Heart' I've been digging this so totally uncool and sometimes quite cheesy music. I think their latest outing 'Set yourself on fire' is great, you can download the whole album from It's sweet, dreamy pop stuff backed by a lot of synths. A perfect break from the ice cold machine-like autchre or the rough and rugged latest hiphop joint.

Vector lovers - Substrata (buy)
From the album 'Capsule for one'. Builds up to quite a dancefloor banger.

Autechre - Clipper (buy)
Still one of their best tracks, at the peak of "IDM" in '95.

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