Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gimmie some mo'

Artists I'm anxiously awaiting new material from.

  1. Brothomstates. Everything from his earlier demoscene stuff as Dune (god I love the soundtrack to 'The nonstop Ibiza experience') to his Qtio (warp) and Rktic (arcola) releases - brilliant. Please gief more.
  2. Prince po and Dangermouse. Sure they've done some great stuff apart from eachother, but I want them together again!
  3. Landau. Excellent debut album (Thepicomromise) on merck, hasn't received the praise it should've.
  4. The Go! team. Thunder, lightning, strike was (is) so good. Will be very interesting to see what they do next.
  5. MBMA in general and PSTQ in particular. Local rapper PSTQ with the baddest and maddest lyrics and flow.
  6. Hp.stonji. On its way according to the SM site, thank god.
  7. Intricate. Also on its way according to the SM site.
I like vinyl because all the hipsters likes vinyl.

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