Thursday, January 19, 2006

Demoscene special I: Gonna fuck up your RGB

Demoscene special I: Music
The first post in a series dedicated to show some of the goodness the demoscene has produced. All of these tracks are a couple of years old now but they still make me feel good.

Vic - 303 remixI was so happy when I first found this song (on The original track is for a demo called 303 (duh) by the group Acme. I was totally floored whan I saw that demo the first time (old DOS thing). It might seem a tad cheesy now but I'm still a fan.

Bad loop - Lumme
Lush. An old favourite track of mine. Is this triphop or simply very melodic idm backed by a hiphop beat? You tell me. When it comes to genres i'm not to be trusted.

Brothomstates - The nonstop ibiza experience
The link points to an .xm file, play it in modplug player preferably. Soundtrack to the demo with the same name by orange (legends). Sickeningly good, especially considering this was made with a tracker. Brothomstates was aka Dune by the way.

Radix - I realize
Radix aka Sinespree aka Mosaik the king of melodies, the king of solid tracks. Chiptunes, mp3s you name it he's done it. Again a slight cheese warning is due here but, man this song is from 1999. If I remember correctly this track was the soundtrack to one of replay's many minimalist demos.

Lackluster - Starcell U.K
Lackluster, or Distance as he was known as, much like brothomstates went on to make a 'real' music career and has released stuff on many nice labels. I even think this particular track is featured on one such release. (Try the japanese mirror if the main one doesn't work).

The next part in this series will feature a few picks of my favourite demos and intros, hopefully with included video captures.

Bonus: EP by Brothomstates!

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