Friday, September 28, 2007


Big Thing's going off this weekend first is another new night in leedsLouche presents The Oxjam Music Festival at Mint Club
Line-up / Paco Osuna(M_Nus, Plus8, Mindshake) Dave Martin (Technique) Jay Kilka(Technique) +Residents.Then its the BIG ONE '(S) If your in London on sat its either Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Hood, Bruno Pronsato, Fabric or Beatport presents: Minus, The End (Decisions decisions!) If your up North its Technique feat Minus - Warehouse Relaunch where i will be, have a good one where ever you choose to go.Its NOT about staying in with all this talent in the UK you would be MAD to miss out. Also if you want some more check out the daytime party on sunday 2pm -1am also in leeds mono_cult @ The Lounge // net28 Showcase // Damian Schwartz Vs Tadeo. if you want more after all that you need help ;-)

Daily black chicken

Redshape - Black dust [Present, 2007] (d/l)

A regular around here, Redshape is not the character to let us down. Reshape's special and unique techno approach surfaces once again as winner material. This B side is a pure builder, that keeps on growing on you. Both as the tune progresses but also the more you listen to the track. The a-side and the release is called "Unfinished symmetry". Got attitude.

3 channels - A chicken affair [Dirtybird, 2007] (d/l)
Another animal EP has seen the light. Catz 'N Dogz this time. Fixation on the A side, A chicken affair on the b side. Personally, at this time and in this mood, I find the chicken track superior to the a-side. Meow... woof!

And here's one to tease you a bit, snippet from CLE and Steve "Label Boss" Bug. Excellent collaboration!

I'm going to be away for the weekend once again - gonna go and check Mr Oizo and Wifebeater love's club in Malmö. Have a good one.

JBH'S Random Weekend Mix

I had great enjoyment in doing this mix,coming in at just under 55mins its nice and "kompakt" showcasing the freshest House and Techno highlights are all of the tracks if you ask me otherwise i wouldn't put them on :-) Enjoy.

1 Sascha Funke - "The Acrobat" -(Efdemin Remix) - [Bpitch Control]
2 Sian - "Apple Tree" - (Original Mix) -[Aus]
3 Touane - "Chamber" - [Liebe Detail]
4 Swayzak - "Smile & Receive" -(Original Mix) - [K2]
5 Lucy - "Glass Computer" - (Masaya Dub) -[Perspectiv]
6 Efdemin - "Acid Bells" - (Matt O' Brien Remix) -[Métisse]
7 Sven Tasnadi - "On My Way" - [Cargo Edition]
8 Philip Sherburne - "Lumber Jacking" - (Original Mix) - [Lans Music]
9 Gaiser - "Withdrawal" - (JBH'S keys only edit) -[M_nus]
10 Caribou - "Melody day" - (Fourtet Remix) -[City Slang]


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Laidback Luke - Housetrap - 2000 And One Remix - Size Records

Dont be put of by the artist as some of you may recognise him from putting out shoddy electro house.
Like the original of this track (If you have heard it you will release how much he has stripped it down) There's a few more mixes on the 'ep (René Amesz) who goes for the typical electro house route (NOT worth checking!)

Its safe to say that when your dealing with Amsterdam's latest house product 2000 And One* you know the track / remix will be something good. Here he basicly strips the original track right down removes all the cheap electro sounds and just uses the one riff which is like a muffled horn.With which he add's a slow shuffly bass.

Its not one of his best but its worth a listen see what you think. It wont do much listening to it through PC speaker's either, but in a club i reckon it would create a nice atmosphere.

The awakening

Marc Romboy - The awakening [MTRCTY, 2007] (d/l)

Marc keeps on cranking out minimal tech-house snacks. This wet one goes straight to the heart. Omar S remix on the flip!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Keeping It Quirky

Our Friend and fellow blogger hit us up with this excellent new mix of fresh & forward thinking house music i asked him a few weeks back to do a mix as i was so impressed with his other mixes which you can find here on his blog. The blog brings you the biggest talent on the electronic music scene week in week out heres a little bit about the radio show and some more excellent mixes to download.

Eclectro is a radio show on The Portland Radio Authority Saturday nights 8 to 10pm PST: The show is hosted by DJ Quirky every week and includes weekly special guest mixes. Previous guests have included Freeform Five, Japanese Popstars, Justus Koehncke, Oilver Huntemann, Stefan Goldmann, Toby Tobias, Gudrun Gut,Djuma Soundsystem, Joakim and many more!! podcasts for each previous show are available Future guests include Tim Sweeney (DFA, beatsinspace),Ewan Pearson, Trentemoeller, Sian, Markus Enochson, Phonique, Ada, Fish Go Deep, The Juan Maclean, Michoacan, FC Kahuna, Kissy Sell Out, Shakes,Adultnapper, Nellboy, Skull Juice, 20JazzFunkGreats, Trickski, Chloe Harris, Puffin Jack, and loads more quality acts..

The mix flows so smoothly, its a mix of where things are right now in Deep house its a blend of fresh house cuts with slices of minimal house which have been weaved in tight. showcasing the finest house music featuring up and coming tracks from (Daso) on [Spectral] (Luciano's) wonderfull take on (Romanthony's) "Let me show you love" (Manuel Tur) (Efdemin) remixing (Sian) and much more. Also he includes the summer spectacular "Dark Soldier" which may i add everyone should own a copy it really is that good. This mix is so great and were delighted to have it on our blog. Big Thanks to Quirky!!! Go check his blog for more wonderfull mixes.

Sept Promo: Download Save Target as.

Pan Pot - Faces Ft Vincenzo // Mobilee
Daso - Meine // Spectral Sound
Roland Appel - Dark Soldier // Sonar Kollektiv
Touane - Chamber // Liebe Detail
Sian - Apple Tree (Efdemin Mix) // Aus
Manuel Tur - Clock Shift // Compost Black Label
Rekleiner - Dos Caminos // Connaisseur
Stimming - Funkworm // Diynamic
Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Luciano Edit) // CDR
Dennis Ferrer - Underground Is My Home // King Street

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Continuing with some tracks which have got lost in the system this Der Dritte Raum Trommelmaschine (Remixes) is really nice im glad i came across it, released all the way back in 1996, still sounding so fresh and crisp. The Villalobos remix is a wonderfull summery drum track which makes you feel good its got a catchy piano riff through out tribal conga drums and an all round good feel look this little beauty up you need it in your collection.
Also whilst were talking Villalobos go over to one of our favorite blogs to get Ricardo's exclusive white label remix of (New Orders Confusion) would be a fool not to. As its only been pressed on limited white and will proberly never see the light of day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Orange Mistake

I have been meaning to post this Orange Mistake for a while now.

With a new & great looking compilation from Luciano coming up this seem's as good a time as any, its so good deep bubbly and laced in funk a proper funk excursion it tears the dance floor up like a aftershock would after a earthquake causing mass devestation to everything in its path.
If your clever you could use it as a weapon on the floor as not many dj's will be playing it. A excellent track one of the best ive heard from Luciano if your a keen follower of the Cadenza sound you need this in your collection.
It may have passed some of you by as it came out in 03 dont let that put you off as it sounds just as fresh if not more today than it did back then check out the new compilation when it hits stores.

You, the Living

Monday. Sigh. Atleast I had a great, chill, weekend. I saw a wonderful movie from one of sweden's finest directors: Roy Andersson. The film is called "Du levande", not sure how well it works for non swedish viewers but consider this tragic comedy extremely recommended!

No music from me today, but check these posts out for some freshness:
24-hours, disco & alpha man.
Little white earbuds, Kevin saunderson & Carl Craig.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

JBH'S Essential Random Circuits Sept 07

Tracks To Buy

Kraftwerk vs Hot chip

Kraftwerk - La forme (Hot chip's king of the mountains mix) [EMI, 2007] (d/l)
An undertaking so immense that just the thought of it would set any sane man on fire. Remixing Kraftwerk can be seen as either lionheart courage or plain old foolishness! I'm leaning towards the latter. Hot chip are clearly a bunch of synth shagging fools. But DAMN, this remix works (Ya Rly). Kraftwerk's sound is elevated by the chipsters' prodding and molding.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This week's mix is more deeper and a little darker than previous it flows really well peaking in the middle, i hope you enjoy it. Next weeks mix will be the start of a 3 part special focusing on all the tracks that have been big over the summer.No fillers all thrillers. You can expect everything from House & Techno, Deep House & Minimal and everything else in between.

1 Pan -Pot - "Ape shall never kill ape" - [Mobilee]
2 Petre Inspirescu - "Galantar" - [Cadenza]
3 Chloe - "Suspended" - [Kill The Dj]
4 Kevin Saunderson - "Bassline" - (Loco Dice Remix) - [Planet E]
5 Aaron Hedges - "One more Hour" - [District Of Corruption]
6 Marc Houle - "Techno Vocals" - [M_nus]
7 Pan -Pot - "Hypnotized Shark" - [Mobilee]
8 False - "Stomach /Ankle biters" - [M_nus]
9 Jaxson - "Smokemachine" - [FreakWaves]
10 Stefan Goldmann - "The Bribe" - [Macro]
11 Fuckpony - "Lady Judy" - [Bpitch Control]
12 Petre Inspirescu -"Mostra" - [Cadenza]
13 Stefan Goldmann - "Lunatic Fringe" - [Macro]


Thursday, September 20, 2007

The ribcage! team

Random Circuits - Providing weekend music before it's weekend since 2006.

Dubfire - Ribcage [Desolat, 2007] (d/l)
Uh oh, watch out! Something gigantic inbound. It's Ali Shirazinia's chest rattling Ribcage. Twelve minutes of dubby tech-house, giving you the creeps and simultaneously makes you want to get intoxicated and party all night long until the early morn. Not to be missed!

Finally! New album from favorite funky party fun-loving dance music ensamble, the go! team. As expected it is ace all the way through. Their sound has not changed whatsoever since the debut, but who cares. Why fix something that isn't broken? I know I'm not getting tired of this any time soon. Buy, buy, buy.

It Doesn't Matter (part 4)

B for Best!

Bola - Rainslaight [Skam, 2007] (d/l)
New outing from high-profile IDM-producer Darrell Fitton. He's been at it since '95, so you gotta give the man credit. This time the album is called "Kroungrine" and it's one of his best to date! Varying styles, but the Bola sound surrounding it all, tightly as it should. Sounds for eternity.

Brothomstates - Adozenaday [Warp, 2001] (d/l)
I've written about brothomstates before and how he can do no wrong. But in hindsight, I see his collaboration with Blamstrain as a miss in his row of hits. Too bad, because they're both great. Well, co-ops can be tough so no hard feelings. Here's a tune from the brilliant and absolutely smashing Qtio EP.

In other news: 
  • Discogs has opened up their database and provides an API - yaay!
  • I have finally picked up mixing as a hobby (again), inspired by other bloggers and of course my wingman JBH. So I might serve up some mixalicious stuff when i feel comfortable about it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Peter Grummich - Moondancer [Mule electronic, 2007] (d/l)
Worst name ever for a track? :)

Uninspired and tired right now. Too much work, school and other stuff going on at the moment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Teflon - The wombat [Rebel one, 2007] (d/l)
Driving and boiling tech-house from Teflon. Strong, grubby 1-track release.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cooling off

Im Going to cool down on the mp3's and posting for a while until the heat dies down i find if we have a cooling off period its doesn't seem so bad.

The mixes will still be present got a nice one this week new music from Stefan Goldmann, Stephan laubner, Chloe, Jamie Jones, Jaxson, Hugo, Format :B, Pan Pot, Marc Houle, Petre Insperiscu, Manuel Tur & more also new remixes from Loco Dice who's remixing Kevin Saunderson ,Villalobos who's remixing Chica and the Folder and whatever else i put in.

Back soon.

Lunatic Fringe / The Bribe EP.

Stefan Goldmann's New label Macro is only it to its second release and is already a strong label to be reckoned with the first two releases Aurora / Beluga were Excellent but this excells itself.

He wants his label Macro to release only a few records a year and wants them to stand out from the rest of the badly produced "Pc Music" as he call it.

Its safe to say that Lunatic Fringe EP' fall's into the "Stand out" something differen't catagory. Lunatic Fringe takes in a School CHOIR yes you heard it right he drafts in a Choir for the track, which is already backed by the big guns you know the Villalobos's Luciano's and Hawtin's of the scene, and all the rest.

Its not a novelty track either it works so damn well, the "Bribe" comes in alot deeper with one of the riff's of the summer some people are saying its THE RIFF, its his trade mark sound think his first release Aurora / Beluga especially Beluga deep groovy hypnotic keys so catchy its insane.

For some reason when i play the Bribe and Beluga i picture a old house with a big clock in the hall way its late at night and the atmosphere is tense.

This will work on deeper floors aswell as more minimal orientated floors this ones backed by the cream of the crop aswell i can not STRESS how ESSENTIAL both tracks are, i guarantee you will NOT be dissapointed.
Goldmann is a force to be reckoned with not many producers will get close to his consistantly superb standard.
Link Removed By Request.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trash light

I just got my new iMac this friday and it's the best. I've decided this time around to try out using Safari as my main browser (previously I've been a big Firefox fan). Too bad that blogger and some google services (docs) doesn't quite play well with Safari 2.x atleast. I will be giving the 3.x beta a twirl soon. If things doesn't get better I will most likely hop back to FF (or Camino).

Trash yourself - Touch [n/a, 2007] (d/l)
Distorted synth disco punk house with r rated vocals to match. It has a retro feel and will be a good kickstart for any wild party. Cheers John Bourke!

Fläskkvartetten feat. Anna Ternheim - Leave a light [Flesh/Universal, 2007] (d/l)
The fleshquartet's latest album (Voices of Eden) features vocals from many of the big swedes. Anna Ternheim being one of the guests, and this is the nice little tune they put together. Captivating, slow and melancholic.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

JBH'S Random Weekend Mix

Some nice tracks which are doing it for me aswell as lots of new music. including (Digitaline) with a remix coming from (Luciano) on [Cadenza] a new track of (Petre Inspirescu) new ep' "Tips"also on [Cadenza] aswell as (Pan Pot) (Justin Martin) (Modeselektor) (Pier Bucci) (Jona) (Raudive) & more.The mixing could have been tighter, i had alot of enjoyment in making it & i hope you will get the same from listening. Enjoy ;-)
1. Kabale Und Liebe Feat Daniel Sanchez - "Mumbling Yeah" - [Cdr]
2. Petre Inspirescu -"Racakadoom" - [Cadenza]
3. Pier Bucci - "Chiloe" - [Crosstown Rebels]
4. Digitaline - "Honolulu" - (Luciano's Lilinokalani Remix) - [Cadenza]
5. Laurine Frost - "Amfora" - [Perspectiv]
6. Soul Capsule - "Waiting For A Way" -[Perlon]
7. Pan - Pot - "Crank" - [Mobilee]
8. Matt O' Brien - "On The Brink" - [Off Key Industries]
9. Jona & Nutown projekt - "Ashes & Dust" -[Resopal]
10. Justin Martin - "Nightowl" - [Buzzin Fly]
11. Andreas Jornvil -"Bitch Fuck" - [Cdr]
12. Modeselektor - "The Dark Side Of The Sun Featuring Puppetmastaz" - (2000 & One Remix) - [Bpitch Control]
13. False - "Face The Rain" - [M_nus]
14. Pan - Pot - "Apocalyptic Horsemen" - [Mobilee]
15. Raudive - "Needles" - (Steve Bug Remix) - [Poker Flat]

Friday, September 14, 2007


Leaving the dark club vibes behind us now for a minute and hitting you with some fresh & fast - paced moving percussion courtsey of (Dirty bird) Justin Martin his latest track and may i add one of his best to date "Nightowl" is very percussive & just keeps giving such a pleasure to play a really great track. (il let you hear it for yourself and let the music do the talking) (Manno & Francois) churn out a remix which will be big right across the board from [Defected] house heads to the deeper house heads on [Innervisions] Its a nice piece of deep / summery house, but its the original (which we have here) will be the biggest hit & will be slaying dancefloors for months to come "Nightowl" is available now on promo on the ever consistant Buzzin Fly label.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pan - O - Rama

Pan-O-Rama, Pan-Pot's New album is out on promo through [Mobilee] and will be available to buy in october. Its a piece of aural delight. Dark minimal tracks which will have late night floors in pieces, long tracks which drag on far into the night with no sign of letting the daylight in.

Its a dark first artist album from the now duo, due to Marco Resmann aka Phage upping sticks and leaving to concentrate on solo projects and a new label Upon.You. Although he is still present on "Charly" The album as a whole is essential. "Charly" the lead track & first single which is available now.
Goes off about taking Cocaine & the effects it does to your mind in that subdued droaning kind of way with a pitched down vocal, already causing a stir on the floor. Lets face it everyone likes to hear eerie pitched down vocals when there in there place of worship on a friday and saturday night this being one of the better ones, which is doing the rounds at the moment.

Other highlights are "Crank" Late night atmospherics with a deep key riff which will weave its way into your mind for the rest of the night. And long into the week ahead.

"Apocalyptic Horsemen" Has been stripped down to its bare bones and restitched again giving a deep spacey vibe to the track in that eerie way only Pan -Pot can give.

"Faces Ft Vincenzo" is one of the lightest tracks on the album as if everything is coming to an end and the night is over & theres just enough time for one more before the light rudely and so un -welcome beams through the windows in the club bringing you crashing back down to Reality.

"Dogs Dinner" is a slow groover with so much style. HELL! all of them are worth a listen i like them all. Go out and check the album its worth every penny.

Download Pan pot - "Crank" - [Mobilee/ Cdr]


Digitalism - Idealistic (G.Diggers movement edition) [HouseHaltsHilfe, 2004] (d/l)
We've received a mail from G. Digger (aka Oliver Schmidt). In it he provided a link to his rework of Digitalism's Idealistic, which is present on the release. Apparently it won't be repressed. So check it out and enjoy! A big thank-you to G Digger! This one's a 100% mover.

Fastgraph evasive

Fastgraph - Evasion [Klakson, 2007] (listen)
Raw dystopian destructro from dutch midnight saw master, Frank de Groodt aka Fastgraph. We're talking high quality squared up rhythms pulsating right into your soul. More snippets from the "Evasive manoeuvres" EP can be found at the clone page.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lumea Viseaza

Unu' Cu Alexandra - "Lumea Viseaza" -(Rhadoo Remix) - [Cdr]

I dont know anything about this track apart from the fact its remixed by Rhadoo and its huge, i really like this.

Rhadoo is on fire at the moment alot of unofficial remixes floating around on white labels this is one of them its deep & awesome!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Carl Craig - Faith (d/l)

Monday, September 10, 2007

JBH'S Wonky House Mix Sept 07

Audio soul project - "Community" - (Peace Division Remix)
Anna - "Schwarzez Gold"
Gerbruder Ton - "Denk An Mich"
Snax - "Honeymoons Over" - (Konrad Black Remix)
Motorcitysoul - "Kazan" (Exit Cube)
Lucio Aquilina - "Magic M"
Raudive - "Here" - (Original mix)
Andre Crom - "Bodenturnen Dub"
Wink - "Dont Laugh" - (Raw mix)
Marc Ashken - "Nimrod" - (Marc Houles A Nimrod mix)
Marc Romboy Vs Chelonis R Jones - "Helen Cornell" - (Steffan Goldmann Micro Mix)
Jona - "Blizzard"
Phonique - "Closer Groove"
Oliver Koletzki - "Dont Forget to go Home"
Adam Beyer - "China Girl"
Alex Under - "Trapezines Erectos"
David K - "Incoming" - (Motorcitysoul Remix)
Juergan Paape -"Nord West"
Ive done a mix full of wonky tech house its not perfect but i like it i hope you will aswell,now i have sorted recording mixes out il proberly be posting more everything from techno to deep house to minimal dubstep and more.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

It doesn't matter (part brown)

I'm changing the format of my blog posts a bit. The big, bold and obvious link will point to the release in some webshop for easier purchase. Then after that I will list label and year in square brackets as per usual and finally after that, in parenthesis a small download, myspace or stream link. This is a step to try and get away from the mp3 craze and towards focusing on providing information about good music. Of course I'll still link files, but perhaps not as frequent (and definetly not of tracks on some labels).

Cepia - Brown [Ghostly international, 2007] (d/l)
Starting out very autechresque. It soon pushes out of the dense box of smattering clicks and punches to put in some much wanted and extremely satisfying melody and atmosphere to the track. I first heard Cepia when he did a nice remix of a Lusine track. Ease back relax, and let the music wash the reality away.

Tycho - A circular reeducation (dusty brown remix) [Merck, 2006] (d/l)

Friday, September 07, 2007


Friday music! Thanks to Bedford rockers I discovered this. Good music + good vid = (Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's a tech thang

Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter - It's an underground thang (version 1) [Systematic, 2007] (buy)
It's a house thang! It's a tech thang! It's an electric thang! It's a precious friday music before it's friday thang.

Play with caution.

Needle deprevation

Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprevation [Wichita, 2007] (buy)
SMD's latest single is the first track of their album. Many have probably heard it, but here's another chance for those who have missed it. A fun and dancey tune, particularly tailored to hipster tech-electro-house club floors. Enjoy!

I also just want to mention Pokerflat's latest signing Raudive and his new Zeitgeist EP. The track Needle sounds exceptional! Check some snippets.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 3)

Kettel - I was fine [Sending orbs, 2005]
Avast! Kettel again, so soon? Oh yes. From another release of a whole different type and level. This is off the quality "Through friendly waters". It's simply impossible not to like this album. Classical music meets the mind of Reimer Eising and flowers sprout out all around. This is big stuff, and should be in every experimental/ambient/idm/electronic-trickery fans collection. A solid album with no weaknesses.

Boards of Canada - Skyliner [Warp, 2006]
From Trans Canada Highway.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New and fresh

How I love the sound of fresh music from our inbox!

Mojib - Break of dawn [NXR, 2007] (buy)
Gothenburg up-and-commer Mojib (myspace) is releasing his debut on the Canadian label NXR (which I've never heard of to be honest). The press sheet mentions Unkle, Boom bip, Dj shadow, Four tet and RJD2 - and I'm bound to agree, there's similarities in the sound. Break of Dawn is a catchy piece of break fest with haunting strings that is extremely difficult to not like. Look out for Mojib fellas!

Ken Hayakawa - Trickles In The Morning Sun [Ickemicke, 2007]
Starting out really mellow and soft but a track like this needs to build a bit and take its time. It soon develops into a nice little housy and atmospheric gem that should fit perfectly in your ipod while taking a stroll in the early autumn. The info we've received mentions possible upcoming remixes from Peter Grummich and Autorepeat.. wow. We'll see, in the mean time I'm enjoying this as is - great. Check Ken's myspace.

Monday, September 03, 2007

New week and month

Hey all. I forgot to mention that I was going to be away during the weekend. Took the bus down to Malmö, and had an amazing ~2-day mini vacation.
We've received quite a few e-mails with new and interesting artists/producers who wish to have their music up here on RC. I'll try to throw some of it up tonight. Keep on sending stuff, it's great to see so much fresh talent!

No track now. Just a quick status update. With JBH away on his europe tour I'm going to try and post a bit more frequent. Might be tough though, since I will be working part-time and studying full-time...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Until Next Time

Im off on my travels again on monday im going to stay in Holland until further notice then eventually move onto Germany then maybe Switzerland so posting will be here & there, basicly when i get time.

Skypher will be keeping you entertained. In the meantime check out these wonderfull tracks from Tracey Thorn & the glorious remixes from Ada im not sure when these will be released, proberly soon she's trying to convince the big wigs at EMI for a commercial release if not they might never get released which would be criminal.

The remix package is a large one its everything from Ada to Dirty South to King Unique each giving a vocal & a dub mix. So there will be something for everyone, the Ada remixes are the best i think. Keep an eye out for the release when they eventually pull there finger out and realise how big these remixes are. Even if it only gets a digital download it would be a start.

I wouldnt normally post two tracks from the same Ep but these both need to be heard!

Enjoy :-)
Tracey Thorn - "Grand Canyon" - (AdaVocal Mix) -[N/A]