Thursday, September 20, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 4)

B for Best!

Bola - Rainslaight [Skam, 2007] (d/l)
New outing from high-profile IDM-producer Darrell Fitton. He's been at it since '95, so you gotta give the man credit. This time the album is called "Kroungrine" and it's one of his best to date! Varying styles, but the Bola sound surrounding it all, tightly as it should. Sounds for eternity.

Brothomstates - Adozenaday [Warp, 2001] (d/l)
I've written about brothomstates before and how he can do no wrong. But in hindsight, I see his collaboration with Blamstrain as a miss in his row of hits. Too bad, because they're both great. Well, co-ops can be tough so no hard feelings. Here's a tune from the brilliant and absolutely smashing Qtio EP.

In other news: 
  • Discogs has opened up their database and provides an API - yaay!
  • I have finally picked up mixing as a hobby (again), inspired by other bloggers and of course my wingman JBH. So I might serve up some mixalicious stuff when i feel comfortable about it.


JBH said...

Good to hear you dusted the off decks. You should check out Mary anne hobbs on Radio 1 she plays most of the experimental stuff you post and she has exclusives and guest mixes each week i reckon it would be your bag.

Check the tracklistings too see what to expect

skypher said...

Cheers for the tip! I'll definetly be looking into this..