Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lumea Viseaza

Unu' Cu Alexandra - "Lumea Viseaza" -(Rhadoo Remix) - [Cdr]

I dont know anything about this track apart from the fact its remixed by Rhadoo and its huge, i really like this.

Rhadoo is on fire at the moment alot of unofficial remixes floating around on white labels this is one of them its deep & awesome!



Harry Triangle said...

This one is very old.. around 2003 i think.

JBH said...

Is it, i thought it might have been either quite old or very new thanks for the info.

Scott said...

Old? New? Doesn't really matter does it? On the money once again JBH!*!

JBH said...

Indeed it doesn't matter at all.

Nice to see you still frequent these parts scott, im hopefull BSWD will return in the short coming.

Harry Triangle said...

Back then (when he made this) he was playing mainly breakbeat. A year later he switched to the minimal bandwagon.