Thursday, September 27, 2007


Laidback Luke - Housetrap - 2000 And One Remix - Size Records

Dont be put of by the artist as some of you may recognise him from putting out shoddy electro house.
Like the original of this track (If you have heard it you will release how much he has stripped it down) There's a few more mixes on the 'ep (René Amesz) who goes for the typical electro house route (NOT worth checking!)

Its safe to say that when your dealing with Amsterdam's latest house product 2000 And One* you know the track / remix will be something good. Here he basicly strips the original track right down removes all the cheap electro sounds and just uses the one riff which is like a muffled horn.With which he add's a slow shuffly bass.

Its not one of his best but its worth a listen see what you think. It wont do much listening to it through PC speaker's either, but in a club i reckon it would create a nice atmosphere.

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